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high school supercorp au. kara struggling to keep her superpowers at bay around the pretty super nerd. kara hasn’t grown into her hero image yet & lena hasn’t grown into her name.

There’s a giant leading me to God knows where
I’ve got news, I’m going my way
Fighting, and I feel I’m getting somewhere
All is right, all is right.

From high atop the water tower on the very edge of town, a shadow sat, pushing up her glasses as they fell slightly down the bridge of her nose. Just below, an entire city stretched out toward the sea, the lights bleeding into it, which then bled into the horizon, into the very sky itself. Down by the boardwalk, someone was throwing away old bread and cotton candy while the gulls gulped them down with contented caws that got lodged in their noses. The smell of the freshly cut, end-of-summer lawns wafted through the night, perfuming the last night of summer break perfectly.

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Anonymous said: jack comforting bitty through a panic attack (maybe having to do with coming out (parents?)) and rubbing his back to help him calm down and holding him afterwards like bitty needs

This isn’t coming out drama cause that’s not my jam, but here’s Bitty with social anxiety. cw for panic attacks. 

The air is cold, enough that it bites the back of Jack’s throat with every breath. The trees that line River Quad have long since shed their leaves and the last traces of them have been trampled into the earth by thousands of boots. He’s glad to be back here, quietly walking next to Bittle like old times. Bittle’s last final is in 45 minutes, his French oral report, and then Jack will whisk him away to Montreal to spend Christmas with his family.

“Pretty nice out, eh?” Jack says with a grin, because it’s fun to listen to Bitty complain about the cold.

But Bitty is silent, and Jack looks over at him. Bitty’s teeth are biting into his lower lip, his hand is gripping themselves so tightly his chilly-red fingers are turning white.

Jack stops in his tracks and the girls behind him swerve to avoid crashing into him.


“I can’t,” Bitty mumbles. “The speech- I can’t-”

They’re only a few steps from the grand stone staircase leading to the language arts department. Jack leads Bitty to the side.

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Porcelain Doll (7)

Yoongi Mafia!AU Series! (Special guests: BTS!)

Yoongi x reader

Genre: Tragedy/Angst/Violence/Mafia AU!

A/N: This took wayyyy too long, but it’s finally here! Get ready for next part! I’m also sorry this is short af

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8  / 9


Yoongi walked down the corridors, opening door after door. He came across the gym door and quickly made his way in, finding Angel, Jungkook, and some other cadets working on physical combat. They all stopped their actions as the man came closer, all bowing in unison towards his presence and Yoongi raised a hand, putting them at ease.

“Angel I need to speak with you,” Angel nodded and Jungkook stiffened in his spot. Yoongi gave a nod to the man and Jungkook slightly relaxed, but continued to hold a guarded expression. What a lovesick puppy, Yoongi thinks as he takes the girl with him.

“How may I be of your assistance,” she speaks as she watches him rake a hand through his hair.

“Do you mind telling where Y/N is?”

“What do you mean?” she gave a confused expression, “I left her last night in the same room she should be there.”

“Well she’s not,” and to that Angel’s eyes popped.

“I didn’t take her out,” she spoke and Yoongi started at her.

“Then who did?”


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Remedy Part 1

My heart will always remember you

Summary:  In a time before the world had even heard about the Avengers and the man she loved thought to be lost in the ice, (Y/N) trys to hold on to the memories of her immortal life before a memory wipe will change her forever. Makes her the mighty tool HYDRA wants her to be.

Warnings: torture, sad memories, bullying

Remember the time before things went wrong… remember a time where we played hide and seek when we were kids. What would I say if you were here? Would I say that I’m sorry, would I say that I loved you?

Incredible pain twitched through my whole body while I tried to free myself from the strong, metal chains that bound me at the lab chair. But there was no way to escape. Only pain. I screamed the soul out of my body, until suddenly someone cut off the power and stopped my torment. “This would sure be more humane, if you finally would cooperate with us (Y/N).” Pierce said so worried, I could almost believe him. I groaned and whimpered.

“Never“ I told him with a barely existing voice. He sighed deeply. "You are a medical miracle. It’ll be a shame killing you. You don’t have to suffer this much.” He bent over my face, eyes full of compassion like he would really care about me.  I felt terrible exhausted and miserable.

