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I think it’s worth emphasizing that not only do cheesecake designs on serious characters insult the audience - they represent massive missed opportunities.  Every time a company decides to go with “sex sells” instead of a solid design it means that all kinds of great potential is flushed away sight unseen.

- wincenworks

A quick reality check on the fact that every lazy “sex sells” female* character design accounts for another wasted chance for greatness.


*Not to say that male characters don’t fall victims to creative bankruptcy in their own right, but they still manage to have A LOT more cliches and archetypes to choose from and not be reduced to fap fodder by default.


Wonder Woman will get changes of clothes!  This is genuinely revolutionary… now let’s just hope it’s an actual full-body, protective dive suit and not a bikini with a snorkel.  Dive suits tend to be naturally sexy on their own, and have great action potential - like that time Gina Carano beat up Ewan MacGregor:


Do not stress yourself out by trying to live up to a “sexy” image.  Everyone in this world is as sexy as they want to be, the self image you have of yourself is dependent on you, so being sexy to me is being confident, progressive, kind, knowledgeable, smart, respectful, and having the ability to present yourself in your ideal way. In that sense I think we are all sexy if we want to be. The sexiest thing is to be able to see yourself that way. Take care of yourself, be healthy, value knowledge and education, and don’t be dispirited by constantly looking at yourself through the eyes of others.