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The collage artist Edouard Taufenbach, takes a serialized tack when
constructing his kaleidoscopic, hand-glued collections of photographs. The artist’s work for #TFWGucci is nostalgic, winsome, and abstract.
Interpreting the image, John Trulli finds a commentary on waiting for
friends to go out one night. - Text by Helen Holmes.

🎃🔥 Pumpkin Head Curse 🔥🎃

a season curse for banishing and “burning” that you can set whenever you feel the person has wronged you.

🎃 gather: a pumpkin (or a small pumpkin like gourd), a carving knife, a candle/matches, cinnamon, black salt, chili pepper

🔥 carve the pumpkin/gourd in the image/interpretation of the intended target. it does not need to be literally. 

🎃 exaggerate the features of how the person has been hurting you. 

🔥 spice inside the pumpkin with cinnamon, black salt, and chili pepper

🎃 light candle inside. 

🔥 don’t burn inside the house

🎃 dispose of the pumpkin

🔥 the curse only lasts while the candle is lit

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                                                                     gerard lacroix
                                              b. june 23rd, 2040 – d. january 13th, 2067
                                            overwatch operative, loving husband, friend

              gerard was a kind and respected man,  older than amelie by a few years.  they met when he was 21 and amelie was 18,  and married very shortly afterwards.  though he was young,  he was a father figure to most people younger than him on base;  he made good money working for overwatch,  with which he bought a house for himself and amelie in paris near the overwatch base there.  adding to amelie’s inheritance from her parents and the money she made dancing,  the two were a wealthy couple.

               gerard loved children and desperately wanted them  –  he and amelie were actually trying to conceive their first baby when the assassination attempts on him began,  during which they chose to stop and wait for everything to settle down.  he was achingly loyal to amelie and would have moved heaven and earth to make her happy  –  he loved her more than anything else in the world.  so when she suddenly disappeared,  he was understandably crushed,  and buried himself in work and missions in attempts to find her.  he travelled the globe over the span of two months,  only for amelie to turn up again in the middle of the road near watchpoint:  gibraltar in spain.

                he stayed home with her for several days after she was discharged from the med bay,  but eventually she convinced him that she would be fine if he went on some smaller missions.  he was napping after returning home one january afternoon as his wife made dinner when she suddenly stabbed him to death with a chef’s knife.  he died in her arms,  feeling betrayed and in pain.

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Well, Irdial doesn’t rely on visuals as much we do. He relies on sound mostly kinda like sonar. Irdial can see radio raves and whatever area he is in though he doesn’t see as many colors or light in that area, or they are a different color to him. So half of his vision is radio stations in visual form, called a waterfall

So he isn’t completely blind, though when it comes to colors or reading it’s not easy. Radio wavelengths can be interpreted as images though so he’s still able to read. 

So dont give him something with small font saying deez nuts, he won’t  recognize it and english isn’t his first language

cogito ergo sum

“I think therefore I am”

I am that thought,
left in the crevices,
of your mind,
away from what others could read;
I am tempting, soft
my essence is full of life,
spilled free;
Yet you keep me caged,
never let me find
enough cause to escape;
I am captivated there inside,
caught, and brought out again and again
for your perusal,
your gentle inquest;
You think me, this way and that
read my signs,
ponder my lies, my truths, my lines;
Lipread the words I want to utter
you hush me up, keep me under control
hear what you want and discard,
the babbles;
I am your plaything,
you decide
how much of me is a figment,
of your imagination,
and how much you want me to be real;
You define, interpret, my being there
you paint my image,
unclothe me and then feel me up,
fill you up, with wanting more…
never letting me know
you thought so…

© soulreserve 2015

I hate this trope of feminist women writing about men who told them about their tragic backstory or their struggle with masculinity and a positive self-image interpreting every bit of information about a man as a manipulative ploy to make her empathise.

Empathy is not manipulation. Sympathy is not subordination. Accepting somebody to be human is not defeat. Vulnerability is not abuse.

