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In-depth psychic communication guide for spirit contact

This guide is for adults only.

I am an animist so I believe nearly everything has a spirit. Your house has a spirit; so do your pets, and your plants. The well-used family pots and pans have spirits, as do your lucky jeans. Communicating with inanimate objects is known as psychometry (psychometry is specifically touching something to gain information about it). But I see no problem with expanding that word to mean communication with all inanimate objects. In this guide, ‘inanimate’ means something organically dead, even if it has a living spirit.

This guide is about “psychic” communication, which means without tools. The communication will exist in your mind. In my opinion this is a very good form of communication for any magic-worker to develop, for a couple reasons.

  • It will improve your psychic abilities in general
  • You will no longer need to carry tools with you; you may communicate with any spirit, anywhere, any time
  • It will improve your magical focus
  • You can experience spirits in a more undiluted form
  • It’s really, really cool

First, let me explain fully what I mean when I say this communication will exist “within your mind”.

We all know of people who see and hear spirits as if the spirits were three-dimensional, flesh-and-blood beings. This is rare. You shouldn’t be particularly jealous of these people, either. I’ve never met a person (so far) who was happy about having these gifts. As someone who occasionally sees things with their two-eyes, it is a scary and intimidating experience.

For the majority of us magical normies, we are going to experience spirits within the platform of our imagination.

This may be disappointing to you. Who wants to feel as if they are just 'imagining’ spirits? Yet our imagination is the platform for all magic. Beings who cannot imagine another reality cannot create that other reality. Our imagination is an incredible magical power, giving us the ability to connect with other realities. Get over the idea that what you imagine is just “in your mind.” It is not.

It is also uncommon for a person to hear, see, or imagine actual words in their own spoken language. Spirits are much more likely to communicate empathetically, by giving us feelings, thoughts, or emotions. They may also use gestures and actions, which we will see when we view them in our minds. This may sound very obscure, but it is not. It is very easy to tell when a spirit is happy or angry, wants to leave, wants to stay, or wants you to follow them. Even the appearance of the spirit itself will communicate something to you. How do they present themselves? Do you believe the form they take?

This guide is going to be primarily written for communicating with inanimate or organic spirits, but the same concepts may be applied to working with non-physical spirits.

Other Notes

It is pretty important that you get to know yourself. If you are serious about spirit work, it is vital that you know yourself. This means that you are able to understand where your thoughts come from, and identify if a thought is or is not yours. For example, I was doing an important spell yesterday. I suddenly got quite a bad feeling. However, I was able to identify that it was a spirit within my circle giving me a warning, instead of an internal anxiety. If I had not known this, I may have shut this important spell down totally instead of identifying the warning for what it was.

Get relatively good at clearing your mind. Do this through meditation. Strive to achieve a state of clear-mindnedness for a few seconds at a time, on command.

This method may be safer than communicating with unknown spirits you call through the aether.

After you psychically connect with a spirit, you may continue getting information from that spirit for some time.

Marijuana can vastly help this process along. If you don’t prefer that mental high, try another psychic plant instead. Make tea or smoke the herbs.

Getting Started with the Bump

Find something you just know has a spirit. I would really recommend a plant. It could be a houseplant or a tree or anything. If you are absolutely of the mind that an inanimate object has a spirit, get in touch with that instead. Right now avoid animals and humans. They are a little more difficult to read, and your mental probing could bother Fido. For this exercise I will assume we are using a plant.

Regard the plant casually, and bump your mind against it. When I say “bump” your mind, I just mean to consider the plant intensely for a few moments, then let your focus fade. Do you get any feelings? Any sensations? Do you have any memories that come to you? All these things are good. The feelings may be quite obvious; when I “bump” my Apricot tree, I experience the memory of how apricots taste.

Try “bumping” things often and see if you get any response. If your mind is totally blank, no worries; the “bump” will come with time. Or, perhaps you have your own unique way of interacting with spirits! Experiment and see what works for you. There is also a chance that whatever you are trying to bump has no spirit, such as an inanimate object you wrongly identified as being inspirited.

If you do happen to have any experiences when you bump the plant, remember them for your upcoming communication. Suppose you have bad, good, or neutral experiences; all these will tell you the current state or mood of the plant. When I bump the Redwood trees in my yard, typically they make me think of healthy, strong, powerful plants. Today when I bumped them, I was reminded of the oracle card Struggle and I felt like they were warriors losing a battle (the drought here is killing most of our evergreens). I also got a strained emotional feeling. These feelings give me an accurate picture of the state of the Redwood trees.

