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Also, did you see Maya's anon about the book named Oh Boy?

I did!! :)

That’s why I said everything is meticulously planned to the last detail.

The 3 blank images drawing a line, the 3 covers, the collar, the cob web, the way how he uses his IG to promote it, Dawbell’s presence and the Azoff connection all over the place.


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

STAR1 photoshoot (colored version) - mingyu, wonwoo, junhui


“Both taking on a challenge and creating something is painful. But it’s fulfilling. So thank you, for sweeping away the dust that had collected on my body, for encountering me. Ever since that day, my world, even the keyboard, became colorful.”

Don’t touch me.

I don’t think you understand.