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Visible // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Part 2 to ’ Invisible

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian, @archer-whovian-violinist

Requests are open ;))

Words: 806


After the incident with (Y/n) happened she disappeared, literally. It was like she never existed. No one remembered her except the pack, her things in her locker had disappeared. Nobody cared about the once popular girl who had disapeared from the school, maybe even the whole state of California!

“Whatever happened to (Y/n)?” Lydia pursed her lips,“ She just disappeared off the radar.” “Well,” Isaac looked around while shoving his hands in his pockets,“ She left Beacon Hills, obviously.”

“Yeah so helpful Isaac,” Stiles rolled his eyes,“ I mean where is she right now?”

“Well,” (Y/n)’s voice cut in, appearing behind Isaac,“ I didn’t exactly leave Mr. Isaac.”

“What the actual fuck,” he screamed out, flinching.

(Y/n) giggled, leaning close to his face,“ I’ve been watching you guys for months, you’re just like little bugs.” Her voice changed, turning cold,“ You all are little pests.”

“Wow thanks,” Stiles rolled his eyes again,“ Now where have you been. Everyone forgot you and you left Beacon Hills. No one remembered you except us.”

“Well,” (Y/n) smiled,“ I never left Beacon Hills, not exactly. I can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time,” she disappeared for a second and then reappeared next to Scott, she disappeared again then appeared on the other side of the room. No one payed attention to her.

“I’m not exactly what Stiles thought I was,” She thought for a second,“ What was it called?  A Zanna?”

“Yeah a Zanna,” Stiles yelled at her.

“You must be mistaken,” (Y/n) walked towards him,“ I’m not a Zanna, an imaginary friend. I am what you call, well.” She shook her head,“ This is harder than I thought. I am well to be frank, I am dead.”

“What does that mean?” Allison asked, confusion all over her face.

“Well it means exactly what I said,” (Y/n) stuck out her tongue,“ I’ve been dead for years. But for some reason I came back. Remember that time you chanted some silly Latin words, Scott and Stiles? Well it didn’t do nothing, I came back to life.”

“That’s not possible,” Isaac drawled out,“ If you’ve been working on that story for a year…”

“Well that was this little thing called a lie,” she smiled,“ You would know something about that wouldn’t you?”

“How did you die anyway?” Scott asked,“ I mean not to be rude or anything-”

“It’s fine you would find out anyway,” (Y/n) closed her eyes and sighed in regret,“ I was murdered here late at night when me and my friends decided to play around on a little bet. I now haunt the school. Boo!”

“Really?” Isaac raised an eyebrow.

“Nah that’s a stupid movie cliché. I was a werewolf and I was killed by a few hunters who thought I was going around murdering people,” (Y/n) clicked her tongue,“ What was his name? Oh! It was Peter Hale who killed the girl not me! I was innocent but Uncle Peter thought it was fun to blame me. Great luck right?”

“Did you say… Uncle Peter?” Allison gasped,“ That means you’re related to Derek?”

“Well no shit Sherlock” (Y/n) rolled her eyes,“ He’s my little brother, God I hated when he was born he was so obnoxious and always cried. I always had to look out for him when we were growing up. I was only three years older than him, heh. I died in his arms.”

“You died… In his arms?” Lydia’s eyes widened in surprise.

“No wonder he’s a sour wolf,” Stiles rolled his eyes. “Hey he’s still my brother,” (Y/n) frowned, slapping the back of Stiles’ head,“ Don’t be a dick Stiles.”

“How long are you- you know. Going to be a ghost,” Allison asked. Stiles let out a little hey for being ignored.

“Probably until someone kills me,” (Y/n) pondered,“ Or burned my body.”

“What the fuck man?” Stiles spat out the water he was drinking,“ Burn your body?!?”

“Haven’t you seen Supernatural?!?” (Y/n) asked,“ I don’t actually know when I’m going to leave but I’m going off a whim and saying what Dean and Sam do.”

“Great we have a ghost in our hands, who’s related to Derek and Peter Hale. The ghost doesn’t even know how to get rid of itself and you know to top it off- It’s a fangirl of a show about badass guys who hunt monsters and is going off that to hunt itself,” Stiles exclaimed,“ So peachy.”

“Hey I might be dead but I’m still a girl!” (Y/n) glared at him,“ Anyway, We need to get to Derek and Peter.” “

Ugh why do we have to go to them?” Isaac moaned in agony,“ Peter creeps me out.”

“Because they’re the only ones who know how to help us!” (Y/n) exclaimed.

You’re- You Know, My Human // Teen Wolf x Reader Preference

Valentine’s Special

Should I do more? Request, and tell me what characters need to be added!

Requests are open!


Isaac Lahey

“You idiot,” (Y/n) yelled at the teen wolf,“ I told you to stop.”

“Stop what?” Isaac asked, hugging the girl. (Y/n) huffed and buried her head into his chest,“ Stop being an idjit.”

“Wow thanks calling me, your hot ass boyfriend, an idjit,” Isaac fell down to the ground, pulling the (h/c) haired girl with him.

“Hey just get this,” she smiled at him,“ You’re- you know, my person.”

“I’m your person?” He raised his eyebrow,“ What does that mean?”

“You know,” she whispered, embarrassed with what she said.

“I don’t know,” he teased, taking his finger and putting it on her chin. He forced her to look up,“ I guess I’m your person though.”

“You’re my person, the person I would go to when I killed someone,” (Y/n) giggled, running away from him.

Scott McCall:

“Thanks Scott,” (Y/n) smiled innocently at the taller male.

“I’ll help anytime,” Scott wolfishly smiled at her, still holding the paper above his head as she got tape.

“Hmm,” she smiled to herself,“ Scott you know, you’re my person. My tall person who always helps me. You’re kind of like my own personal Superman!”

“Your own personal superhero huh?” He raised an eyebrow,“ Maybe you’re my Superwoman.”

Stiles Stilinski:

“I swear I didn’t do anything,” (Y/N) screamed, pointing at the now broken broom,“ It was Stiles!”

“What?!? It wasn’t me it was you,” Stiles exclaimed.

“No it wasn’t,” (Y/n) shook her head.

“Are you sure? I mean, you are my clumsy human.”

Derek Hale:

“No,” (Y/n) hit her boyfriend’s head with a swift movement,“ You can not, will not, and will restrain yourself from killing, hurting, or threatening Stiles.”

“But,” Derek tried to reason with her. “No buts,” she frowned at him,“ You’re just a sour wolf.”

“I’m human,” Derek reminded her, falling onto the couch.“

“You’re human,” She smiled, kissing him softly,“ My human.”

Brett Talbot:


“Man whore.”



“What?” (Y/n) looked at Brett, who usually called her mean names.

“You. Are. Cute,” He whispered, backing her up against the wall,“ You’re my human now.”

“ No fuck you.”

Peter Hale "Ew,” (Y/n) looked at the older man in disgust,“ You’re covered in dirt.” “Wow I’m disgusting,” Peter rolled his eyes,“ Like I’ve never heard that before.” “It’s okay though, you’re my disgusting human.”

anonymous asked:

So i don't know why but i was just thinking like we all know Stiles is a spaz and could trip over a flat surface but like head canon that when he dances he's actually like super sexy and graceful and it's absolutely baffling to everyone how someone so uncoordinated can actually move like he's made of liquid once he hits the dance floor. The first time Derek goes out with everyone and sees Stiles dancing his naw basically hits the floor and he can't stop staring. What are your thoughts on this?

I have always been A FIRM BELIEVER IN THIS. I just adore the image of the pack going to a club or a party - you know, finally just getting to chill - and maybe Erica pulling Stiles up onto a table (I am convinced Stiles and Erica have constant nights out on the town, you can’t crush my sterica brotp dreams!!) and poor Derek not expecting a goddamn thing. 

My number one headcanon is the first time Derek sees Stiles dancing he walks right into a glass door (probably doing some serious damage). And then he panics because Stiles is dancing like a fucking dance instructor and Derek is now the one having to pay property damage for being an idiot, and for a brief, horrifying moment, he’s afraid he and Stiles have been cursed by the new evil of the week and Derek has been forced to trade his natural grace with Stiles’ clumsiness. 

Except, from the way Erica and Scott are encouraging Stiles (where the fuck did Erica get a banner??), it seems like Stiles’ dance moves aren’t a first time occurrence. Which leads Derek into not-so-brief, horrifying moment number two: he not only trusts Stiles more than any other person in the room but he’s attracted to him. And worst of all? It’s not even a new realisation. Just one, up until now, he’s managed to chase away with arguments such as: “just because I’m feeling fond and a little gooey when he smiles like that, doesn’t mean in five minutes I won’t want to smack him in the face with the pizza box” and “his eyes aren’t that beautiful, I only think about them once a day???? like???? how into him could I really be???” 

Cut to the end of the night where Derek is sitting in the corner of the room, all sad and scared, until a hand lightly touches his shoulder. A hand that brings him so much comfort these days, sometimes it scares him more now than when it brought him no comfort at all. The hand squeezes and Derek takes a deep breath, says, “you can dance”. He doesn’t mean to say anything, actually, but he’s happy he does, even though his voice sounds small and vulnerable. Stiles is known to hold five conversations at once but Derek knows he gets scared too; scared he’s too much, scared he’s unwelcome. He can’t stand the thought of Stiles thinking like that. He’s always welcome. Always. 

“I learned online,” Stiles admits, a little nervously, like he thinks he’s giving too much away. Derek has no idea why. When he frowns, Stiles just laughs and ducks his head. “You, uh, like it?”

“I broke a door,” Derek confesses, this time causing Stiles to frown: he asks if that’s a good or a bad thing. “I think…a good thing,” Derek says. 

Stiles swallows. “So, how are your dance moves?” he asks, moving closer, waggling his eyebrows.

Derek can’t help but snort. “Poor.”

Stiles’ eyes light up like they do when he’s discovered something important. Derek wonders if that means he’s important. “Want to head back to the loft? I could teach you a thing or two.” Stiles shakes his hips a little and Derek almost raises his eyebrows at him, but instead he finds himself grabbing Stiles’ hand and leading him out of the club.

They don’t even make it inside the jeep (”I’m not leaving my baby at a club, Derek! You can come back for your car tomorrow, I’m sure you peed around it to mark it as yours anyway”) before Derek is pressing Stiles - a little frustrated, a little excited and lost - up against the passenger side door and kissing him until Stiles grins and the sun starts to come up (both literally and figuratively). 

Under Pressure // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Requests are open!

Requested by Two anons:

“Could you write something where the reader is a really nice girl but everyone pushes her around until one day she wolfs out.”

“Could you make an image where the reader is a sad person and people push her around and she tries to commit suicide but stiles saves her?”

If you honestly hate this just dm me or ask me to redo it and I’ll do it again!


”(Y/n) stop trying,“ (Y/n)’s bully sneered, pushing the girl against the wall,” You are worthless and can’t do anything. Why do you force Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Isaac, and Allison to be with you? They don’t even like you, they’re using you.“

“Thanks but I’m fine with them ‘using’ me,” (Y/n) made quotation marks, smiling sweetly,“ Because they’re not. They’re my friends.”

“No they’re not,” The bully smirked,“ Why are they spreading rumors and talking about you?”

“They’re not?” (Y/n) questioned herself.

“Hey believe what you want,” the bully pushed past her,“ I’m the one telling the truth.”

(Y/n) stood still,’ They wouldn’t do that to me, right?’ She shook her head and walked past.

“Stiles,” (Y/n) smiled and waved at the awkward teen.

“Ohh (Y/n)!” Stiles exclaimed, avoiding making eye contact with the girl,“ What are you doing here?”

