Happy 2nd birthday to this blog!

Thank you, my dear followers (all 176,067 of you) for being with me even when I had no Internet or reblogged just old recipes…

Anyway. I don’t think you know a lot about me, except that I am a red haired crazy cat cyborg-lady…

So today I’ll tell you where I work! 😳

I work at ShoutEm, Inc., and we create mobile apps! In fact, we have a drag-and-drop-based builder in which you can create an app from scratch without any coding (so if have an idea for an app and don’t know how exactly to make it, you can send me a message:)).

And as from today, we support apps for Nokia 3000 series! If you like that, you can find more info here. Any engagement will be highly appreciated! 😸

Happy cooking! And baking. AND eating. 😁😘

My aunt calls me an impatient drinker because I tend to spill water all over myself before I manage to take the first sip (I guess I tilt the glass before I press it against my lips) and if that doesn’t tell you how clumsy I am, I don’t know what does