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Today I went to the National Gallery and saw the Degas exhibition from the Burrell collection in Glasgow “Draw in in Colour”.

From his drawings, pastels and oil pieces of modern (for him) Paris to his almost voyeouristic nudes and of course his wonderful dancers, I got to see his unique and masterful use of pastel and the way he cropped images to make them feel like a fast snap before photography even tried that.

And a lot of ballet, of course.

commission for @burnthoneyy !!! thank u so much for commissioning me!!

(my commissions are closed at the moment!)

please do not repost as this was a commission and would be disrespectful to both me and the commissioner!

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


scanned and colored sketches/studies bc i’m still getting used to drawing the kiddos