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Hi, guys. I want to share with you this short animation for chapter 188 that I worked on in my free time since it came out. Please check out the video on YouTube for links to all the resources I used to put this together. 

P.S. Sorry for the quality in “animation” as it was more like image manipulation in Photoshop than actual animating. Also, sorry about the audio and resolution. It’s my first time making a video and as expected it’s pretty shitty.

19 Days by: Old Xian

Translations by: Yaoi-BLCD

There is a fire raging in Pedrógão Grande in Portugal that has already killed 57 people and the number is expected to rise. This is one of the biggest tragedies in Portugal and the videos and images of the fire and truly scary.

RIP to the victims and a world of thank you’s and gratitude to our firefighters who have been fighting this fire for hours and hours and without adequate training and to all the firefighters coming from Spain and France. You are true heroes.

To my tugas, in Portugal and all over the world, I love you ❤️

Best lines in Stardust Crusaders, a partial list
  • “Do not worry, my lily white friends”
  • “I am the nicest man in the world. I have girlfriends everywhere.”
  • “Bathroom disasters are Polnareff’s thing. This is not in line with my image.”
  • “I won. Part 3 is over.” “And who is going to replace me as the protagonist? You?”
  • “We are friends. Friends of justice.”
  • (Polnareff, after Kakyoin elbows him in the face) “Thank you, Kakyoin.”
  • “My fourth wish is to not listen to your wishes.”
  • “Are you really trying to shoot me? I like you.”
  • “I’m pretty confident. I play video games sometimes.” (Kakyoin, about to fight a nigh-invincible vampire)
If EXO members had a youtube channel
  • LeaderSuhoEXO1: Confessions of the leader/mother/dad of eleven crazy boys.
  • ChenChenPrince: How to reach high notes and be funny at the same time.
  • SehunIsSoHot: "Welcome to my world, I'm about to change your whole life and ruin your bias list" ;))))
  • LuLuLuCats: Hundreds of funny videos of his cats and how much Luhan loves them
  • KyungsooDO12: "Today I'm going to show you how to make Nachos" *uploads a new cooking video every week*
  • LayUnicornLove: "Channel dedicated to all my fans, to show and spread all my love. You are the best, all angels I love you! We are one!" (Also some videos of him finally going to Baek's grandma's house)
  • Real_PYC: Music videos. Music videos. Some video without a shirt. Music videos. Music videos. ChanBaek. Music Videos. Music videos. Trips with Sehun. Oh look that's Kyungsoo Sleeping.
  • TaoGucci123: "Fashion tutorial: 10 ways to wear that Gucci jacket and look flawless like me" *Perfection*
  • BaekhyunnieLOL2: Videos of him playing LOL alone, with Xiumin, with Kai, with everyone. Videos of him playing LOL singing, and eating. Videos of him just teasing exo-ls and melting their hearts.
  • XiuminMinnieforYou: Lots of everything. Funny moments with EXO, me singing here and there, helping Kyungsoo in the kitchen, helping Suho with the laundry, videos to our EXO-Ls... Lots of Minnie for you all!
  • KimKaiJongin: Probably would look like a dance studio youtube channel. Tutorials of how to dance EXO's choreos.
  • Galaxy88KrisWu: "This is not my style" videos and loving everything he says he doesn't. "I'm a cool person, gotta maintain my cool image... But I love chicken"

Human Pose Detection - Mining Body Language from Videos

Machine Learning investigation from samim examines body language in video using recently released open-source code library OpenPose:

From Gene Kelly’s Step-Dance to Bruce Lee’s Kung-Fu — iconic movement has made history. Communicating through Body Language is an ancient art form, currently evolving in fascinating ways: Computationally detecting human body language is becoming effective and accessible. This experiment explores enabling technologies, applications & implications.

For over 20 years, Motion Capture has enabled us to record actions of humans and then use that information to animate a digital character or analyse poses. While movie makers and game developers embraced such technologies — it until recently required expensive equipment which captured only few aspects of the overall performance.

Today, a new generation of machine learning based systems is making it possible to detect human body language directly from images. A growing number of research papers and open-source libraries addresses key aspects: Body, Hand, Face, Gaze Tracking. Identity, Gender, Age, Emotion and Muscle strain Detection. Action Classification & Prediction. We now can…

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TV Rock: the crystals of the mineral ulexite act as natural fiber optic image conduits. This sample came from a little rock shop in Boron CA, home to one of the largest boron mines in the world. If you take the Rio Tinto Boron mine tour you get a free TV rock! ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to buy samples of TV rock and many other scientific curiosities found here on @physicsfun-blog


     “I will shoot you. Bitches.”