Try finding three different objects right now and bumping them. See what happens! It is quite alright if you feel you are just having normal memories; spirit communication is in fact quite normal in many ways.

The “bump” is a good way to start and practice spirit communication.

The bump works because all humans are natural spirit-workers to some degree. When you focus on something, you are contacting it’s spirit. You just have to pay attention to what comes to you, and recognize it for what it is: real communication. If the bump simply is not working for you, try using tools to help. Meditate with psychic stones, burn a little psychic incense, or create a ring that you look through which opens up a portal of access.

Going further; back-and-forth communication

Once you have the bump down, continue on to the next step (if the bump isn’t working for you after a couple days of attempts, move on anyways. It will not hurt).

When you bump the plant, you are receiving active communication from it, even if this communication is in the form of memories. Try bumping a plant, then while you are having your bump-experiences, ask it a question that will cause your perceptions to change. For example, do not ask, “how are you doing?” because you are already finding out how they are doing with the bump. Vocally or mentally, try asking one of the following example questions.

  • What do you need?
  • How do you like the cat? (or any influencing factor in their lives)
  • How old are you?
  • What do you think of water?
  • Do you want some plant food?
  • Do you like this spot you are at?
  • What is your favorite thing?

In general, it is polite to avoid asking questions which would upset the plant. “Do you want to be chopped up in to little pieces and eaten” is not an appropriate question to a plant, just as it would not be appropriate to another human.

After you ask the question, allow your mind to unfocus and see what comes to you. When I ask most of my trees about water, I see dried deserts. This is a clear sign that they are parched; unfortunately there is not a lot I can do. Just now I asked a house plant about water and it showed me a swampy marsh with vibrant green foliage. It is well-watered.

Sometimes, especially with trees, you may see a human figure in your imagination. This is quite normal. Carefully try to remember how the spirit of that plant looks to you. If you are interested in this, try researching tree lore for your culture. The plant spirits should express the lore of the tree.

It is your job to interpret the images and feelings you get in to communication. This may be difficult at the start, but you will get the hang of it. For example I just asked that same houseplant if it would like any food. It showed me a flat surface with an indent in it about three inches deep. I interpret this to mean the plant would like more food – because it showed me a hole that needed to be filled.

On that note, asking other spirit-workers to help you interpret your visions may or may not work. Your brain is interpreting the spirit-signals given to you, and therefore it is uniquely and intimately personal to you. I have seen very fascinating and thought-inducing discussions when people ask others to help interpret their communications, but typically, all the ideas are wildly different. One person may see the marsh and assume the plant has had too much water. Another person will say, “your plant doesn’t care about water, it wants to be planted in the wild.” It is ultimately up to you to interpret what is going on.

After you have spoken to the plant and received a response, try touching the plant gently and see what comes to you. Or, try moving it in to the sun or shade and see what the plant thinks.

Animals and humans

Contacting animal spirits works much in the same way as plant spirits. I have noticed that the spirit of the human or animal will respond, even if they consciously do not seem to be aware of it at all.

Just now I “asked” my dog three questions: “How are you feeling? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?” I received first feelings of boredom and hyperactivity, then feelings of satiation, then a vivid aqua blue color which I interpreted to mean, “I have had lots of water recently.” Yet my dog did not stop to look at me, or act as if something was intruding upon her spirit. She kept playing as usual. Just now I had to discipline her for jumping on the table, and now she feels sad.

One pretty neat thing about bumping humans is that you can get really strange responses. Humans are unlike any other creature we know; we can be closed off. We can open up. We can cast spells. Get a group of magic-worker friends. Bump each other and share what you find. You may be bumping up against a person’s shields or personal spells!

Practical communication

Communicate with your magical objects to determine their effects and charge. Communicate with anything to see if it is dangerous, if you need to avoid it, or if it is okay to approach. Communicate with curious objects at thrift stores to find out its history. Communicate with your plants to see how they are doing and make sure they have what they need.

Learn to communicate with abstract concepts and natural phenomena. Communicate with your house, the land, and the weather. Communicate with the spirit of wealth and prosperity in your home. Give it offerings. Make friends with it.

When something is wrong with a loved one, an object, or a spell, communicate with it first to see what is wrong. Then take the appropriate steps to help remedy the situation.

