image dump


One of the best things about the Smash Direct was seeing the Captain N squad’s reunion party, hells yeah~! ✨🙏✨

Wow, these three sure have gone a long way, lol~ ;3c

((And yes, I know that’s not Simon’s appearance/design in Smash but in my defense, I got started on this prior to the Direct (when this was still wishful thinking lmao xD ) and when I found out it was too late to change it xP besides, who’s to say that won’t be one of his alts/palette swaps~? 👀👀👀 ))

Seungri Appreciation Day

Tumblr told me to appreciate him today, so letā€™s do this.

Iā€™m jetlagged so my approach was to just open my PICS Oā€™ SEUNGRI folder and choose my favorites. ā€œTry to restrain yourself, self,ā€ I said. ā€œNarrow it down. Maybe top ten? Oh but look at his eyes in this one. I like this outfit. OMG HIS ASS. Aw, Seungri is so cute in glasses. OMFG LEGS. Aw, panda. Shit, heā€™s wearing a leather jacket in this one. Oooh, sideburnsā€¦ā€ WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!

(I left out the most gratuitous crotch pics so at least Iā€™ve got that going for me.)

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