     Dean’s gruff voice caught your attention as you entered the little restaurant, memories of the strange white van parked outside still floating in your head. Ghostfacers, it had said. Why did that sound so familiar? You shrugged and ignored it, searching out the source of Dean’s voice.

     “Hello boys,” you said sweetly, walking up to the table where the Winchesters were sitting and placing your hand on Dean’s shoulder. “Are you gonna introduce me to your little friends?”

     Sam and Dean both scowled, practically growling at the people sharing their table. The two men beside them - each squished between a wall and a Winchester – grinned like children.

     “I’m Ed,” the one beside Dean said, extending his hand to you. “And this is my partner Harry.”

     “We’re professional paranormal investigators,” Harry cut in. He tried to push past Sam and ended up standing behind the table, getting as close to your face as he could manage with the younger Winchester blocking him. “No big Deal,” he drawled. His tone was a painfully humorous attempt at casual.

     “Sit down, Ass-hats,” Dean growled, shoving Ed back into his seat.

     You pressed your lips together and tried not to laugh, watching the men you now assumed were the Ghostfacers with amusement. “So, you’re professionals, huh?”

     “Yes, yes we are.”

     “But don’t worry, pretty lady,” Harry leaned back and pulled up his shirt, flashing some skin and the white handle of a tiny handgun. “You’re safe with us.”

     Dean threw his hands up. “Oh, for the love of -”

     “Great! Shall we go, then?” You smacked Dean in the shoulder to silence him. You could practically hear his eyes rolling. “We have a body waiting for us at the morgue, you guys could give us your professional opinion.”

     Both Ghostfacers went silent. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face.

     “B-body?” Harry stuttered.

     Ed kicked him under the table. “Sure, we can … do that.”

     You smiled and turned on your heels, gesturing for them to follow. You knew you were going to get an ear-full when you got back to the Impala but you just couldn’t resist teasing them, the Ghostfacers videos you’d seen years ago floating to the front of your mind.

     As you walked away you heard the thump of Ed and Harry smashing into each other, Dean pushing them back as they tried to run after you.

     “Don’t even think about it,” he growled.

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“Oh yes, they dearly loved it, the proud, insular English– a good laugh at the expense of a foreigner and no one had given it with more unfailing regularity over the years than Elizabeth Tudor. The suitors she had cozened, the pirates she condoned, the ambassadors she deceived– one had to admire her nerve, and the astonishing manner in which she had got away with it all. They lauded her mercy and calmly ignored its few outrageous exceptions, for whatever she had done she was nothing like so hasty in revenge as her dread sire.”

book rec moodboards: 

Legacy {by Susan Kay}, 1983


- Kodama is a lush and overgrown forest inhabited by spirits and a spooky little witch. It’s easy to get lost in this magical forest, and you never really know what (or who) you could stumble upon! 🔮🌙

I have been a huge fan of Mischa’s for a while now and watching her videos on Kodama inspired me to create my own witchy town. Hopefully these images do it justice but I really recommend visiting for yourself!

DA: 5F00-000F-7CBA
Owner: @mischacrossing

summertime sadness (live cover)
twenty one pilots
summertime sadness (live cover)

“Summertime has come to a close, and everybody knows that just like summertime comes to an end, so does this show.” 9 · 4 · 14

How to add falling snow to a gif:

  • Some people requested this.
  • English is not my first language but I’ll do my best to explain the steps :)
  • I use Photoshop CS6.
  • Like/reblog the post if you find it useful.

1- It’s really simple and everyone can do it. First of all select a picture and a transparent gif. These are the gifs I use in my edits. Resize the image, add some coloring,texture etc.

2- Open you transparent gif another section, resize the gif as the first picture. Convert to video timeline and select the last frame.

3- Take your picture and put it to the top of the gif.

4- Select lighten or screen. I usually select the lighten one.

5- After you select screen or lighten, save your gif. 

Saving as JPG vs PNG for tumblr

I have read/watched alot on this subject in order to make up my own mind.

  • JPG: Smaller file size so they load quicker on the blog/dash. When it comes to publishing edits/stills/graphics to tumblr at the small dimensions we use, I think .JPG is perfect.
  • PNG: Bigger file size so it takes longer to load on the blog/dash. .PNG is used for large Hi-Res images, transparent images, printing, HD backgrounds ect.
  • In this video he explains the tech differences between the save settings and this is a good short video on the subject also.

How to Save a High Quality JPG Using Photoshop:

File>save for web>

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