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"Now, as I said, these posts were made out of spite, anger and frustration from that very moment, and some people seem to think that Reylofest was made out of spite, too. To which I reply : nope, you’re wrong. We started planning it last year. LAST. YEAR." Ha, you liar! If the community was really a year old, you would have posted the entire graphic Tumblr sends on anniversaries, not the truncated version you got off a Google image search.

Sorry but I fail to see what your purpose is? Is your life that boring that you felt the need to do… whatever this failed attempt at anon hate is?

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Gosh, can you imagine being like this person? Alright, more under the cut.

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Hope you liked the first two chapters of Six of Crows!

Fierce Reads has a NEW and exclusive excerpt from Kaz’s POV ready to unlock should you desire it. And to celebrate, I thought I’d offer a peek at my seeekrit Kaz Brekker pinterest board. 

Art Credit: Craig Kosak (top right), Brian Luong (bottom left). (Apologies to the photographers. Google image search is failing me.) 


Regina’s message to Emma


I heard you would rather die than live without Captain Guyliner and

First things first,



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