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how do i start my relationship w the norse gods? do i just leave offerings? do i meditate?

You can do both! My first suggestion is pretty much always the same which is research! This is a compiled list of books someone put together, I personally recommend The Viking Spirit, The Prose & Poetic Edda, Road To Hel(I’m a devotee of Hel so this isn’t really necessary but it was for me!), and Myths of the Pagan North but to fair I just started this so I can’t really say but I like it thus far! To me researching the gods and the culture is a way to honor the gods and show them respect.

As for offerings, I always think it’s a wonderful idea and like I said research is an offering! But I also compiled this list of deities I’ve worked with and what I often include on their altar for offerings if I do. Remember you can do more than physical offerings, you can help out someone in need or volunteer in your community. I think I have a few offerings like that listed for each god but if you a specific one in mind just let me know.

If you can’t set up an altar or leave out offerings you can always try an online shrine in honor of your deity! I know a lot of witches on here who have a side blog they dedicate to their deities. @whichwitchami had a wonderful idea of building little shrines/temples/homes to her gods on minecraft! You can get really creative here. You can just reblog info on the god, post you personal experiences or just find images that you think they would like!

If meditating is your thing gooooooo for it. I think this is a bit different for everyone, if I want to reach my gods I typically go the forest and find them in the trees but I know people who simply talk to them through spirit boards or just meditating on your bed. You’ll have to try things out and find out what’s comfortable for you in trying to reach them. Honestly, I talk to Thor when I do the dishes and I have no idea why, I just feel really close to him when doing dishes? Don’t be upset if they don’t talk back or you have trouble hearing them because that’s completely normal. They’re busy people and won’t always be there to talk to you but you can always talk to them and worship them and you’ll still be a wonderful devotee!

Find something you do fairly often that you can turn into a bonding experience with your gods. Like I said when I was the dishes I take that time to focus on Thor and speaking with him, when I go to the gym or do yoga I talk to Freyja and focus on becoming strong and able bodied like her, when I brew candles I’m with Lady Frigg~ this is totally personal and up to you. If you feel closest to Odin in the shower talk to him in the shower. You can be as creative as you would like. 

Also, video gammeezzz. This is totally pop culture and not necessary at all but I’m seriously fond of it. There’s a good selection of deities in the game Smite and you can play as them. A couple of my gods are on there and I actually use the time I play as them as devotional time! I honestly do something similar with Skyrim and Animal Crossing! And like I said earlier shrines on minecraft are totally a thing too! Be creative!

Don’t let people tell you you’re doing it wrong. You’re going to meet people on tumblr who think they know everything about the gods and will try to “fix” your practice. Fuck them, there’s not a lot of surviving information on the gods and I know a lot of us use UPG in our practice. If Freyja reminds you of a christmas cactus that’s cool and totally up to you to include in your practice. Do what you feel is best unless you’re a nazi(national socialist for those of you who REFUSE to believe their the same thing), then please don’t use our gods to try and justify your racism.

There’s probably more I could offer but I’m getting super hungry so I’m going to make a tofu taco! I hope this helped sweet pea.🌮💚

Went over some of the sadder moments in Humanish today. :’)

Hey, new followers! I know you’re all here for the Steven Universe art, and there will be more of that, but if you want to see me stumble blindly while creating a webcomic, you should check out Humanish! 

One of the most divine, sacred, deeply religious things that can happen is a total loss of your personal religion, a dropping of your second-hand belief in God and a waking up to what the word ‘God’ has always been pointing to, beyond words and sounds and images and the passing of experiences. To confine God to a word, a belief, an image, a feeling, a concept, a story, a dream, an ideology, to imprison God in a time-bound religious system, is to put limits on the vastness and give God a boundary, an inside and an outside, a shape, a form, a time-frame. To believe in God, to think of God, to dream of God, to argue about God, to claim God as ‘mine’ or ‘ours’ in any way, is to separate ourselves from God and each other, and create division where there is none. That is idol worship, the worship of form and story and mental truth, and it is not a sin but a vast limitation, a human forgetting of what can be only ever hinted at by the metaphor ‘God’.
—  Jeff Foster


This is the video that the director of the ministry that i’m a part of made to kick off our new series on the image of God. A while back, he posted on facebook, asking everyone to upload pictures or quotes representing the way they view the image of God. Some were loving and gentle, others were difficult and upsetting. watch the video.