Okay so it’s pretty much an indisputable fact that the Image Sonic Crossover special of yesteryear was pretty much shit. The art was ugly, the writing was horrible, and the crossover itself was pretty much all just a means for Ken Penders to get a fancy commercial for The Lost Ones. These are all objective truths. 

That being said… I really do like this picture.

There’s something very sweet about Amy Rose encountering the hulking, scary looking ‘superhero’ The Maxx (from the Image comic of the same name, and one of the few intelligently written books from the early days), and rather than being afraid just, just offers him a flower, while Maxx himself seems pleased if a bit nonplussed.

What really sells it if you know Image characters is the fact that the blonde girl sitting on Max is Julie, his friend/caretaker, is smiling gently at this display. Julie is normally a very cynical woman with a bevy of (very justified) personal issues, yet when confronted with such an innocent, childish display of friendship, she drops her usual demeanor in favor of a warm, if subdued, smile. 

For me there’s something very appealing about a pair who come from a fairly grim setting coming across someone from a much lighter and softer franchise, and them being touched by such an innocent and friendly gesture from someone who should be rather frightened of them.

It doesn’t begin to make up for the fact that that whole book was a pile of puke, but all the same… it IS rather nice to see. 

A Brief Image Comics Retrospective: Growing Pains

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I like the nineties. It’s not merely the wanking weeping thought of being younger. The nineties, in my eyes, were splattered with colour, dynamism and a sense of utter novelty.

Everywhere I walked, my kiddie-pace was anointed with 2Pac, Ace of Base and Dr. Alban. Blasting on my shiny Walkman cassette player; still to this day, on an MP3 player also called Walkman. You could call me a thrall to nostalgia, but I suppose we all have our moments. Likewise, we all got to grow and see this landscape changing before our eyes.

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10 great cartoonists you need to know: Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and once more, we’re celebrating with a list that spotlights the work of 10 fantastic cartoonists. While some exceptional female names are already on comics fans’ radars—such as Fiona Staples, Emily Carroll,Kate Beaton, Jillian Tamaki, Raina Telgemeier, Eleanor Davis, Meredith Gran,Emma Rios, Noelle Stevenson, and more—the purpose of this list is to gather interesting and exceptional contemporary cartoonists who readers may not be familiar with.

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Why 'Scott Pilgrim' Creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's Future Protagonists Will Be Mixed Race
After "Scott Pilgrim" featured a mostly white cast, O'Malley vowed that his future protagonists would be mixed race.

“Honestly, when I saw the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ movie it was kind of appalling to see just how white it was — to not even really see myself represented on the screen. I’ve sometimes joked that 'Scott Pilgrim’ is my fantasy of being a cute white indie rock boy (which, as an ostracized mixed-race weirdo, was something I occasionally wished for when I was younger). I guess I whitewashed myself out of my own story, and I got what I deserved.”


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