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Hi there! I have a genuine q. Why do you most kuro fans believe Seb and Ciel are in an intimate relationship (that's not shown explicitly to readers)? I get all the fanservice (fangirl over it tbh), but the kid -freaks- when others touch him. It's even happened with Sebastian. Yana sensei hints the cult assaulted him so all the 'don't touch me!' moments stem from that. With Ciel's visible trauma, I'm kinda scratching my head why so many people legitimately think Ciel wants to do his butler?

Hello, Anon ~

Wow, that’s a very interesting question! However, I’m afraid I cannot speak for the whole fandom, so I can only give you my personal opinion.

Definitely, one of the things that encourage the shipping is the fanservice. Yaoi fans are naturally attracted to series with two male leads, and shippers of any kind will always start shipping characters that spend a lot of time together, have a close relationship and make a lot of physical contact, as those are the things that lead to a strong bond (romantic or otherwise) in real life. So if you add some nearly sexual situations, suggestive comments and a certain amount of possessiveness, what you got is (something resembling) a relationship. It’s only natural that the fans ship it. Yet, I can see you’re hinting something deeper than a platonic relationship and, while I’m not one of those who believe that they fuck behind closed doors, there are several in-canon reasons why such a thing wouldn’t be so unlikely.

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What the hell is up with the Eleanor posts lately? Like who the hell cares if she's a walking billboard. That has nothing to do with Larry or Ziam. And there's nothing wrong with it either. The thing is this fandom is borderline and sometimes outright misogynistic in their attitude towards that girl, and it's not cool that you encourage it. You're supposed to be better than that.

Disregard. I just perused your tumblr and I see that you’ve always been really gross about the women in the boys lives. You’ve always insinuated that Eleanor is a social climbing opportunist, just like you’ve always relied on outmoded stereotypes to “prove” the boys are gay. It’s funny because you occasionally co-opt queer activist rhetoric to present yourselves as “allies,” but you really do trade in some seriously problematic shit.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous asks this blog has gotten in awhile. 

This blog has NEVER been *only* about Larry and Ziam. It’s also about media, management, bearding, and weird things going on in the entertainment industry through the lens of One Direction, and always has been. It’s a bit of an archival blog as well - if you go through the ‘Elounor’ tag you can see pretty easily why we think Elounor is fake, since that’s a big debate in this fandom, like it or not.

THAT is why those posts exist. Because guess what, if Eleanor is a “walking billboard” as you put it, and everything she does on twitter is endless promo and advertisement, then guess what, chances are she’s not a real girlfriend.

This is NOT a dig at Eleanor herself, and if you think it is I seriously suggest you check your reading comprehension skills. We have defended Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle multiple times on this blog against the sexist hate and ridiculous name-calling they get. But guess what? That doesn’t mean they aren’t still fake girlfriends meant for either bearding or PR.

I’m going to guess you’re part of the “it’s an insult to say that a girl is a beard” crowd, closely related to the “it’s an insult to question the media” crowd. And YOU are the one implying it’s a bad thing to be a “social-climbing opportunist” not me.

What do you think the entertainment industry IS, if not full of social-climbing opportunists? If you go into this industry, you make connections with people, and you promote yourself, constantly. That’s how the industry works. If Eleanor is doing this, well, she’s hardly the first one or the only one. She didn’t create the system, and she’s not the primary person keeping it afloat. There are people way more powerful than Eleanor doing that.

If you’d actually been reading this stuff long enough, you’d understand that all these Eleanor posts are actually a dig at One Direction’s management company, not Eleanor herself. Most Larry shippers nowadays (who aren’t doing the mindless hate thing) have no real problem with Eleanor herself - the prevailing theory is that she was hired by Modest as a beard, and that Modest basically puts her up to almost everything she does, including modeling in dungarees in order to sell them. If you’d read this stuff for a long time you’d know that we think most of her twitter is micro-managed and a lot of stuff “she” tweets isn’t her at all (same as the other One Direction boys.)

