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chara, attempt to rick roll frisk.

O-okay. I’m sorry for not giving this one an illustration, but hear this headcanon.

Chara, Frisk and Asriel have a never-ending rick rolling war. They just think it’s really funny for some reason, and are always attempting to rick roll each other.

Even though they don’t really use the computer that much, they always find a way to rick roll each other.

Recording the song on echo flowers. Making other people sing it. Posting it on Undernet as a fake click bait. Hiding it in an old, abandoned folder. Writing the lyrics as the first word in each paragraph.

Alphys feels really bad about it because… why… why are these kids… having fun… WITH OUTDATED MEMES???

Thing is, the striped trio loves all kinds of memes someone from 2007 would like. Rage comics. Like a Boss. Captioned images. Keyboard Cat. Youtube Poops. Alphys tried to show them some new memes, but Chara thinks minions look ugly and unfunny. Everyone agrees with Chara. No minion memes are allowed in our christian home.

One time they all decided to rick roll Napstablook. They sent him the file, saying it was the Coolest Tune Ever.

Napstablook genuinely thought the lyrics were touching and still thinks that they are never going to give them up to this day.