image by nick the barbarian

I dunno about you, but when the weekend comes, I just want to take off my face and giggle at all the terrible nonsense we make each other do.

On Friday several vultures landed across the street. Someone had pulled a large dead fish out of the canal and left it on the sidewalk. The vultures were circling low and fast.

When the large black birds swooped in low overhead I got a real caveman thrill out it. I started jumping up and down and screaming, “Yeah, motherfucker! Yeah! Darkness! Black! Black Wings! Black wings fall down around us all. Fuck yeah, bitch!” When I looked at all the silver SUV’s in the parking lot, I realized the parents were here to pick up there kids from kindergarten. Me being their teacher and all…

Wow, people are like really uptight.

Anyway, sometimes I wonder about god, like whats his/her/its deal? Is god some kinda fucking pervert? Is god just stroking it the whole time we crawl outta the primordial soup or that time when we dropped the nuclear bomb.

Or maybe god is so full of life, death, and the cosmos that he/she/it is really into all the boring shit we do. Maybe God is just getting off on watching us sit on the couch watching home improvement shows.

God has gotta be into some weird shit, right?