Like or not, Eleanor exists to promo and sell things. This is almost all we ever see her do. This is not about Eleanor Calder, the person. We don’t know anything really about Eleanor Calder, the person, because all we see is Eleanor Calder, the brand - the person that Modest Management is trying to sell. Modest, like most of the entertainment industry, is trying to sell an image just as much as the actual music. This “image” includes One Direction being seen as straight, even though they aren’t, and thus that “image” means they need girlfriends to uphold the pretense of heterosexuality. It goes further than that - Eleanor is promoted as the “perfect” girlfriend - the “average” girl that Louis liked because she’s “average” - the lovely, pretty, model student who does nothing but be pretty and like fashion and never step a toe out of line (if you think I’m exaggerating, just read an Unreality TV article about Elounor). Is this the real Eleanor Calder? No! But it is how she is presented, and it does give girls who idolize One Direction impossible ideals to aspire to, that fallacy of being the “perfect girl.” 

That would be One Direction’s MANAGEMENT COMPANY being sexist, not random bloggers on the internet who notice and point out the falsehoods they are being sold. Always look toward people with power, money, and influence, because they are the root of all these things.

And I’m not even going to get into “outmoded stereotypes” being used to prove they’re gay - you’re gonna have to be more specific, because I have tried hard never to do that. I think they’re gay/bi because they do things like blow job innuendo to each other, or Harry’s continuous gay references in tweets, or act really awkward about girl questions etc - like Harry continuously desexualizing girl questions and making his answers gender neutral. I don’t think they’re gay because of “limp wrists” or anything like that, and never have.

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Hey feminist! no fucks r given Fuck Off Thank U :-)

Back at ya! 

Responding to anon only because I came across this graphic this week and it made me LOL.


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Why do you say that you don't wanna talk about Zerrie lately? Tag zerrie shit as 'oh i didn't want to post that' etc?

It’s a bit complicated.

At first I didn’t talk about Zerrie [or Payzer] at all because I found them irrelevant to Ziam. And they kinda are, tbh, if you see the bigger picture. But then Zerrie became so stressful and we all had to make analyses about tattoos and engagements and pet zoos etc. etc., so I really couldn’t help myself.

Now it’s a different story. Zerrie is now ENTERTAINING. There’s nothing that stresses me out about it anymore, nothing that causes me to panic. It’s all just a cause to have a laugh and move on. But I feel bad about it cause even tho I’m sure Zayn and Liam themselves are way calmer about it now, it MUST be stressful to them. It’s still a bad situation with lots of mistakes and lies involved, so me laughing about it feels misplaced. And like - how many times can you laugh about the same thing? It all feels repetitive. The laugh of the day is ‘the truth Perrie knows about Zayn’. Yeah. That he’s Indian. Give me a break.

Plus -whenever I/we freak out about Zerrie or even just LAUGH about it, we still give Modest exactly what they want - ATTENTION! Every time we make fun of Perrie’s new shenanigans, we create buzz around her name. We may not buy LM merchandise, but we give hits to news articles about LM, we give hits to their interviews, we publisize LM for people who do not share the same disdain as us to actually look into them.

And LM WOULD deserve the attention, if only they tried a bit harder to conceal how bullshitty they are. They never practice what they preach, they act all empowered but then you have Perrie shaming people for their weight and appearance in general, we get reports of them being rude to fans, they seem to have let whatever fame they have get to their heads, and they are huge victims of their marketing campaign because the people who are trying to sell them have no idea what they are selling. I don’t know about them individually, but LITTLE MIX are not empowered, not feminist, not badass. They are four talented girls that are desperately trying to make it with the assistance of Zayn Malik [and yes – the other three hate it, and they may very well be feminist and fierce and all that jazz but they STILL participate in it, their image is still influenced by Zerrie and Perrie herself, ya feel?], because that’s what their managers decided for them - and they decided WRONGLY, but the girls are still trapped in that image.

I have gone way off topic but this whole ordeal with LM’s image vs reality is just sad. You can’t proclaim to be feminist and have a member who has struggled with her weight, and then have Perald say her haters are probably fat and smelly. You can’t proclaim to be fierce and flawless and then have Perald ‘decide to be native American for a day’. You can’t proclaim to be all about friendship and equality and then have Perald dominate music videos [Word Up is the Perald show feat. backup dancers], have people carry her bags when the rest carry their own. You can’t proclaim to be confident and loving yourself and then have Perald have several plastic surgeries before she even hits 21. You can’t proclaim to ‘need no man’ and then have Perald participate in a clusterfuck of an unhealthy relationship - that’s either as pathetic as a cheating show or as over the top as a study of desperation - that’s not even REAL.

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