Otayuri Week 2017, Day 6: Pair Skate or Rivalry

I decided to give art a try and go back to my drawing days. Some traditional art with watercolors for today’s prompt (I haven’t consistently drawn or painted in years and it shows, please forgive me). No matter how much anatomy knowledge I’ve absorbed from college, I couldn’t do Otabek’s jaw justice OTL. I googled pair skating pics and selected this pose because I loved it. I sort of like how it turned out. Just sort of. But especially Yuri’s face.

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Some of the random stuff I’ve done at work during the school holidays! Navvy’s wife (the people who built the Fort I work in), Victorian Drill Sergeant, Roman Centurion, the widow from the village who goes to the fort at Christmas to help Sergeant Dobson cook the Christmas feast, The Inspector and Sergeant Snelly (mostly known as Smelly for the benefit of making the kids laugh) when we investigated the mysterious disappearance of one of the navvies and Bill the navvy. This doesn’t include when I’ve been Guy Fawkes’ accomplice, a member of the Fort Nelson Time Team (archeologist) or a Victorian school teacher and this only covers the random fun we have during the holidays.