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Hey,what's the brush that you used for the third version of Magikarp?

Oh hay! I actually used a set of 3 brushes for all three images, but applied them differently to achieve different effects.

In short, these are the brushes that I’ve been using since 2016.

1. My blocking brush. It has a sharp, crisp edge. In the settings, I set the opacity jitter to 25%. This way, when I use the brush at 70% opacity (which I do most of the time), it will give me a slightly textured block.

2. The same brush but scattered like crazy. This is what I use for blending.

3. Also the same brush, with a more controlled scattering. I use this to create rougher edges, which look more natural in realistic images than a solid edge.

Now, what matters more is how I use these brushes.

1. Standard blocking with my “solid” brush. You can see in the background that I’m getting the slightly textured look that I like.

2. I blend the rough blocks with my scatter brush. I normally use it at a small size, so that you see it as a nice, grainy texture.

3. I refine the edges and create minute details around the eyes and whiskers with my rough brush.

4. Fine-tuning the outer edges of the forehead and creating sharper highlight with the blocking brush used at a smaller size.

Of course, my usual working process is much longer than this. But this should show how I achieved the effect with those 3 brushes. 

Now, if you think these 3 images look very different, it’s because I used the brushes differently. (go here for the original post)

Left: I blended the colors with the scatter brush at a lower opacity, so I got the softer blending. Then I used my solid brush to create the solid outlines to give the image a crisp look.

Center: The solid brush clearly dominates here, but the blending method is roughly the same.

Right: Very minimum use of sharp lines and most of the image is dominated by scatter brush-blending of contrasting red, yellow, and white.

When used in a certain way, the brushes can also achieve quick environmental effects like this one minute-cloud.

Unfortunately, I must admit my brushes aren’t perfect. I struggle at achieving some effects that I need for my work, but I’m always strapped for time and can usually get away with this rough look. At some point in the future, I want to refine my technique further though. But for now, I’d rather not share these brushes because they’re not without issues.

Maybe, after knowing my thought process, you can come up with your own brushes that are more suitable to your working style? I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Talk to me if you have suggestions, criticisms, or questions!

Anyway, if you think I’ll finish this post without a fish pun, you’re gravely mistaken.

TOP TEN IOS APPS by bree celestudials 

like many other students, i use my iphone for many purposes, including studying! a few of the apps i’m going to recommend here are classics, but most are more obscure to avoid giving repetitive information. all of them help me cope better with daily life, academic or otherwise. listed with their names and a description of their function. every app is free!

google calendar, google docs, & google drive

condensed to one point because they really go hand in hand, google’s organizational apps are a must-have for any student. syncing across multiple devices, with convenient organizational categories, they are most effective when used together.


my favorite method of communication, discord is a chat app that far outstrips skype. it has text chat, voice call, and a video calling function is in beta right now. it has custom roles and emojis, and server management and nicknaming is much easier than ever before. despite being advertised as “chat for gamers,” it’s really for everyone!


this studyblr staple is a great tool for on-the-go language learning. it partners with the duolingo website, and offers a vast variety of languages with customized learning paths. quiz yourself on the bus, or study during lunch: duolingo is here!

paper by 53

paper is a note-taking alternative for the creative mind; it has a word processing function, and it also offers a digital sketchpad. if you want to switch fast between doodling and writing, i recommend paper.


a classic calming app, viridi is a game where the player cultivates a bowl full of succulents in more or less real time. it’s always calming for me to check in on my plants and water them, but be warned that just like real succulents, they can die! nevertheless, i recommend viridi to anyone with anxiety or a busy schedule; it’s a quiet, meditative space that gives you room to breathe.


a great music app for making playlists. it doesn’t host all youtube videos, but it allows you to do custom playlist cover art and titles, and it has free unlimited listening (unlike 8tracks). i’m celestudial on there; come say hi!


this app works in conjunction with onenote on windows, and is a great word processor and place to take notes. it does autocapitalize, which i’ve found to be somewhat annoying, but other than that its function is pretty much flawless!


