image tale


I mentioned I’d upload the characters in their individual images so here they are. I could simply not have done this but whatevs. I did it.

Part 1 of 2 because Tumblr won’t let me upload more than 10 images. Whoops. Hopefully the quality isn’t as cruddy as the lineup or wallpaper.

Part 2 is here.


Tales of Graces f 4koma Kings
→ “Diverging Vectors”


Queer and/or POC anthologies:

Unburied fables: A fabulous compilation of fairy-tale retellings. Canonically queer characters and happy endings.

Valor: A comic anthology of re-imaged fairy tales. Strong female heroines.

Dates: An anthology of queer historical fiction comics. No one dies.

An anthology of fiction by trans woc:the stories confront many important issues such as the fears and dangers twoc face, the prejudices of ignorant people, poverty, sex work, murder, the need to implement changes in legislation, mental health, self-acceptance, and how difficult is to love yourself in such an unwelcoming world, in a world that doesn’t care.

so how about that confirmation of ancient egyptian miraculous heroes

i’m still really sore about ladybug being the sole focus of that episode, cats were worshipped in ancient egypt and yet chat noir was completely sidelined…


Control. (x)

ive been listening to hasley a lot and i thought the chorus to this song fit well for jack and rhys. also, totes realize i drew the wrong hand choking him out, but lets pretend i totally meant to do that.