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The Heroic Legend of Arslan’s Pharangese before and after the publishers change (from Kadokawa Shoten to Koubunsha) back in 2003.

Pharangese’s anime and manga version has appeared before in BABD with a comparison between the two versions available, so I thought that it was worthy to make a similar case with the novels… More so because it seems to be one of the reasons for the abysmal differences between them.

This fantasy saga is one of the most beloved in Japan. Back in 1988, it had some wonderful warrior women’s despictions (cover of the left), but the dream met its end tragically when Arslan Senki changed publishers and a new artist was hired to create the covers.

From then onwards, the lady that once was an example to follow became just one more in the long list of warrior women with outfits that are everything less practical or protective. Hell, I don’t know how does she even move without a boob popping out!

And I can’t help to wonder… why was this necessary? They were already big sellers and even if an artwork update could be in order, I can’t see any need to put the fanservice. More so, it gives one the wrong idea. Upon seeing this cover, I would imagine a generic fantasy story and not a tale about the power struggle between different countries and men for one throne.

Finally, and for what it’s worth, Koubunsha is also reediting the saga at the moment with yet another new artist who is giving Pharangese a much better outfit. It’s not perfect or even half as good as the original, but it’s a very much appreciated improvement. At least it’s an outfit I could see someone using without problems! It at least fits the priestess’ background of the character, even if it’s hardly appropriate for battle.

Almost all this information was found in Japanese, so I would like to give some sources for it. For reference, Kadokawa Shoten is written 角川書店 and Koubunsha, 光文社:

Amazon sale of Kadokawa Shoten’s 4th Arslan novel, with Pharangese in its cover. The publisher and date of release can be found below.

Amazon sale for Koubunsha’s novel with Pharangese in the cover.

Amazon sale for Koubunsha’s reedition and their new Pharangese.

Thank you for this really in depth submission!

It continues to astound me that there are people out there who think that the dramatic hero depiction and the sensuous sex object depiction are somehow interchangeable without harming the image of the character.

- wincenworks


Ars magna lucis et vmbrae in decem libros digesta

1646 - Kircher, Athanasius (author) - Rome - Stanford Library

Kircher published a large number of substantial books on a very wide variety of subjects, such as Egyptology, geology, and music theory. His syncretic approach disregarded the boundaries between disciplines which are now conventional: his Magnes, for example, was ostensibly a discussion of magnetism, but also explored other forms of attraction such as gravity and love. Perhaps Kircher’s best-known work today is his Oedipus Aegyptiacus (1652–54), a vast study of Egyptology and comparative religion.

In 1646, Kircher published Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae, on the subject of the display of images on a screen using an apparatus similar to the magic lantern as developed by Christiaan Huygens and others. Kircher described the construction of a “catotrophic lamp” that used reflection to project images on the wall of a darkened room. Although Kircher did not invent the device, he made improvements over previous models, and suggested methods by which exhibitors could use his device. Much of the significance of his work arises from Kircher’s rational approach towards the demystification of projected images. (wiki)

source: Rare Book Room

Welcome to the cbmp 2.0 since tumblr decided to get rid my first one. Anways this one works the same as the first one and i’ll keep expending it starting with the entire YA serie and deviding marvel into catogories on certain characters so yeah.

change is good sometimes guys.

- - - YOUNG AVENGERS - - -

Young Avengers Vol. 1 (✓) (2005 - 2006) ★★☆

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Young Avengers Special (✓) (2005) ???


Civil Wars: Young Avengers & Runaways (✓) (2006) ★★☆

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Young Avengers Presents (✓) (2008)★☆☆

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Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers (✓) (2008) ???

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Dark Reign: Young Avengers (✓) (2009) ???

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Seige: Young Avengers (✓) (2010) ???


I Am An Avenger (✓) (2010) ???

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Children’s Crusade (✓) (2011) ★★★

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Young Avengers Vol. 2 (✓) (2013 - 2014) ★★★

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- - - HAWK’S NEST - - -

Hawkeye (=) (2012 - present)★★★

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All-New Hawkeye (=) (2015 - present) ★★☆

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Hawkeye vs Deadpool (✓) (2015) ★★★

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- - - S P I D E Y S - - -

Gwen Stacy (✓) (2014 - 2015) ★★★

000 - 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005

Silk (=) (2014 - present)★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005

Spider-Man & The X-Men (✓) (2014 - 2015) ★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006

Spider-Woman (=) (2014 - present) ???

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Richmond Childcare Workers in the Fight for $15

Today, Monday August 3rd, at 11am, at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (1720 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond VA), there will be a forum highlighting the movement for $15 an hour for child care workers and affordable childcare for all parents.

