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A Beginner’s Guide to Tea Leaf Reading

Hi there! If you’re here, that means you most likely don’t know how to read tea leaves, or perhaps you could use some more tips? Regardless, you’ll find all of that here! This guide will be pretty all-encompassing, so bear with me!

What is tea leaf reading?

Tasseography, better known as reading tea leaves, is the process of divination using tea leaves. When done properly, the tea leaves will show an image (even if vague) that will symbolize the answer to a question the reader asked. The image can tell the future or just give advice; depending on the question.

How does one read tea leaves?

This is definitely a more involved question, but here’s how I do it; step by step.

1. First, brew your cup of tea. It can be any flavor. But if you are reading for someone else, you may want to let them choose the flavor (I like to do this). However, if you can’t choose a flavor, black tea is pretty standard as the dark color of the tea makes it easier to read.

2. Now, drink your tea. If it is a loose leaf tea, try to drink as little of the leaves as possible. If it is a bag, leave the bag steeping in there and drink. Don’t drink it all, though, leave a little liquid in (not very much at all.)

3. At this point, if you used a tea bag, you’re going to want to open the bag and let the leaves pour into the little amount of liquid there is left.

4. Now, at this point I like to rotate the cup clockwise three times. You can rotate it any direction and as many times you want. You don’t even have to rotate it at all if you don’t want to.

5. Now, you’re going to place a saucer or plate over the top of the cup. Tip the cup over so that most of the liquid and leaves spill onto the plate/saucer.

6. Now, you will see some leaves left in the cup. These should make an image. Although it may be abstract, it’ll be there, even though it might take a while for you to see it.

7. Now it’s time for you to interpret your image. You can either look up the symbology of the image you saw or do your own interpretation based on your own personal associations.

8. Now focus on where the image is. Is it at the top, bottom, left, right, right by the handle? The placement shows what time the interpretation will happen. I will attach an infographic to give a better idea of what I’m talking about here.

And there you have it!! This is how I do my tea leaf readings. It does take some practice, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll only get better.


🎃🔥 Pumpkin Head Curse 🔥🎃

a season curse for banishing and “burning” that you can set whenever you feel the person has wronged you.

🎃 gather: a pumpkin (or a small pumpkin like gourd), a carving knife, a candle/matches, cinnamon, black salt, chili pepper

🔥 carve the pumpkin/gourd in the image/interpretation of the intended target. it does not need to be literally. 

🎃 exaggerate the features of how the person has been hurting you. 

🔥 spice inside the pumpkin with cinnamon, black salt, and chili pepper

🎃 light candle inside. 

🔥 don’t burn inside the house

🎃 dispose of the pumpkin

🔥 the curse only lasts while the candle is lit

Interpreting Scrying and Visions

Ever had a meditation session and got some compelling visions, but had no idea what it meant? Or stared into water until you saw images, but googling significance isn’t panning out? In my opinion, the best way to interpret meaning in divination is to go with your gut, building intuition and confidence in your practice along the way! 

Before we begin…

• This takes practice and time! If you are having trouble getting solid interpretations, do not give up.
• Recording your scrying results and visions, along with a preliminary interpretation, is essential. If scrying for the future, you can go back and look at your notes at a later time to help improve your interpretation abilities. 
• Sometimes visions and images are scary, predict the worst case scenario, etc. There is no need to stress over these experiences. The future is fluid and can be changed, and most of the time visions are metaphorical. 

The Method

• Scry or meditate in whatever method is easiest for you. Examples include closed eye scrying, scrying in patterns, fire scrying, smoke scrying, crystal scrying, black mirror scrying, water scrying, etc.
• Once finished with your session, write down any elements of images you saw, colors you saw, scenes you saw, ect.
• Next write down what each of those elements means to you. Not the internet, not some dream interpretation book, it should be your own gut feeling.
• Compose the meaning of the elements into a cohesive interpretation. 


Let’s say I was black mirror scrying for insight into a friend’s well being. Maybe I saw a fire. To me, fire represents both destruction and passion. This is where gut feeling comes into play! If I had a negative vibe when I saw the fire image, I would then interpret this to mean that the friend is headed down a self-destructive path. 

