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The State Library of New South Wales holds Australia’s only copy of Earth Platinum -  the world’s largest atlas.

This mammoth book standing at almost two metres tall will be on public display in the Mitchell Library Reading Room from Friday 7 April until 1 May 2017.

Come and visit the Mitchell Library and have your picture taken with this Guinness World Record holder.

Only 31 copies of the 150 kilo, limited edition atlas were released by publisher Millennium House (Sydney) in 2012.

More than 100 international cartographers, geographers and photographers from across the globe were involved in the production.

The atlas’s 128 pages contain 61 pages of maps, 27 images of famous locations (including St.Peter’s Basilica, the Antarctic and Machu Picchu) and a double-page spread of the world’s national flags. Many of the images were made from stitching together 1,000 individual photos, and the largest image has 12,000 photos joined together. It was printed in Italy and bound in Hong Kong.

The atlas is on public display again now, during the Easter school holidays.


m a r e  x  m a v e n 

Song Inspiration: Million Reasons


Deemo Room Comparisons:

“It used to be dark here…" 

 "The furnishings have definitely changed, the whole room has brightened.”                                                                                     - Alice

Room Images(by me): x

This image shows a collection of diatoms at a magnification of 200. Diatoms are aquatic, photosynthetic protists and are one of the simplest forms of phytoplankton. They are abundant in nearly every habitat where water is found – oceans, lakes, streams, mosses, soils and even the bark of trees. Nearly all diatoms are microscopic; cells range in size from about 2 microns to about 500 microns (0.5 mm), or about the width of a human hair.

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September 2015 Ships of the Line calendar.  Starfleet tugs “cleaning up” after Wolf 359 by Andrew Probert.

The top 3 images are details: 1. A tug strapping in a damaged Nova-class saucer; 2. A close-up of the tug “Annie” with Sphinx shuttles rescuing lifeboats and a type-7 shuttle launching; and 3. a tug towing a derelict Constitution-class saucer. 

The fourth image shows Probert posing with the piece, and the last is all the images stitched together.

It is interesting that there is a Nova-class saucer there, as well as escape pods of the Sovereign or Akira type…  I suppose we have to conclude that those classes were at least in development as of Wolf 359. 

Throwback. To that time my buddies Chauncey and Chris shredded the Eleven’s Couloir in the Telluride Backcountry. They kicked a couple of slides, but eventually emerged safely. What an amazing ride it must have been.

This image is 6 frames stitched together. If you look closely you can see Chauncey about ¼ from the top. I would love to see this image printed out. 


Babies first trip to the dog park. Needless to say he had fun

[image desc: (1) Stitch, a fawn boston terrier leaping followed by two larger white dogs coming down a ramp (2) stitch and a white fuzzy dog named ghostie from behind running in sync (3) stitch running and panting looking over at the camera (4) stitch walking beside a samoyed with his paws on their back (5) stitch and ghostie running and looking at each other]

Someone requested a more detailed look at the whole Miko saga here.

Miko announces that she’s running for President of the human village. In particular, she promises to change the relationship between humans and youkai. As we all know, the human village currently has no government and Miko has experience ruling an entire country. If you don’t vote for her, society will collapse. But if she does become President, you can look forward to a bright future. Her platform is “Humanity First”

Make Humanity Great Again!

Miko gives a speech about the dangers of illegal youkai immigrants. They steal jobs and import the problems of youkai mountain: drugs, diseases and *censored*. She’s going to build a wall, and the youkai will pay for it.

Following Miko’s extreme comments, surprisingly some youkai actually agreed with her. Why? Because of the inevitable food crisis. There are only so many humans in the village, clearly not enough food for all the youkai. Local youkai would actually welcome a wall. (Pictures are of youkai eating in the human village)

(Image stitched together)

Then Aya does her interview with Hecatia and has a crisis of conscience. Or at the very least, she ain’t gonna be no pawn of the Lunarians.

She issues a correction. The photo was real, and was too exciting not to use, but Miko’s speech was actually pretty boring there. She was giving a regularly scheduled lecture on the topic of “Health tips for humans, from a hermit”. So Aya had decided to accompany the cool picture with a plagiarized news story from the outside world. Which she’s now retracting. Incidentally:

This entire thing is the book that Aya canceled. She eventually decided not to publish it at all.

A trip to Yellowstone National Park isn’t complete without seeing Midway Geyser Basin. A boardwalk leads you to the colorful Grand Prismatic Spring. At 370 feet in diameter and over 121 feet deep, Grand Prismatic is the park’s largest hot spring. This jaw-dropping multi-image panorama shows Grand Prismatic Spring at night with the ‪Milky Way‬ sparkling above it and the stars reflected in the water below. Image courtesy of David Lane.

Otherworldly, surreal and unreal are all words that have been used to describe this image, but people also want to know if it’s real. The answer: Yes, but you have to know a little about astrophotography to understand the image. First, the image is 16 individual images stitched together (not stacked like HDR) to create a large panorama of the night sky. The stitching creates the curve in the Milky Way in order to keep the ground straight (think of it like taking an orange peel and laying it out flat, the sphere gets distorted). The Milky Way is colorful because camera light sensors can pick up more light than the human eye (most people just see the stars in black and white) and using an exposure of 15 seconds for each image helps illuminate the sky and foreground more. This photo also shows air glow radiating out of the horizon and the aurora in the left corner.

If you were to visit Midway Geyser Basin on a clear night, you would see the stars in the sky in black and white, plus the airglow and aurora, and the foreground would be dark.