image projector

For whatever reason we were talking about Star Wars at a party last night and one of the people there had never seen Revenge of the Sith. So of course Cody relates the story of how the projector image went out at our viewing but the sound was still going. This was in the temple right after Order 66 has been announced. And so John Williams’s beautifully bombastic overwrought score keeps playing, and we turned to each other and were like, “Whatever’s going on must be really fucking awesome!”

They get us into another theater and start replaying the movie where it got cut off. To put it mildly, it was a bit of a letdown. 

And I was about to say there was nothing redeemable about that movie, but two moments still stand out, even though I haven’t seen it since that day in the theater. 

The first is when Darth Vader’s helmet gets put on Anakin’s head, and then you hear the iconic respirator sound. Hhhh-pshhh. Hhhh-pshhh. I swear nobody in the theater breathed for a moment. 

The second is that moment when he gets off the table, and he’s like “Where’s Padme?” And he’s still Anakin at this point, and he sounds like it: uncertain, still mostly human. It was the only part of the trilogy where it felt like tragedy to me, and that’s kind of a problem.