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Apparently the U.S. government was really, really strapped for cash during World War I. By buying Savings Stamps, you could help win the war and prevent a bleak future for your children.

The problem? For starters, that kid is wearing socks with her sandals, which is a major fashion faux pas. And secondly, that’s all she’s wearing.

It’s hard to understand what exactly they were going for here. Poverty will strip your child naked, so we’re guessing autocracy is the one to blame for having her straddle a giant stone hand making an unfortunate gesture. And if that’s supposed to be the Statue of Liberty, then this image could only take place at some point in the transition between the present and the apocalyptic future of Planet of the Apes. All because you were too cheap to buy some stamps.

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On one hand, every American knows immigration is a struggle – we have iconic old-timey images of people huddled on boats drifting up to the Statue of Liberty after a months-long journey, and we know that illegal immigrants risk death to cross the desert and sneak across the border. So, Americans realize that getting into America is hard. But when we get fed up with our own country and talk about how, “I’m just going to move to (New Zealand/Canada/France/Japan) and get away from all this!” we tend to talk like the hardest part is buying the plane ticket.

It’s as hard, or harder, to get into other countries as it is for foreigners to emigrate to America. Most countries have strict entry requirements that you can’t get past by explaining that you really, really want to come in. Immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand works by giving “points” to immigrants who have skills or other things that the country needs. For example, New Zealand and Canada have lists of “preferred professions,” most which require college degrees and years of experience.

If your dream is the European Union, the news is even worse. People applying for a work visa not only need to prove that they’re better suited for the job than anyone in the country, but also more suited for it than anyone in the entire European Union. Oh, and then there’s the high unemployment and the fact that most of the EU residents you’re competing against will speak, like, six languages.

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