Final note

This technique is obviously not going to work for 100% of all people. There are just too many confounding variables. Some people have really huge and heavy blockages that prevent them from psychic communication, often built themselves after scary experiences. If this technique does not seem to work at all for you, send me a message and we will troubleshoot.


I drew Credence to inaugurate my new sketchbook and ease myself back into watercolors and painting again. I love him. 

art blog : kallisto-b


♠♥Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 3rd Anniversary Valentine Contest♦♣

Hello! It’s been three years with our Bidders~ (●♡∀♡)

To celebrate, we are having a contest where we’d like to see what kind of date you would take your Bidder on! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Send us a drawing, picture/pictures, or comic, by Feb. 28th, for a chance to win a KBTBB playing card deck, featuring many of the characters from KBTBB! 

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some things i’ve noticed about the new volume cover

After staring at the beautiful new volume cover Adachitoka made for who knows how long, I noticed certain details that I thought were worth mentioning. For anyone wondering what cover I’m talking about, it’s this one :

One thing I noticed was that Ebisu’s plaque had two strings attached: one for the current Ebisu and one for the past incarnation.

 Almost immediately I looked at the plaque of the only other god we’ve seen reincarnate, Takemikazuchi, who just so happens to also have a second plaque.Unlike Ebisu’s, however, his is facing the back instead of the front.

It seems to me that gods who have reincarnated in the past have several plaques tied together. I also decided to look at all the other gods to see if maybe one of them had a secret reincarnation, which led me to find this:

Kofuku has two extra plaques instead of just one and, similarly to Take’s plaque, both of hers are facing away too. Could Kofuku have reincarnated twice before? Could the plaques facing away mean something? Could reincarnation become a huge plot point in the future? I honestly don’t know. I could be reading this completely wrong, or none of these images are meant interpreted in anyway at all.  

Another detail I noticed:

Nora’s plaque has no string attached to it. Trashdad’s, however, does. 

Both Nora and Fujisaki are currently unknown entities whom we only have theories of what they could possibly be. The fact that Nora’s has no string while Fujisaki’s does seems to point towards something.

All of this is just observations and half-baked speculation, so I could be completely wrong on all accounts. 

I don’t wanna spam the submit box too much, but I really need help. I’m in a rough spot and I can’t afford my very vital medications. So here’s what I have for sale:

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and you can refer to the image below. I also interpret dreams, scry, do pendulum readings, and read tea leaves.

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Welcome to the 4th round of the Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge!

I’m really excited to announce that Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge is now open again! And this month theme is Song lyrics!


  • Anyone can enter!
  • Entries include, but are not limited to: edits, fanart, gifsets, fanfic, lyric edits, audio edits, videos, basically any kind of original content! Get creative!
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The Shy Fox's Guide to Scrying

I’ve been getting a TON of questions regarding scrying lately. Whether it’s about types of scrying or how it’s done, it can be a little complicated and confusing! A lot of people don’t understand what exactly scrying entails, and I’ve been reading about it and doing it for a while, so I thought I’d make a post about it.

What is scrying?

Have you ever sat outside and looked at the clouds, and seen imagery in the clouds? Or maybe you look at a tree and see a pattern in the leaves and branches. Perhaps you’re staring off into space and you start to daydream or you see images in the wall.

Scrying is a form of divination which utilizes one’s subconscious mind and the images that the subconscious forms. Scrying typically is done using some type of blank surface, usually a dark one, and gazing into it. The diviner then interprets what they “see”. Oftentimes the diviner will write down the images they see and interpret them based on predetermined symbolism or their personal interpretations of symbols and images. It’s all up to each person!

So how does it work?

It really depends on the method being used. Typically, the diviner starts off with some meditation to clear their mind. Oftentimes, a question or thought is meditated on for the diviner to search for the answers to. They then use any number of techniques to “see” what their subconscious tells them about the question being presented. Oftentimes the diviner writes down what they see either as they go or afterwards, depending on personal preference.

There are quite a few different methods, the most common ones typically being water scrying, wax scrying, and mirror scrying, though I know a lot of people do it different ways! Let me give you the breakdown on some of the common types.