VSCO is a popular studyblr app; it’s a photo editor that produces crisp, professional images. use it to adjust your studyspo pictures to your liking, or to filter a selfie! it has many potential uses, especially for the artistically inclined.

i love fur

this one’s a little different: it’s a game app where you have to play with different textures of touch-sensitive fur. i find it very engaging and soothing, and it’s very helpful for my sensory issues.

clue (period tracker)

clue is a period tracking app, one of the more discreet that i’ve seen around. it allows you to keep track of your cycle, warns you when your next period should be coming, and it isn’t covered in pink and gendered symbolism for those of you (like me!) who have periods but aren’t female.

that’s all! if there are issues with any of these, my inbox is open. if this helped you, please let me know/tag me in a post. here are my other masterposts; go forth and achieve!

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Hello! Can tell please how do you stroke the white near the liner and very thin on the edges, is it a feature of your brushes? I hope I clearly put it .. sorry !!

It’s from a filter from Photoshop called sharpen! Here it is:

You can adjust the amount and radius to get sharper and crisp image!

I think it become more visible when the image is resized smaller afterwards!

I hope this helps!

Tfw you can’t tell if the terrible glitching and lagging in the new Twin Peaks episodes are from your $40 laptop struggling to play video or if it’s just David Lynch being David Lynch.


The proof is here!  These pictures were taken with my phone so they’re not super clear, but the book colours and images are all very crisp!  The printers did a great job!  There was one page missing, so they’re sending another proof today.  Should get here by the end of the week, and once that’s approved the final product will be shipped!  I’m so excited to get these beautiful books out to all of you, thank you for your patience!


As soon as I laid eyes on @ask-royai-lty piece with Roy and Riza as Fuhrer and First Lady I had  to write about it. omg. It’s a lot longer than I thought it would be. But it’s fluffy and cute. and I hope you like it! 

“I don’t understand why I have to wear a suit and tie.”

She arranged his bowtie as he fidgeted uncomfortably. “Because you happen to be the highest ranking officer in the country and, sometimes, you have to look nice.”

“I look nice in the standard uniform, as well. All of this would look better if we weren’t in the picture at all. I bet that stunning dress looks more stunning on the floor.” She forcefully nudged his shoulder.

“Please behave. This is what you wanted,” She said, smirking at his immaturity.

He looked pensive. “I recall you wanting this too.”

“For you.”

”Us.” He emphasized, nodding. “Yes, I wanted to lead the country, give hope, and help the those who are looked down on. But I didn’t mean taking stuffy pictures for fluff pieces in the paper and sitting still for a portrait to go up in Central Command.”

“It’s part of the job description. As usual, you didn’t read between the lines before you signed.” She reminded him mockingly. “Fluff pieces are great way to reach out to all the citizens of Amestris who don’t live near Central, or so says your public relations officer.”

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Embalming Fluid - a new addition to the Macabre & Noir Collection of perfumes by Siren Song Elixirs

This fragrance is inspired by Embalming Fluid, a mortician’s elixir used to preserve cadavers, sometimes only until the funeral, other times indefinitely. While no one wants to smell of formaldehyde, this fragrance evokes images of crisp and clean notes, calming and relaxing, with just enough mint and floral notes upon a bed of smooth tea leaves to mask not so pleasant odors.

Fragrance - Bright, clean notes of green and white teas lend an aura of calm to the fresh note accord of french lime, spearmint, and peppermint. Base notes of damp fern and eucalyptus add warmth to the crispness and subtle hints of white florals are a last kiss for the departed.

Key Notes - Green tea, White tea, French lime, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Peppermint, White floral, Ferns


Thank you @vosplay for the idea and template to do this! ♥

I redrew your adorable Makkachin just to ensure a crisp image but oh my god he’s perfect! Unfortunately my iron was a little too hot and discolored the cutie’s body under the pocket :(

looks can kill (and you’d slay the entire damn globe)

Rating: T

Pairing: Namjin

Summary: Pseudo-hipster Polaroid fashion fanatic meets an international model renowned as the “third guy from the left” and for stepping out of a car. In short, Goodwill meets Gucci.

“For the last time, it’s pronounced Alexander McQueen and not Alexander Mack Quin. I don’t even speak English,” Jimin said as he stared earnestly at the developing film, the fifth try.

Namjoon huddled next to him, trying to get a closer look at the credit card-sized Polaroid. Somehow both were convinced that it would be the best Kim Daily yet. In seconds, the image was crisp. Jimin’s skills had greatly improved since he held the black camera, pictures going from off-centered blurs to photographs worthy of magazine spreads. The platinum blond patted his friend’s back, proud of the result.

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