Out of sight: the orphanages where disabled children are abandoned
NGO Disability Rights International has campaigned for institutions to be closed for years but despite progress, there are still shocking instances of abuse
By Naomi Larsson

[Image: A black and white photograph of a person in a wheelchair reaching towards the camera. They are in front of a blank wall and window.]

Harley Quinn #2

Imagine sharing a cell with Harley Quinn

The sun shined through the two of your cell, Harley hung from the top of the cell from her sheets. You knew breakfast was coming up and the two of you loved messing with Griggs, 

“Come here (Y/N).” Harley said and you walked in front of her; she smirked deviously and pulled you into a spiderman (oops wrong universe) kiss. This didn’t bother you cause she did this all the time.A low buzz was heard and you knew what she had been planning; the two of you kind of just kissed nearly began making out but someone cleared their throat. You two pulled away and looked the person, it was Griggs, 

“Don;t mind me, continue.” he said with a smirk;you smirk and saunter over, Harley following behind you, The two of you taking the bars, 

“You know the rules, you’ve got keep off these bars.” he said two the two of you, 

“You mean these bars?” you question as Harley licked the bars.

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Griggs chuckled at what she did, 

“Light’em up.” he said and the bars were electrified. Harley was sent flying buck and onto the ground, you were shocked but that stopped bothing you after while. This was just a normal day in Harley Quinn’s cell.