Note: This is the thing I was so excited about yesterday!  The lovely, amazing, awesome, talented @rgbcn has done her magic and drawn me some great fan art to go with this story.  I’m a little starstruck, to be honest.  I hope you enjoy!

“See?  I told you kite battles could be fun,” Sheldon told his girlfriend as he stood behind her with her hands in his as he guided her kite.  Amy didn’t care about battling with anyone.  Instead she was happier that Sheldon was pressed against her as he showed her the correct form.

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Item #92 (IMAGE): It’s the era of streaming media! But you have scads of obsolete technology clogging your closets/attics/garage. Take your old VHS tapes, CD-Roms, decommissioned cell phones, powercords that have nothing to power, and create - and model - a haute couture look worthy of a fashion show. Pose wearing your masterpiece (as if you were a mannequin) in a shop window next to actual mannequins wearing ordinary clothes . - Monica Duff & Olivia Desianti