Mirror Scrying

Mirror scrying is probably the most common form I see people use, and it’s the one that I think you’ll see most in pop culture next to crystal ball scrying. Mirror scrying is done through the use of a scrying mirror, a very dark (typically pitch black) “mirror”. Often after meditation, the diviner gazes into the mirror and relaxes, letting their mind wander. Visions often take shape, whether it be in the form of numbers, letters, shapes, symbols, etc. The diviner then interprets what they’ve seen based on either popular associations with those numbers, symbols, etc., or they interpret them based on personal belief. 

Crystal Ball Scrying

This one is pretty common too, and it’s what a lot of people associate “witches” and “fortune tellers” with! It’s basically the same process as mirror scrying, but instead of a mirror, the diviner uses a crystal ball. The same process is followed as above. I think a lot of people like this for the aesthetic of it, but it’s not my personal favorite. (also crystal balls are expensive a lot of times and Iiiiii am most certainly on a budget)

Water Scrying

Water scrying is pretty similar to mirror scrying! It’s the same process, but rather than using a mirror, the diviner takes a bowl (again, usually of a dark color) and fills it with water. The process stated in mirror scrying is repeated. Results are usually a bit different, since the water can ripple and move in ways that a solid object obviously can’t. It’s pretty similar to mirror scrying though!

Wax Scrying

I really enjoy this method, but I’ve not used it all that much. Wax scrying is typically done by meditating on the question/thought, then either lighting a candle afterwards or having a candle lit beforehand/during the meditation. The diviner then drips the wax from the candle into a bowl of water, and interprets the symbols and shapes that the wax forms when it hits the water. This form of scrying is awesome for beginners (or for those with short attention spans like myself) since the images stick around and you don’t have to try to remember all that you see in your mind’s eye! Just always remember to be cautious with your candles; don’t let them burn down if you meditate for a long time!

Tea Leaves

I’m not sure if some people would call this “scrying” but to me, it’s still a type of scrying. I believe the proper term for reading tea leaves is called tasseography/tasseomancy. This one’s a fun one! Essentially, instead of meditating, you fix yourself a cup of tea and focus on your question as you prepare your tea. Continue to focus on it as you drink it, really nursing the thought as you sip your tea. Once you’ve come down to the very end of it, you’ll see the tea leaves floating in the bottom of the cup. Quickly upturn your cup over the sink, then flip it over and look at the leaves. The patterns and shapes they form are you answers. I’ve always thought tasseomancy is awesome, but I’m not a big tea drinker, so I don’t really do it. If you love tea, tasseomancy is probably a great form of divination for you!

Raindrop Divination

You don’t hear about this one much, buuuuut I saw a great tumblr post about it, and I thought it was really neat! The post explains it much much better than I can, so I highly recommend you go there if you’re interested. It’s a great post, not super long, and definitely something fun to try if you live in a rainy area!

Those are some of my favorites, but there’s more out there, I can almost guarantee that. Search around and find one you like!

But Fox! This sounds so complicated and I’m just getting started!

Believe me when I say scrying of any form takes practice, patience, and yes, it’s going to be really intimidating at first! My recommendation to you is to practice, practice, practice. Do a small scrying in the morning to see what your day will be like, and see how accurate it is at the end of the day. Offer free scryings to other people. Tumblr is a great place to do that! The community is lovely and I adore the feedback I get! Everyone’s always got something nice to say, so really, don’t be afraid to offer readings on here. Go for it!

Great, but I can’t afford any of the fancy tools! What do I do now?

The answer is simple: you don’t need fancy tools. Got a cell phone? Use the blank screen under low light for mirror scrying. Have a dark colored plastic bowl? Use that for water scrying! Old candles nobody uses anymore? Grab ‘em and use ‘em. Don’t feel like you have to use special fancy tools to be a good diviner. I use a rusty ring on a piece of yarn as a pendulum and my laptop screen as a scrying mirror. I don’t have the fancy tools, but I do divinatory stuff anyway! It’s okay not to have “professional grade” tools. Make use of what you have :)

Oh, cool! So where do I go from here?

Take what you’ve learned and practice, practice, practice! If you’re still confused, you can always message me, or any other tumblr users in the witchy community. Google is your friend too! The important things to remember here are: don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to just give it a try. You’ll never get better if you don’t try. So don’t be afraid! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Go forth and do some great work! I believe in you!

~The Shy Fox

The collage artist Edouard Taufenbach, takes a serialized tack when
constructing his kaleidoscopic, hand-glued collections of photographs. The artist’s work for #TFWGucci is nostalgic, winsome, and abstract.
Interpreting the image, John Trulli finds a commentary on waiting for
friends to go out one night. - Text by Helen Holmes.

