Double Exposure Abstract Silhouettes

Artist Daniel Taylor just completed a series of abstract silhouettes that reminds us of True Detective‘s imagery. For this work, he wanted to do something very simple only using silhouettes drawn from ink, paint and oil. He said that he just added a few shadows when it was necessary.


Wild Mojave Desert Skies - Lenticular Cloud Drama by Steve Sieren
Via Flickr:
Wild Mojave Desert Skies - Lenticular Cloud Drama The winds were howling that evening!! After finishing a workshop in the local area we let the students go to find their own unique compositions under a fabulous sky in the Mojave Desert and South Sierra. Check out the new California Landscape Photographer group here on Flickr Check it out and post some photos!! ©This photograph is copyrighted and is not permitted for free use. • You never see the same thing twice! Except Halley’s comet if you’re lucky. • Don’t let your viewfinder or lcd limit how you see! We don’t walk around in 2x3 vision. • