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So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

I was on the Daily Mail site for a random reason and ran across this.  It’s not in the article itself (the one on 1D’s net worth), but it’s the thumbnail for it.

It’s 2017 and we still have these ridiculous stereotypes.  

Niall as the “wholesome” one?  Are they forgetting that he’s the one who cursed so much that he was quiet in interviews because he wasn’t sure he would remember not to swear?  Are they forgetting all the women they’ve claimed he dated while they already had other boyfriends or that supposedly left their boyfriends for him? (No, he didn’t really date those women)

Harry as the hot one?  I mean, Harry’s hot, but even my coworker who knows nothing about the boys and isn’t particularly interested was surprised at how attractive all of them are.  They definitely kick the boy band cliche of having a few hot members and a few that aren’t so much.  They couldn’t come up with anything more specific for Harry?

Liam as the “sensible” one?  It’s like we’re back to Daddy Direction which hasn’t really been a thing with the boys for years.  Plus, I find their definition of “sensible” interesting since they’re claiming that Liam was up for having a baby with a woman he’d only been dating for a few months who had 2 failed marriages and was still married to the last one. (No, it’s not really his baby)

Louis as the wild one?  Louis is definitely rebellious and mischievous, but they’re clearly capitalizing on the airport thing to try to make him look reckless and violent when he’s a level-headed sweetheart in reality.  He was super reasonable and peaceful in that airport debacle.  Many people would have engaged after being hit at, but all he did was break up the fighting and escape the conflict as soon as everyone was safe.

And Zayn.  It’s an absolute farce how much Gigi is in Zayn’s business where she doesn’t belong.  It’s to the point where even in this photo, she takes up 75% of it when it’s entirely about Zayn.  (No, he’s not really dating her) Also, the “brooding” one?  Just because Zayn has resting gorgeous-and-pensive face doesn’t mean he’s brooding.  He’s intellectual, principled, artistic, loyal, dorky, goofy, sweet with fans, and has a smile that lights up a room.


all of my stumbling phrases
never amounted to anything worth
this feeling.

愛 (side a): a fanmix dedicated to katsuki yuuri
10 tracks // LISTEN 

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Hi Sam! Would you think that someone getting a crush on you via tumblr is creepy or not? Asking for a friend...

I don’t know about creepy, I suppose not, but I do think it’s…how do I put this. Not something to fixate on? Not a crush I would actively encourage, I suppose, because while it is flattering I also know that it’s likely not based in a full and balanced view of who I am. 

Social media allows us to project certain aspects of our personalities higher than others, it lets us be – not different people, but people whose stats have been altered, if that makes sense. My tumblr isn’t a lie, but it is the curated and edited best part of me, particularly in my case because I am so much more articulate online. Not just for me but for anyone online, having a crush based in social media can be a bit like having a celebrity crush – you’re just not getting the full picture because sometimes there’s an image being projected over it that’s a bit shinier and sharper than the real thing. 

Which is not to say I’m unlikable in person or anything, I seem to get on fine with most people, and a crush can be a harmless and fun fantasy, and I don’t mind that (though other peoples’ mileage on that front may vary). But I always want to gently remind people that the reality can be different, and it’s good to enjoy a fantasy as a fantasy, not as a prelude to a reality. 

So it’s very sweet of you, Anon, and no I don’t think it’s creepy – but I think it’s good to remember to keep it in the realm of imagination. :) 

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Nami! How could you? I can't get the image of Newt being fucked by Percival and Grindelwald out of my head! I blame you. If I die of nose bleeding it's on you.

My wonderful friend, let me point you to those posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I’m ready to be blamed for everything :D

Tbh I can’t get that image out of my head either specially not after what Funksie wrote about Newt having to pay debts orz

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Hello, i read your short blurb about Junkrat learning about the female body and just have to ask. Will we really never get to experience your version of Dadrat? I mean life finds a way, right? I just can't help but imagine the whole experience being like a dream for him and a worried mess for her. Also the image of Dadrat being over protective and telling people to "Bugger off" when they get to close is adorable.

I wrote my personal headcanon in one of my short stories, but I believe that both Mei and Junkrat are unable to conceive, especially together. Junkrat grew up in a radioactive hellhole and Mei’s insides were emergency frozen during her cryostasis, so probably not conducive to any baby-makin’ for either of them. Mei pretends it doesn’t bother her, but I think it would, because Mei would make a great mother.

