happy 42nd birthday, stephen james merchant!
11 / 24 / 2016 )

Just a little something for someone that’s made me laugh a lot over the past few years, done in the style of Dream Corp LLC, which has some of the coolest rotoscoping I’ve ever seen. I’ve been really enjoying my rewatches of Steve’s content, and I’m beyond stoked to see him in a more prominent role come next 2017! Here’s to his future endeavors!


Look at this dork. 

hatsunemikufan108 and I were gushing about him and talking about how we wanted to send him fan letters - but then we got better idea. Smerch fans, we know you’re out there! If you like/reblog this post we’ll write down your urls and put them in a letter we send him :D The last day we’ll be taking URLs is April 21st! 

like there will be new smerch fans probably, there always are whenever he pops up

and they will look at the shit our crew produced during the heady years of the early twenty-teens and just wonder what the entire fuck even was going on and what we were smoking

“yeah there’s this weird thing they did where they fucked up his face in photoshop and flipped him upside down and called him mephen sterchant and there’s like, fanfiction of him fucking a cardigan? i don’t even want to know, there was an askblog for a while”

“what the fuck was the obsession with pizzas”

“who the fuck is vermouth and why was he everywhere”

this is just crazy to think about

this is some obscure fandom archaeology theyre gonna take part in i tell you hwat


The most precious thing EVER….