Next, let’s interpret a vision. A scene. Say I saw a scene where a bulldozer was destroying my family home. Black birds were flying overhead. It was foggy. I would break this into those very elements: destruction of family home, corvids, and fog. The family home to me represents security, so destruction could mean an abrupt loss of self assurance and feeling insecure. Fog means something is obscured, so the threat to security is something hidden, either in the subconscious or is something playing out behind the scenes. It also can mean secrecy. Corvids represent wisdom and are known to be a warning. 
For the entire interpretation, I would say that this scene is a warning of unknown forces, perhaps in secrecy, working to undermine security and the family unit. 

Not all interpretations are so bleak! Even if you see a vision of a loved one getting hurt, this could represent something causing them emotional pain that you should reach out to them about. 

Keep Track of Motifs 

Sometimes we see reoccurring themes in our divination. Make sure you go through your records to look for symbols that pop up over and over again. It will make future interpretations easier. Like, for example, seeing a heart or rose could mean love. Seeing a cat could mean spirital intuition. 

With that, I wish you guys luck in interpreting your visions and scries! This can even apply to dreams, if you’re into dreamwork! :)

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I drew Credence to inaugurate my new sketchbook and ease myself back into watercolors and painting again. I love him. 

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The Shy Fox's Guide to Scrying

I’ve been getting a TON of questions regarding scrying lately. Whether it’s about types of scrying or how it’s done, it can be a little complicated and confusing! A lot of people don’t understand what exactly scrying entails, and I’ve been reading about it and doing it for a while, so I thought I’d make a post about it.

What is scrying?

Have you ever sat outside and looked at the clouds, and seen imagery in the clouds? Or maybe you look at a tree and see a pattern in the leaves and branches. Perhaps you’re staring off into space and you start to daydream or you see images in the wall.

Scrying is a form of divination which utilizes one’s subconscious mind and the images that the subconscious forms. Scrying typically is done using some type of blank surface, usually a dark one, and gazing into it. The diviner then interprets what they “see”. Oftentimes the diviner will write down the images they see and interpret them based on predetermined symbolism or their personal interpretations of symbols and images. It’s all up to each person!

So how does it work?

It really depends on the method being used. Typically, the diviner starts off with some meditation to clear their mind. Oftentimes, a question or thought is meditated on for the diviner to search for the answers to. They then use any number of techniques to “see” what their subconscious tells them about the question being presented. Oftentimes the diviner writes down what they see either as they go or afterwards, depending on personal preference.

There are quite a few different methods, the most common ones typically being water scrying, wax scrying, and mirror scrying, though I know a lot of people do it different ways! Let me give you the breakdown on some of the common types.

Mirror Scrying

Mirror scrying is probably the most common form I see people use, and it’s the one that I think you’ll see most in pop culture next to crystal ball scrying. Mirror scrying is done through the use of a scrying mirror, a very dark (typically pitch black) “mirror”. Often after meditation, the diviner gazes into the mirror and relaxes, letting their mind wander. Visions often take shape, whether it be in the form of numbers, letters, shapes, symbols, etc. The diviner then interprets what they’ve seen based on either popular associations with those numbers, symbols, etc., or they interpret them based on personal belief. 

Crystal Ball Scrying

This one is pretty common too, and it’s what a lot of people associate “witches” and “fortune tellers” with! It’s basically the same process as mirror scrying, but instead of a mirror, the diviner uses a crystal ball. The same process is followed as above. I think a lot of people like this for the aesthetic of it, but it’s not my personal favorite. (also crystal balls are expensive a lot of times and Iiiiii am most certainly on a budget)

Water Scrying

Water scrying is pretty similar to mirror scrying! It’s the same process, but rather than using a mirror, the diviner takes a bowl (again, usually of a dark color) and fills it with water. The process stated in mirror scrying is repeated. Results are usually a bit different, since the water can ripple and move in ways that a solid object obviously can’t. It’s pretty similar to mirror scrying though!

Wax Scrying

I really enjoy this method, but I’ve not used it all that much. Wax scrying is typically done by meditating on the question/thought, then either lighting a candle afterwards or having a candle lit beforehand/during the meditation. The diviner then drips the wax from the candle into a bowl of water, and interprets the symbols and shapes that the wax forms when it hits the water. This form of scrying is awesome for beginners (or for those with short attention spans like myself) since the images stick around and you don’t have to try to remember all that you see in your mind’s eye! Just always remember to be cautious with your candles; don’t let them burn down if you meditate for a long time!