“I go to school here?” (Y/n) tilted her head in confusion,“ What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Uh yeah I feel amazing,” Stiles looked past her,“ Uh research why wolves hunt in packs?”

“Stiles we already know th-” (Y/n) started to talk when Stiles pushed past her in a hurry.

“Sorry (Y/n)!” He yelled out.

“Weird,” (Y/n) muttered, staring helplessly at her hands,“ Did I do something again?”

In class (Y/n) leaned forward and whispered to Isaac who sat in front of her,“ Why is everyone acting weird today?”

“Huh?” The boy raised an eye,“ No ones acting weird you’re just being stupid and annoying.”

“Oh,” (Y/n) sat back with a frown on her face. She replaced it with a forced smile and started to take notes. Isaac looked back at her, then continued to stare out the window.

As soon as the bell rang, (Y/n) stood up and shoved everything into her (f/c) colored backpack. She sped out of the room, furiously wiping away a few tears that had fell down her face.

“(Y/n),” Scott called out to the girl.

(Y/n) looked at him, with eyes puffy and her cheeks red. She forced a smile,“ Yeah Scotty?”

He frowned at the nickname,“ There’s an emergency meeting at Stiles’ house today. Go there after school.”

“Okay?” (Y/n) nodded,“ I can’t go I have (f/a) after school that’s why we agreed to not to have me-”

“Then you’re out of the pack,” Scott whispered, knowing she could fully hear him.

“What do you mean?” (Y/n) asked, the forced smile leaving her face,“ You know I can’t skip it I was ‘sick’ too many times for the pack. I can’t miss any more please Scott just an hour you guys can wait, right?”

“(Y/n) it’s an emergency,” Lydia spat out,“ E m e r g e n c y, get it together you’re dragging us down, you’re out of the pack don’t try and worm yourself back in.”

“Lydia…” The (H/c) haired girl trailed off, looking at the ground.

“Lydia be nice,” Allison scolded,“ The weakling might kill herself over this.” The two laughed and Scott tried to hide his laughter.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” (Y/n) asked, backing away from them,“ You- Did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just annoying,” Isaac muttered from behind her.

“Isaac,” (Y/n) looked at her best friend,“ Guys stop joking around what did I do?”

Her voice cracked and tears spilt down her face,“ Why did I mess up again?”

She started to growl, her fangs growing and her eyes turned yellow,“ What did I do?” She roared and her claws grew.

Before she could hurt anyone, a force pulled her back. She hit someone’s chest.

“(Y/n) wake up,” Isaac’s voice cut through her thought, he was standing next to himself,“ This is all fake.”

“I-Isaac?” She looked at him, touching his face gently,“ Is it really you? Am I imagining things?”

“No (Y/n) I’m getting you out of this you were touched and kidnapped by a Djinn. The bastard is sucking all of your blood out and killing you slowly. It’s supposed to give you a good life but this one decided to be a little prick and give you nightmares,” Isaac held her hand,“ They’re killing it for hurting you and I volunteered to come and get you. So let’s go.”

Isaac started to pull the girl away from the others who had started to turn into gross looking monsters, with their skin falling off.

“Isaac we need to get out and fast,” (Y/n) shrieked, dodging the fake Stiles who had tried to hit her.

“That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment,” Isaac bit his lip and held onto (Y/n).

With a flash they reappeared in an abandoned warehouse. Isaac closed his eyes trying to focus on the problem. He looked, with blurry vision, at the rest of the group.

“Save (Y/n),” he whispered, falling down to the ground.

Allison nodded and rushed the the girl who’s eyes had opened.

“Allison,” (Y/n) rasped out,“ I think- I think I won’t survive.”

“You will survive damnit,” Lydia muttered, holding the girl up as Allison ripped out the wires that had be sucking out (Y/n)’s blood.

“I really think I’m dying,” (Y/n) muttered, her vision was failing her and she knew it was her time.

“(Y/n) don’t you dare close your eyes,” Stoles muttered to her,“ Get her to the Jeep we’ll take her to Scott’s mom.”