Welcome to the 5th round of the Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge!

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Polish Hamlet. Portrait of Aleksander Wielopolski, 1903 by Jacek Malczewski, National Museum, Warsaw.

■ It was painted in 1903, and is one of the most famous works of Malczewski. It presents the painter’s grandson as Aleksander Wielopolski who was a Polish politician, a member of the Polish Kingdom government in the early 1860s, who tried to maneuver between the interests of the invaders and the Polish population. The figure is located in the center of the composition, surrounded by two women; two different visions of the fate of the Polish nation. He is dressed in yellow-green dress and belted pouch, in which instead of bullets are tubes of paint, and he thoughtfully pulls on the petals of chamomile.

■ The painting is symbolic and patriotic. The two women placed on both sides of the picture are an allegory of two different visions of the fate of their homeland. Located to the right is an elderly woman with white hair, dressed in dark robes, his hands cuffed no shackles, and her face takes on an expression of sadness, despair and awareness of their situation. She embodies an enslaved Poland, experienced by fate, remained under the yoke of others who can not be liberated. On the left side there is a young girl, half-naked, shown at the time of breaking the shackles. She is full of energy, and her face has the expression of reaction with her mouth open. She symbolizes the “young Poland” - capable of action and of escaping from the long-term captivity.

■ The image can be interpreted as a dilemma of choosing the right and wrong for the homeland. This dilemma clearly refers to the title character of Hamlet from William Shakespeare’s drama and his choices. Alexander Wielopolski is an example of the person making the difficult decision, and carrying the consequences of that choice, resulting from the need to accept or reject the situation. The artist does not show his own views on the topic. The man in the painting is pensive, lost in melancholy. And his indecision is highlighted even more by the flower in his hand and the belt on the body. The work is an expression of Malczewski’s concern for the future of Poland at the time.

🎃🔥 Pumpkin Head Curse 🔥🎃

a season curse for banishing and “burning” that you can set whenever you feel the person has wronged you.

🎃 gather: a pumpkin (or a small pumpkin like gourd), a carving knife, a candle/matches, cinnamon, black salt, chili pepper

🔥 carve the pumpkin/gourd in the image/interpretation of the intended target. it does not need to be literally. 

🎃 exaggerate the features of how the person has been hurting you. 

🔥 spice inside the pumpkin with cinnamon, black salt, and chili pepper

🎃 light candle inside. 

🔥 don’t burn inside the house

🎃 dispose of the pumpkin

🔥 the curse only lasts while the candle is lit

Yay! My second post on Tumblr and I’m so excited because this is my first drawing in a drawingpad!… (or something like to one). I’ve done many sketches before this to practice with the brushes and pencils but, although the result is not what I was looking for, I really like it. I mean, it’s my first time anyway! Wee!~

(I really thought it would look terrible…)

I’ve done this drawing based on a moment of a story that I’ve thought to write (someday and will be in spanish). The only reason that I finished it is because I could continue it in my free time in college. I don’t know how to pass the drawing I made of Ink to the program I use to do this, so I take longer since it will only be in PhotoShop.

I want to add that this isn’t an “ErrorxInk” image, but you can interpret it as you want. I just wanted to draw these two because they are from my 6 favorite Sans and they belong to artists that I really admire… It is a way to show my progress after… haha… the previous embarrasing message… I really feel inspired.

The next time I’ll draw the other 2 Sans from the 4 remain (I won’t say which they are)… and, of course, try to finish Ink :)

Excuse my possible bad English again and… if someone wants to use this img for something, I would like it to asking me before if it can, because these fanarts, however simple they may be, mean a lot to me.

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies 

Ink belongs to @myebi / @comyet


I did Throwback Thursday posts for @fruitridernews and @gameridernews but Build isn’t really old enough for it, so… here’s something themed after those two posts: Fake Kamen Rider reveals. Specifically, the first two images are fake interpretations of what’s behind the silhouette of Kamen Rider W (so watch out for that, I guess), some fake toy catalog artwork for Gaim, and a fake silhouette for Ghost.

Artwork is an important thing to consider. As I’ll explain in the full post.

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Welcome to the 6th round of the Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge!

This month theme is Members + Colors! 


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If you have any further questions, feel free to send an ask here!