Tea Leaves

I’m not sure if some people would call this “scrying” but to me, it’s still a type of scrying. I believe the proper term for reading tea leaves is called tasseography/tasseomancy. This one’s a fun one! Essentially, instead of meditating, you fix yourself a cup of tea and focus on your question as you prepare your tea. Continue to focus on it as you drink it, really nursing the thought as you sip your tea. Once you’ve come down to the very end of it, you’ll see the tea leaves floating in the bottom of the cup. Quickly upturn your cup over the sink, then flip it over and look at the leaves. The patterns and shapes they form are you answers. I’ve always thought tasseomancy is awesome, but I’m not a big tea drinker, so I don’t really do it. If you love tea, tasseomancy is probably a great form of divination for you!

Raindrop Divination

You don’t hear about this one much, buuuuut I saw a great tumblr post about it, and I thought it was really neat! The post explains it much much better than I can, so I highly recommend you go there if you’re interested. It’s a great post, not super long, and definitely something fun to try if you live in a rainy area!

Those are some of my favorites, but there’s more out there, I can almost guarantee that. Search around and find one you like!

But Fox! This sounds so complicated and I’m just getting started!

Believe me when I say scrying of any form takes practice, patience, and yes, it’s going to be really intimidating at first! My recommendation to you is to practice, practice, practice. Do a small scrying in the morning to see what your day will be like, and see how accurate it is at the end of the day. Offer free scryings to other people. Tumblr is a great place to do that! The community is lovely and I adore the feedback I get! Everyone’s always got something nice to say, so really, don’t be afraid to offer readings on here. Go for it!

Great, but I can’t afford any of the fancy tools! What do I do now?

The answer is simple: you don’t need fancy tools. Got a cell phone? Use the blank screen under low light for mirror scrying. Have a dark colored plastic bowl? Use that for water scrying! Old candles nobody uses anymore? Grab ‘em and use ‘em. Don’t feel like you have to use special fancy tools to be a good diviner. I use a rusty ring on a piece of yarn as a pendulum and my laptop screen as a scrying mirror. I don’t have the fancy tools, but I do divinatory stuff anyway! It’s okay not to have “professional grade” tools. Make use of what you have :)

Oh, cool! So where do I go from here?

Take what you’ve learned and practice, practice, practice! If you’re still confused, you can always message me, or any other tumblr users in the witchy community. Google is your friend too! The important things to remember here are: don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to just give it a try. You’ll never get better if you don’t try. So don’t be afraid! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Go forth and do some great work! I believe in you!

~The Shy Fox


♠♥Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 3rd Anniversary Valentine Contest♦♣

Hello! It’s been three years with our Bidders~ (●♡∀♡)

To celebrate, we are having a contest where we’d like to see what kind of date you would take your Bidder on! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Send us a drawing, picture/pictures, or comic, by Feb. 28th, for a chance to win a KBTBB playing card deck, featuring many of the characters from KBTBB! 

↓ ↓ Details below!! ↓ ↓

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Poem for Divination

Divination, with your sights cast, lets one see future, present, and past. These methods can be less precise, but if you dare to look, go roll the dice.

To see with your inner eye, perhaps you might take leaps to scry? Scry in a mirror, or flame, or bowl, and symbols appear for the truths told.

Dowsing rods are meant to find, but yes-and-nos they can divine. Pendulums are pendants weighted, spinning towards what is yet fated.

Decks of cards, of all sorts, from Lenormand to oracle, reveal truths more definite (especially when you’re holding it). Even playing decks are fine, if only ever used to divine.

Tasseomancy is to divine by tea, to interpret images in the leaves. Palmistry takes some time, but reads the truths in your hands’ lines.

With so many ways to divine, in ink and water to look for signs, in dice to roll or the shape of clouds, who says the futures can’t be found?

some things i’ve noticed about the new volume cover

After staring at the beautiful new volume cover Adachitoka made for who knows how long, I noticed certain details that I thought were worth mentioning. For anyone wondering what cover I’m talking about, it’s this one :

One thing I noticed was that Ebisu’s plaque had two strings attached: one for the current Ebisu and one for the past incarnation.

 Almost immediately I looked at the plaque of the only other god we’ve seen reincarnate, Takemikazuchi, who just so happens to also have a second plaque.Unlike Ebisu’s, however, his is facing the back instead of the front.

