Parallel Worlds of City Rain Reflections in Toronto

Each picture can tell its own story, if you have the right angle and approach. Through his Instagram,Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz wants to show that we can make good pictures without needing a professional camera. During a trip in Toronto, he shared city views that he calls Parallel Worlds : he captures the reflection of buildings and passer-by through water puddles that we can see after the rain.


Beautiful Natural Women Digital Paintings

Krisztian Tejfel is a Hungarian painter and photographer. He mostly paints women’s portrait, often leaving his creations with the look of a “work unfinished”. He is educated in traditional painting and began exploring digital painting a few years ago. First he starts sketching the face of the woman with a pencil, then he adds details and colors digitally. His female portraits are characterized by their melancholic look with a pinch of surrealism.

Hey guys! Just wanted to share some news. Gemini issue 5 is complete! Yes… The 5th and final issue is done and you’ll be able to read it soon.
What is Gemini? A comic book series that I worked on with my buddy @jay_faerber and we published it through @imagecomics
Keep an eye out for more Gemini news over the next few weeks and months as we work out details for its release. I’m proud of this one, so I hope you can all check it out! #Gemini #comics #image