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when your essay didn’t save

when your friend gets anon hate

when your phone runs out of juice

when your NOTP gets together

when you fail to make pandas go extinct

when you spill drink on your favourite shirt

when you’re stuck behind a slow walker

when your friend won’t stop trolling you

when a family member says something racist/sexist/homophobic

when a single panda stops you from taking over China

when you get sent spam

when your earphones won’t work

when you’re just done in general

Collecting the Past
Scholars’ Taste in Chinese Art
Free exhibition open until 22 Oct 2017

This is an ink painting by Chinese artist Fu Baoshi (1904–1965) showing a scholar artist in his studio. Fu Baoshi was a scholar painter and art historian. He studied Western and Japanese art in Tokyo where he developed his own style based on a fusion of Western realism and traditional brushwork. His work expressed a personal taste for subjects drawn from Chinese poets of the past.

You can see it on display in our new free Chinese Paintings Gallery exhibition ‘Collecting the Past’ which explores the tradition of aesthetic taste, collecting the past, and the values of the Chinese literati who governed China for more than ten centuries. The paintings by scholar artists represent lyrical themes: wandering in nature, strolling in mountains, visiting friends and writing poems. 

Image © Fu Baoshi estate

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Barry runs into star labs: Yo Cisco whats up.

Cisco: We have an adorable emergency.

Barry: Why whats wrong?

Cisco: *ducks under a table and pulls out a puppy and smiles devilishly.* so heres the deal, I might have been experimenting with some beta waves and antimatter and well. This happened.* shrugs*

Barry: Cisco I don’t get it. Where is Y/n weren’t they supposed to be helping you?

Cisco: See thats the thing, *hands you over to barry* Here.

Barry: *gif* No way

Cisco: Yes way.

Barry: How are we going to change them back? Would I have to take her home? Oh god Joe is going to flip.

Cisco: I really don’t know, but for now you better stock up on dog treats!


Kyoshi - Sprite Character

This is Kyoshi. She was meant to star in a side scroller beat em up / jump n run game. I don’t know if the game will ever happen so in the mean time Kyoshi is bored and looking for action in another game project! She is 32 pixels tall and full of action. She is well trained in martial arts and comes with a range of cool kicks as seen in the preview images.


North Pole - Mars Express

by Justin Cowart
Mars Express HRSC image of the Martian north pole, along with water ice clouds streaming south across Borealis Planitia. This color composite uses images taken through HRSC’s blue, green, and panchromatic filters. This image set was taken on March 17, 2010, during the spacecraft’s 7950th orbit of Mars. This image has been heavily processed to align the images from this observation, which were distorted by the method by which HRSC takes pictures. The geometric corrections and color should be relatively accurate to what a human eye would have seen. Image Credit: ESA / DLR / FU Berlin / Justin Cowart