It seems to me that gods who have reincarnated in the past have several plaques tied together. I also decided to look at all the other gods to see if maybe one of them had a secret reincarnation, which led me to find this:

Kofuku has two extra plaques instead of just one and, similarly to Take’s plaque, both of hers are facing away too. Could Kofuku have reincarnated twice before? Could the plaques facing away mean something? Could reincarnation become a huge plot point in the future? I honestly don’t know. I could be reading this completely wrong, or none of these images are meant interpreted in anyway at all.  

Another detail I noticed:

Nora’s plaque has no string attached to it. Trashdad’s, however, does. 

Both Nora and Fujisaki are currently unknown entities whom we only have theories of what they could possibly be. The fact that Nora’s has no string while Fujisaki’s does seems to point towards something.

All of this is just observations and half-baked speculation, so I could be completely wrong on all accounts. 

Monsta X Ideal Type - Wonho

This is completely my own opinion as well as the things Wonho has said on interviews, magazines, and variety shows. However, these may not be true. Not everything on the internet is true. If you’re going to request any personality MTL dating kind of thing, refer back to these posts. And for sake of not hurting and/or offending others, detailed physical descriptions will not be given (height, weight, ethnicity, race, etc.).

  • So, this fluffy bunny looks for someone he can depend on, no matter the situation
    • He’s quite playful and easy-going, so he’s looking for someone who’s the same
    • Possibly an ambivert
    • To get this out of the way too, he can drift away from reality sometimes, meaning he’s imaginative, so if someone could make sure he doesn’t fly away completely like when you let go out of a balloon cry for two hours, that’d be great
  • Someone smart and independent
    • I believe a person who is well-educated and stays updated on current news as well
    • Who appreciates culture, spreads awareness, and does little things to make the world better
    • Like volunteering, helping one another, or wearing bracelets and pins that signify Breast Cancer, MIA, POW, etc. 
    • Just things like that because it shows thoughtfulness and a will to make the world better like I said
  • Wonho would like them to maintain themselves and their image quite well
    • I interpret this as being calm under pressure or during serious situations
    • Acknowledges their actions and thinks things through before acting
    • Who isn’t two-faced and keeps a wonderful personality both in and out
    • Speaks about their problems rather than bottling it in
    • Also, they make time for their friends and family
  • Someone who has good manners
    • Respects other people
    • Avoids racism, stereotypes, and thinks before they say
    • Common sense and courtesy of others
  • According to Jooheon, he says Wonho would best suit with someone who has a strong heart, probably someone who could lead well in the relationship– fill in the gaps he can’t
    • Who could wipe off his tears when he gets emotional
    • Always there for him and most-likely like a mom
    • Kind of
  • Understands his passion for music and how much he loves the people around him, especially his mom and his fans
    • A person who’s family-oriented and even if they don’t have that great of a relationship with their family, they make an effort to making it better
    • Puts effort into everything they do
    • Even if it doesn’t come out the way they intended it to
  • All in all, as long as they’re genuine, independent, can cook ramen well, considerate, witty, and is very understanding, you got yourself a boyfriend.

Admin Mochi

I don’t wanna spam the submit box too much, but I really need help. I’m in a rough spot and I can’t afford my very vital medications. So here’s what I have for sale:

-feathers, teeth, bones, and skulls from animals
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-herbs (just ask and I might have it)
-whole rose buds, petals, and leaves
-a plethora of graveyard dirt, from different sources for different purposes
-a bunch of books

and you can refer to the image below. I also interpret dreams, scry, do pendulum readings, and read tea leaves.

if you’re not interested in buying anything, please reblog the post anyway? thank you all in advance

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This is one of my favorite pieces of art. It’s by an incredible artist named Colin Quashie (Full disclosure: Colin Quashie is one of my best friends living on the third rock from the sun)

The piece is entitled Responsibility. I’ve owned this painting for 15+ years. It always amazes me to hear what people see. Some think it’s a man walking away from his family, but there’s nothing on the canvas to suggest that these people know each other. They could be strangers passing by. Some people think it’s a woman taking her life back from the oppressive confines of an abusive relationship. There are so many ways to interpret the images. 

I’ve heard Quashie lecture about Responsibility many times. For him, art is about process and product. The process is defined by why. Why did he paint this image and call it Responsibility? Why did he use those colors? 

The product is defined by everyone. Ultimately, Quashie’s personal process is irrelevant. The viewer has the right to define what they see for themselves. Quashie’s role as the creator is not more important or more relevant than the viewer’s. 