My (Y/H/C) hair paste on my forehead and cold sweat ran down my spine. “Believe me when I tell you that your whole life, they only wanted to use you. We want to protect you. HYDRA does what’s best for you.“ "NO!“ I yelled at him, but deep down, a part of me thought he was right.

I felt the darkness of pure hate growing inside me about all the things that happened. But at the same time, I tried to fight against it with all my strength. Strength…I don’t have any strength left.

That was their plan from the beginning. To make me weak and take my powers so they could manipulate my mind, erase my memories like they had done it to Bucky. They had tried it before, but I had fought against it so it didn’t work. Thanks to my birthgiven power.

But now it was different. I hadn’t slept, drank or ate for days. Sometimes it was freezing cold, sometimes blazing hot in here. There was only pain in this dark room, together with a maniac.

I had been betrayed; for once more I saw what life did to you if you allowed yourself to trust someone. “You will get killed, if you don’t start to believe in yourself (Y/N). Do you have any idea how valuable you are to the world? You have the ability to change and release it once and for all.” Pierce said softly and gently laid his hand on my fevered forehead. But I stayed in silence and just stared at him, while I wished I could free my wrists from the chains and slowly watch him die.

“Humanity needs you! Use your powers for the right thing and fulfill your destiny!“ Damn liar, I thought. I know what I have done. It didn’t matter how hard I tried to hide my secret, you can’t run forever. Sooner or later I knew they would find me. What will they do if they gain my powers?

I sobbed desperately as I watched the doctors pulling a huge machine closer to me, which I knew will make me nothing more than a puppet for them. It was worse then dying. “You will now be weak enough from defending yourself against the wiping. It’ll soon be over, I promise.” My heart started to beat faster. “Please.” I whispered. “Alexander…please.” He lift one corner of his lips, but he made no move to show mercy. 

I closed my eyes and tried to remember the good days I have had in my very long life. Remembered what used to be important to me. Things I had done, things that shouldn’t have happened.

I felt the cold metal fitting on my head and tried to remember the face of the man I used to love.

“Steve” I whispered one last time. Deep underneath the surface of my memories I searched for his warm smile. It hurt that I never had the chance to say goodbye.

I’m sorry.

I felt a single tear running down my cheek from the corner of my eye as I realized I would lose him for good now. They’re going to take everything I had left from him. Memories.

I love you.

My heart will always remember you. I opened my eyes in tears and Pierce crunched his teeth. “You believe in freedom, but you are afraid of what you could actually do. We offer you absolute perfection and you’ll be able to use your powers for the wellbeing of humanity.” Slowly I started to open my mouth and my eyelids flickered as I tried to take a deep breath. “All my life, everything I wanted to do was help.” Pierce started to smile. “And you will my dear. You will.“

He leaned closer to me. „Hail HYDRA.“ He whispered in my ear, before electricity started to run through my head and made me scream in pain once again. Until the shadows swallowed me up.


1929  Brooklyn

I stared down my shoes, which scratched back and forth through the dusty earth beneath the rotten bench. They were barely touching the ground, though I wasn’t big enough and my legs were too short. “Maybe you can play with us next time, but y’know, we’re just too many already.” Hodge said unregretful and shrugged his shoulders, while I tried to concentrate on the written letters of the book between my fingers.

The other kids laughed at me. Yeah, he had said that last time too, I thought angry and watched them as they started to kick the ball to each other. Absent minded, I let my gaze wander around the yard which was surrounded by high brick walls.

An old woman with a cigarette in her mouth busily shook out a pillow outside her window and pulled the laundry back in her apartment. That was the familiar image of Brooklyn, which I had to face as long as I could remember. It was home.

“What are you reading? The Wizard of Oz, isn’t that sweet?” Hodge suddenly grabbed my book. „Hey, give it back! It was a birthday present!“ I yelled and tried to reach it standing on the tip of my toes. No matter how hard I tried, he held it up his head with a mean smirk and refused to give it back. Instead he sneered down at me and enjoyed my hopeless efforts to get it. "Don’t, please! My dad is gonna kill me if I lose it.“ I cried, but I saw he couldn’t care less. Nobody helped me. I was just a little girl and he was the popular guy, who did whatever he wanted to do. Hodge’s grin got brighter as he torn apart the first pages. “Hodge, give the lady her book back!“ Someone said very loud, grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. “And what if I don’t?” Hodge challenged in an arrogant tone, but he closed my book and straightened himself up. Everyone was quiet now.

“If you don’t, Steve and I will kick your ass.” “Bucky no, he’s not worth it!” I said and just looked between the three boys, feeling miserable while they clenched their hands into fists.

Steve stood right next to Bucky, looking determined to beat the shit out of him although he was way too skinny to take up on the tall Hodge.   

The bully let out a hard breath and I knew for certain he really wanted to start a fight, but then decided to push the book at Buckys chest violently. “Watch your back Barnes.” He whispered and walked away towards the group of his friends. Yes, Hodge was a bully, but he wasn’t stupid. Everybody knew you better don’t start a fight with Bucky if you prefer a normal nose to a broken one. I was lucky Steve and Bucky always protected me.

“Just forget it (Y/N), you know he’s a jerk.” “Thanks.” I said as he laid the book back in my hands. “I’m so screwed.” I said while I tried to fix the pages that Hodge had ripped out. Bucky stroke a strain of hair behind my ear and plucked the tip of my chin with his thumb to cheer me up. It worked, I smiled again. “Hi Steve.” I greeted the scrawny blonde behind him, who kept his distance and I waved a little. He shyly smiled back at me and put his hands in his pockets.

But Bucky gave me a bright, toothless grin. “You don’t have to play with those idiots. You still have us.” He nodded towards the group of kids, who widely chased after the ball. I put a thin smile on my lips, as he sighed and ran his hand through his dark hair.

“Look, what we have won.” Steve pulled a small, wooden toy out of his pocket and held it under my nose. A gyro. “Were did you get it?” I asked enthusiastically and took the dirty toy in my hand. I could see, it must have been bright, red painted before. “Pete promised, he would give it to us if we could run away from his mastiff.” Bucky told me proudly and laid his arm around me.  “You let yourself get chased by his dog? Are you insane?“ I cried with shocked, wide eyes. Now I noticed Steve had problems to breathe and that he tried to hide from me.

“Stevie, you really shouldn’t do that and you know it!” I thought about his asthma.  But he just shrugged his shoulders and didn’t show any regret. I frowned.

Steve had never been the healthiest and he was always a bit weaker and more ill than the others. He made me worry about his high blood pressure, though his skin looked even paler than usual. But his deep blue eyes were full of life.

Bucky slightly squeezed my shoulder. „Hey, what about me? We had to get my girl a birthday present somehow.” Totally surprised, I looked at their happy faces and held the gyro closer to my chest. “Is this really for me?” They both nodded and I couldn’t believe what they had done for me. I watched it roll in my hand and suddenly this dirty little toy was more valuable to me than any other present in the world. “Happy birthday.” Steve said and blushed a little, as I looked at my two best friends with my heart full of gratitude.

Part 2 - Only a wish

Picking gum off the bottom of your shoe after you accidentally step in it on the sidewalk can be difficult, not to mention gross.

Now imagine cleaning an estimated 1 million pieces of gum — some of which are 20 years old — off a brick wall. Yikes.

That, however, is precisely what’s set to happen to Seattle’s famous gum wall in the Pike Place Market. NPR member station KUOW in Seattle reports that it began in 1991 when theater-goers started sticking their gum to the wall as they waited in line. It was once named the second-germiest tourist spot in the world behind Ireland’s Blarney stone, and it has been featured on Instagram nearly 100,000 times.

Sticky Situation: Seattle’s Famous Gum Wall To Be Melted Clean

Photo: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

anonymous asked:

If you have time, a reincarnation/alternate route of Cantabile Dreams with Kaneki remembering and choosing Hide?

Title: Da Capo al Fine
Fandom: Tokyo Ghoul
Verse: Cantabile Dreams
Pairing: KaneHide
Warnings: AU, major character death, hate crimes, homophobia, non-traditional reincarnation, happy ending
Summary: Kaneki lives through more lives than he cares to keep track of chasing after Hide.

A/N: Also for @kammy-keets, who helped me so much, thank you!

Additional notes and explanations can be found here. It’s 5 am, and I furiously typed this out before I had to pack and prepare for my trip, so I apologize for all the mistakes you may see! Please pay attention to the warnings! 

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