“Stop,” (Y/n) whispered, her head was bobbing,“ The Djinn took too much blood. I can’t handle it and the-”

(Y/n)’s sentence was cut off as a spear flew through the air and hit her chest perfectly.

“I’m sorry she had to die,” the Djinn stepped out of the shadows,“ She was in the way. Too bad she made a great snack.” He smiled,“ Ah reminds me of the Winchesters.”

“You were dead,” Scott growled,“ I will kill you,” His eyes turned a vibrant red and he sprinted towards the supernatural creature.

“Too bad the only thing that kills me isn’t what you are,” He sneered in amusement.

“Son of a bitch,” a man with a gun glared at the pack,“ A bunch of fudging teenagers got mixed up with a djinn.”

A man with longer hair frowned,“ Dean I think she’s dead.”

“She’s fucking dead,” Stiles yelled out in anger,“ Who the hell are you anyway?”

“The ones who are gonna kill the Djinn,” Dean, the first man, answered while pursing his lips,“ Who are you?”

“Stiles,” the teen muttered, loud enough for them to hear.

“You teens get out of here,” Sam ordered,“ Let the adults handle this.”

“What about (Y/n)?” Lydia asked the males.

“Take her to the hospital, don’t say anything about the Djinn. They’ll lock you up in a mental hospital.”

The teens rushed out, Scott holding (Y/n) as they rushed to the hospital.

“What exactly happened?” A suited man asked them.

“She was kidnapped and we were looking for her and she was lying in a pool of her own blood,” Isaac lied smoothly, hiding a bruise he had gotten from falling before.

“You all need to stay here as my partner and I go over this. You will be asked a series of questions but don’t be scared. You didn’t do anything wrong,” the man nodded and walked off.

“Excuse me may I talk to the family of (Y/n) (L/n)?” A nurse walked out of two doors that lead further into the hospital.

“Her family isn’t here but I’m her best friend,” Lydia spoke up,“ We’re all her best friends. We’re her family.”

“Well,” the short nurse paused,“ (Y/n)’s state… She won’t live to see tomorrow her pulse is barley there and she won’t be able to have a surgery without it killing her instantly. She can talk, barley though. She is a strong girl, she hasn’t cried a single tear when she was told this news.”

“She’s kinda like a wolf, she’s definitely as strong as one,” Isaac muttered,“ Anyway can we see her?”

“Only for a bit,” the nurse lead them to a room,“ I’ll come back and get you when you guys have to leave.” She walked away silently.

“(Y/n),” Stiles whispered out, slowly walking towards the girl.

She looked at them and just smiled softly,“ Hey…”

“Don’t talk,” Scott whispered,“ Why aren’t you healing? You’re a werewolf…”

“He- The spear… It was silver laced with wolfsbane- It was a trap from the start,” (Y/n) muttered, laying her head back,“ Call my friends, Dean and Sam Winchester. Make sure-”

“The monster is dead,” Isaac whispered to her.

“Hmm,” (Y/n) hummed in content,“ Hey guys? Thank you… For being my family.” She slid down and closed her eyes, releasing her last breath of air.

“(Y/n)?” Allison breathed out, being pulled back by Scott. The only sound the pack could hear was long beep of the heart monitor.

“Get out all of you,” the same nurse pushed them all out,“ Everyone clear.”

“Excuse me, friends of (Y/n) (L/n)?” Another nurse walked out, a clipboard in hand.

“That’s us,” Lydia walked up to the woman, the groups right behind her.

“I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news,” the woman whispered,“ But, your friend has passed away in the emergency room. We have found a trace of wolfsbane in her blood which had poisoned her, making her death even faster. I’m sorry we couldn’t save her.” She walked away, giving the clipboard to Isaac.


Merpeople Gif Pack

Under the cut are 95 245x160 gifs of merpeople in Mako Mermaids. All were made by me and are under 3mb. Please like or reblog if you save any of them. Body image tw. Fish cw. Do not edit these gifs, put them in gif hunts or make icons (gif or static) from them.

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