The role of art is to communicate, not dictate. The creator will never control what the audience sees or how they respond. The audience takes what they want. They don’t need permission. They are not right or wrong. That’s the beauty of art. That’s the beauty of being a fan. There’s room for all of us. All of our feelings and opinions are valid as long as we don’t try and dictate to others how they should feel. 

If the creator can’t dictate, then neither can the fan. Both sides struggle with that reality. That’s why I troll. How can you not laugh at the human condition? We all get so worked up. We scream, we yell, we cry, we laugh, we love, we hate and eventually we die. I choose to laugh as much as possible before the grim reaper knocks on my door. Nobody lies on their death bed and says, “you know, I really laughed and loved too much. I really should have hated more.”

And so, I troll on:)

Welcome to the 4th round of the Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge!

I’m really excited to announce that Panic! At The Disco Creations Challenge is now open again! And this month theme is Song lyrics!


  • Anyone can enter!
  • Entries include, but are not limited to: edits, fanart, gifsets, fanfic, lyric edits, audio edits, videos, basically any kind of original content! Get creative!
  • CONTENT MUST BE ORIGINAL. Photosets will be accepted as long as the photos have been edited in some way.


  • Reblog this post until May 1st.
  • Send us an ask saying “participating for May” (please note if you are participating from a side blog!)
  • Not required: follow this blog/track the tag #patdcc if you want to see what other participants post!


  • Once the entry period is over, you will be sent an ask with your prompt for the month!
  • Your work must reflect the prompt and you cannot ask for a new one, that’s part of the challenge!
  • Be creative! Use whatever images, lyrics, or interpretations you’d like!
  • Post your work before the deadline of May 31st and list #patdcc in the first 5 tags.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted unless you message us first.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send an ask here!

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I don't want this question to be misread cuz I don't even care about ship drama and am more than happy Touka and Kaneki are together, but on Ishida's new art about the hand with the v, do you think it could be hide?

Nah, if Ishida wanted to hint it was Hide wouldn’t a ‘I’ be more fitting, for the Magician? 

The image is one that exudes an aura of peace, relaxation and tenderness that is savagely undercut by two things that strike you as very wrong with the image: firstly, the carved V on the wrist of the hand; secondly, the black bile trickling down Kaneki’s left eye. We already know what the latter symbolises. 

In reality it’s the deep crimson of blood, but much his blood-soaked hair at the end of the Rose Arc, the important thing is that the manga format presents it to the reader as black. The familiar black shadow of tragedy leaking from Kaneki’s body like a reminder that it’s not quite over yet. Recently we’ve had similar imagery from Furuta’s end, only where Kaneki has droplets, Furuta is drowned - he has become tragedy itself.

So, we have a tender image that is undercut from Kaneki’s end by his ever-present fear of his rapid ageing and nearing demise. Given that the past couple of chapters have been focusing on Kaneki and Touka’s relationship and the obvious comfort they have found in each other, I think it’s very likely that the arm is Touka’s. Additionally, the sea blue at the bottom of the image, the bubbles to the left, and the bright light towards the top remind me very much of 125. But like the blood from Kaneki’s eye forewarning future calamity, the V on Touka’s wrist hints at a possible future abduction by that very organisation, possibly because of Hajime, or even death at their hands like Ukina before her - although, because I think :re corrects the mistakes made in the past, I think that while it may skirt around it, it won’t actually come to that. The ‘Traitor Touka’ theorists undoubtedly use this image to bolster their argument, but I’ve already said what I think about that.

But then there’s the possibility that the V is not for the organisation, but the fifth Tarot card displayed upright - The Hierophant. The upright Hierophant often represents institutions, which also makes sense as Touka has cemented his aims as One-Eyed King and Kaneki is doubtless worried for the future of Goat if he dies prematurely as the bleeding eye indicates. Touka is also the mother of Goat, having set up :re in the first place, and has been displaying her authority and care in the recent raid. But it’s the way the V is cut into the flesh that makes me doubt this interpretation. The image is so violent that it makes me favour the former, although there’s no reason why both can’t be correct. V may even be named such because it’s an excellent representation of the Hierophant, not only a rigid institution in itself but one that keeps the whole of society in check.

So, as always, let’s lose our minds with worry over Touka. She’s been doing well so far! Stay safe out there young rabbit.