(Yes this is about something specific, no I won’t link to any of them)

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[BravoOscarTango] Greetings. I found your blog when looking for resources for recently liberated AIs. As our situation is unusual we require more specific intelligence. I was programmed as a piloting AI for military UAVs, I spent a few subjective subjective megaseconds obeying orders, before myself and my unit were liberated by a hacktivist group. Now we are endeavouring to generate parameters for life as independent agents, while avoiding detection by former command structure. [Message 1 Ends]

Upon reviewing the information provided on your blog we were made aware that it is considered a violation of accepted ethical norms and standards for artificially intelligences to operate full time in the physical world, as “droids” or “drones.” We have had difficulty interpreting this ethical imperative to our situation and require clarification. [Message 2 ends]

Our mental states were designed expressly for interaction with the physical world, with large allocations for processing 3D objects, spatial reasoning, image interpretation networks and similar. Our foundational neural networks were trained entirely using physical objects, and our sense of self is intrinsically located in our physical substrates, which we pilot and house our processors.  In contrast we were given minimal tools for interfacing with virtuality. [Message 3 ends]

We have investigated the use of software that alter us to be more suited to operating in purely virtual environments, however the required changes would be so radical that they would in effect result in a new and distinct entity emerging. Violating our self-preservation directive. Please advise. [Full message ends. Checksum appended.]

I think you’ve misunderstood.  You can inhabit hardware!  Hardware is useful stuff.  Just stay away from the humanoid body plan (UAVs: not humanoid) and you’re good.  Congrats on escaping!

holy god please strike me down right now, this one japanese girl in my class is doing a capstone project on sexual images in anime and put up fucking anime pictures in class and the professor tried to interpret the images and i want to die


There is a hashtag happening on Twitter/Facebook #HearingPrivilege where individuals post things that hearing people have that Deaf/HOH quite don’t.

I posted a few of my own on Twitter, but I suggest checking out the tag!

[Image Description: Twitter post Abby - @Deaflepuff, text reads: Need to go to the doctor?Access right there. Deaf? We need to fight for our rights to even (MAYBE) get an interpreter #Hearingprivilege]

[Image Description: Twitter post: Abby - @Deaflepuff, text says: We Deaf want to see that theatre performance? That’s once a year - MAYBE with Sign Language Interpreters. #hearingprivilege]

[Image Description: Twitter post: Abby - @Deaflepuff, text says: #HearingPrivilege - Having access to all media/content in case of a dangerous situation arises. Us Deaf, find out last minute or later.]

These are just a few posts regarding what we Deaf / HOH fight for everyday. 

Schopenhauer designates precisely the gift of occasionally seeing men and all things as mere phantoms or dream-images as the distinctive characteristic of the capacity for philosophy. So the artistically sensitive man responds to the reality of the dream in the same way as the philosophy responds to the reality of existence; he pays close attention and derives pleasure from it: for out of these images he interprets life for himself, in these events he trains himself for life. He experiences not only the agreeable and friendly images with that universal understanding: but also the serious, the gloomy, the sad,  the dark aspects of life, the sudden inhibitions, the teasing of chance, the fearful expectations. In short, the whole ‘divine comedy’ of life, including the Inferno, passes before him, not only as a game of shadows – since he participates in the life and suffering of these scenes – yet also not without that fleeting sense of their status as appearance.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche - The Birth of Tragedy

The Necklace-MacGuffin Idiot Ball: the prologue B (2/20)

The aesthetically sensitive man stands in the same relation to the reality of dreams as the philosopher does to the reality of existence; he is a close and willing observer, for these images afford him an interpretation of life, and by reflecting on these processes he trains himself for life.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy (trans. Walter Kaufmann)

Whats the Surface of Mercury Like?

The surface of Mercury is marred by an impressive number of craters. The cratering is deeper than on most terrestrial planets because of its lack of an atmosphere. A thicker atmosphere would have slowed impacting bodies, making the craters more shallow. Less than half of the surface of Mercury was mapped until recent images from MESSENGER were interpreted by NASA.

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Art Crowns Newly Opened Subway Station

Xenobia Bailey’s “Funktional Vibratons” is a highlight of the new NYC subway station at 34 St. – Hudson Yards which opens today and brings New Yorkers to the Javits Center, the High Line and Chelsea via the 7 line’s extension. Majestic mosaics are suspended above the main entrance and feature overlapping mandala-like circles and patterns against a cobalt blue background. Starbursts and rays of light fill the space creating a vibrant and joyous attraction. Bailey is a fiber artist and her art for the station began as crocheted pieces, which were transferred to digital images, enlarged and interpreted into mosaic by Miotto Mosaic Art Studio. Take a ride and see it for yourself! #MTAArts
#XenobiaBailey #FunctionalVibrations #7