Right Now, families are experiencing a child care crisis: wages are too low for workers and quality child care is out of reach for many families. In today’s economy, the need for child care is a reality for the vast majority of families.
Unfortunately, quality child care is out of reach for far too many working parents. For a parent with two children—an infant and a four year old—the average cost of center-based child care exceeds the average cost of rent in every state. For more than 80% of Black and Latino households, the average cost of child care for an infant in a center is unaffordable.

Making matters even worse is that fact that child care teachers are not paid enough to provide the basics to their own families. Nearly half of child care workers are paid so little that they are forced to rely on public assistance for food, healthcare, and housing. While there has been an almost two-fold increase in the cost of child care since 1997, child care workers’ earnings have not increased.

Come out to learn about the struggle and how you can support the fight for a $15/hr wage, a voice on the job, and affordable childcare for all. 

Harry Imagine: Cosine Graphs

A/N: So this is cheesy, cliché and just generally awful, but enjoy! Also, I totally don’t think Niall would ever cheat off someone’s calc homework, for the record. I just decided to add him in there since we all know and love him. :)

“Harry is looking at you agin!” your friend Sally squealed from her seat beside you in the cafeteria.
You self-consciously glided your hands over your powder blue skirt, avoiding the intense emerald stare of Harry Styles, the most popular boy in your school, as he strutted past. As always, every girl he passed either swooned, squealed or jumped up to get his attention and you just couldn’t figure out why he would be looking at YOU. Not to put yourself down, but you didn’t have the most glittering circle of friends, the best wardrobe or a fabulous social life. That’s why you were sure Harry couldn’t have been staring.

“He’s probably looking at Caroline or something,” you gestured to the gorgeous girl behind you, hoping to prevent Sally from creating a scene.

“No, he’s looking at you.” Sally smirked. Then, like the humiliating person she is, she shouted, “Hey Harold! Take a picture, it lasts longer!”

The entire cafeteria went dead silent and Harry shifted his gaze from you (OK, so maybe it WAS on you?) to Sally.

“I can beat her up for you,” Niall, one of Harry’s jock friends offered quietly. You internally shuddered, Niall was buff and rude and always copied off your calculus homework.

“No, no,” Harry mumbled under his breath. Then he addressed the rest of the cafeteria, hollering, “Nothing to see here!”

Soon, the broken chatter and clinking of plastic silverware returned to the room, since what Harry said was pretty much law. You sighed in relief, thinking the humiliation was over until Harry grabbed your hand and pulled you with him.

“Harry,” you murmured, trying to shake his hand off yours. People were staring and you really didn’t like stares.

“It’s OK, just follow me,” Harry smiled down at you. He looked so nice when he smiled and you hadn’t noticed until now. His lips quirked up more on one side than the other and he had these adorable, tiny dimples. You quickly looked away, hopefully before he noticed your gaze. Eventually, he pushed through the cafeteria doors and stopped outside.

“So, um, what’s up?” You asked shyly.

“Nothing much,” he said, looking away. “It’s just Niall told me you were really smart or something and I kind of need help in math…”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” you shrugged, hoping not to show your disappointment. Of course Harry didn’t actually want to talk to you. Everyone only used you for your brain, although most, like Niall, didn’t have the respect to ask for your help and simply cheated off you, so Harry’s politeness was rare and nice to come across.

“I’ll see you in math then, yeah?” he grinned. You nodded and scurried back to Sally.

“So, was it steamy?” she winked.


“Alright everyone! The test will be next Tuesday, so I’m going to give you some time to study!” your math teacher announced halfway through the period. Harry was quick to scoot a chair up to your desk.

“Hi, so what can I help you with?” you asked sweetly. You didn’t really mind helping people as long as they didn’t treat you like a doormat, which Harry hadn’t so far.

“Yeah, so these cosine graphs literally make no sense,” he chuckled. You nodded and proceeded to explain the basic skeleton of the graphs to him as well as providing examples of ways to transform them.

“Thank you so much, you’re literally amazing, babe,” Harry smiled once you had completed your little “lesson”.

You blushed at the compliment. “Oh, it’s no problem really. You’re actually pretty good at math though, I’m sure you could have figured it out without me.”

“Maybe,” he smirked. “But I kinda wanted to hang out with you…” he trailed off.

“Oh,” you said simply.

“Yeah…” Wait, was Harry NERVOUS?

“Um, but you’ve never talked to me before?”

“I’ve wanted to since, like Freshman year really, I just didn’t know how to. You’ve always seemed so sweet and helpful and now I can say first-hand that you are.” You suddenly felt really guilty. Were you not welcoming to him?

“I never knew, Harry. I would’ve talked to you! I just didn’t know that you wanted to-”

“Shh, (Y/N), it’s fine,” Harry grinned at your nervousness. “But you could make it up to me?”


“Wanna go out Friday?” Did you? You didn’t even really know Harry until a few hours ago, but something just felt right when you were with him, like you’d been close for a lot longer than that.

“That’d be great.”


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