I also just really have a tough time seeing Junkrat as a dad because he’s still so mentally young and impulsive that I think he still NEEDS a father figure for himself (which is why I think Roadhog is so important for him to have even if they’ve convinced each other that it’s just a money-based ‘partnership’). We’re talking about a young man who canonically blew his own limbs off and thinks that’s hilarious, probably best to keep him away from any babies for a while until he grows up a bit.

But again, those are just my personal thoughts on the matter and AUs are ripe for imaginations to run wild, so make all the meihem babies and protective parent adventures you like!

  • Aramis: I'm resigning my commission and retiring at the monastery at Douai.
  • Porthos: ...
  • Athos: ...
  • D'Artagnan: ...
  • D'Artagnan: Can I have your hat?

Melinda May Academy Headcanon for asexuallaurahollis

Academy life is going pretty well for May. She has found some good receivers of pranks, and a girlfriend who will cover up for her, though not always too well. 

featuring young Nick Fury, Victoria Hand, and Melinda May


healthy and self-confident is the new punk rock

I decided, after about two hours of tweaking and messing about, that I’m just going to post this drawing of Markiplier as-is, because I’ll never stop working on it if I don’t.

After so many WIP versions, I’m actually kinda happy to finally just let it loose and hope for the best. I feel a little proud of it…

I just wanted to clarify, because @dannegoma​ thought that I had simply just traced over the original image this is from, that it wasn’t made using traced line art but line art itself was layered over the image after being completed for comparison’s sake, and then had parts erased and redrawn, or added to it, to be closer to what you’d see in the original image. Big thanks to @dannegoma, I won’t be doing it in future drawing projects as I believe it’s something I shouldn’t have done and it makes it seem as though I traced the image I used as reference.



14x02 - 14x12 Episode Descriptions [SPOILERS]

14x02 Wise Up: Drew’s not taking the easy way out - he’s going to be part of his child’s life, whether Clare wants it or not. Mr. Hollingsorth thinks he can buy Miles’ support and crafts a plan to protect his image. Zoë is over being judged by everyone and when she senses this from Zig, it’s time for her to make a hard decision.

Spoilers under the cut.

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Okay, I might be wrong about all this, but I just had a thought that is giving me all the feels, so i leave it here.

We know, Blindspot is all about puzzles, so much that even episode titles themselves are little puzzles, anagrams.

Jane’s story is the biggest mystery and puzzle to solve. But also Kurt’s past contains a mystery: his father’s supposed guilt/crime.

And in the last episode, Patterson tells Jane/Taylor this beautiful story about the tangrams and relates it to how Jane/Taylor is just a new piece and the team has merely to find its new shape for Jane to fit into it all.

And later, Kurt tells Jane/Taylor how he has been searching for her his whole life.

And while thinking about Patterson’s image of the tangram, I realized that if we look Kurt’s line with his backstory and this whole idea about puzzles and pieces in mind, it would make Jane/Taylor metaphorically in a way Kurt’s missing piece.

And if one tattoo helps to solve the next, from what we know so far solving Kurt’s story, should help to unlock another chapter of Jane’s story.

Because to piece together Jane’s/Taylor’s story there are most likely several huge, important missing pieces needed, we can’t even fathom yet.

But when it comes to Kurt, Jane/Taylor is the most important missing piece when it comes to solving Kurt’s own story, the almost life-long and still unsolved question about his father’s supposed guilt/crime. An unanswered question that still divides his family.

And now, he has found her.

……and maybe, maybe she is his missing piece in more than just that way *heart eyes* <3

A Year in the Life - 5 May 2015


Michael rested his hand on Halla’s knee, the weave of the white fishnet tights she was wearing bumpy against his palm. Her skin was so pale you could barely tell she was wearing them, even up close. Her knee trembled under his hand and he was fairly certain she was more nervous than he was.  “You going to be alright tonight?”

Her smile was bright and cheerful. “Of course! As long as Lady Macduff keeps her hands to herself everything’s going to be fine.”

Maybe she was just bouncing from excitement rather than shaking from nerves. “Halla, she’s been good and so have I this entire time.” The first night that the cast had been back together was for the world premiere. She had offered and he had declined and explained he was in a happy relationship. She had respected that, and while the last few weeks had been lonely, Halla’s constant stream of random text messages, videos of snakes eating various prey, photos of bizarre and beautiful things she saw on her daily journeys around Cambridge, and nightly phone calls had kept him from feeling tempted to violate her trust.

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