Item #89 (IMAGE): Submit two images, side by side: The first photo is a close up of just your face and head with a garland of fresh flowers on your head. The second photo takes advantage of your talents as a highly skilled hair and makeup artist: it is the same person, wardrobe, framing, and lighting as the first photo, but this time you have aged. You are 95 years old and the garland of flowers have long-since wilted and died.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: two images side-by-side, of the same person making the same pose, pictured from the chest up. In both images she is wearing a blue dress and flower garlands on her head and the top of her dress, and is standing in front of a backdrop of plants/leaves. On the left image she has blue hair and the flower garlands are in full bloom. On the right image she has white hair, the flowers in the garlands have died, and she is wearing makeup to give her an aged, skeletal appearance with cracked skin and lips, sunken cheeks, and dark circles around the eyes.]

Here’s the cover I did for the other comic I have coming out in November. GEMINI. Published by Image Comics. Written and co-created by my old pal @jay_faerber - This trade collects issues 1-5 (the complete series), and it will have a chunky bonus sketch section in the back. I really hope you guys will check this one out! #Gemini #comics #image

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