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Victo Ngai X Johnnie Walker Blue Label Special Edition

Here’s an exciting project commissioned by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Available exclusively in Hong Kong from September 2017, the limited-edition 70cl bottles features a Cantonese opera performer adorned with iconic Hong Kong symbols including neon lights, colonial architecture and skyscrapers, celebrating Hong Kong’s unique Eastern and Western influences through marrying the artistry and craftsmanship of the coveted blend and the illustration.

This project, which deals with a three-dimensional object, provided an interesting challenge the images needs to work well as a flat image but also as a three-plane tryptic, and elements needed to be well-placed and not awkwardly cut off around the edges when wrapped around the next plane.

While the blue hues show off the natural golden color of the whiskey, we wanted the image to look good on its own too, so people will keep the empty bottles and display them as standalone art pieces.

Many thanks to my creative team at LOVE Creatives, everyone at MHDHK and PRIME Asia for the fabulous launch party and Johnnie Walker for such a beautifully crafted product. 

Did… did Sondheim just quote himself as “the poet says”? 

(From this New York Times Magazine interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda.)

(Image text: 
Sondheim: Well, because it stimulates you to do things you haven’t done before. The whole thing is if you know where you’re going, you’ve gone, as the poet says. And that’s death. That leads to stultified writing and stultified shows.)

We are starting to create our message board. Is there anything else one would like to see in regards to these kinds of topics? We are totally open to suggestions!

Here’s what it says if you can’t read the image well:

Orientations Room
Discuss all the different kinds of orientations here (romantic, sexual, sensual, etc.)
Gender Identity & Sex Room
Discuss concepts of gender identity, expression, sex,and things of this nature here.
Mono vs Poly Floor
Discuss the different types of monogamous and non-mono type relationships here (polyamorous, sensualarians, etc.).
Theories & Philosophies Library
Discuss the different theories, philosophies, and perspectives that make up human sexuality and gender identity here.
Court Room Practice
Discuss the different legal aspects that influence and court cases that have made large impacts on the different actions and types of human sexuality interactions. Friendly reminder to NOT use this area for legal advice for an on-going case, please seek out a proper professional for all serious legal concerns.
Red Rooms
Discuss all the “adult” aspects of the human sexuality community here (kink, fetish, BDSM, etc.) Only members who are of their local age of majority age can legally access this area.
Science Lab
Discuss both the “hard” (physics, biology, chemistry, etc.) and “soft” (anthropology, art history, sociology, etc.) sciences and how they interact and perceive human sexuality.
Member Journal Entries
Write about your own experience with how you view human sexuality, your journey through discovering your gender identity, things of this nature!

Be fierce. Face your biggest fears and don’t allow them to scare you. You are strong enough to overcome anything imaginable.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

commission for @burnthoneyy !!! thank u so much for commissioning me!!

(my commissions are closed at the moment!)

please do not repost as this was a commission and would be disrespectful to both me and the commissioner!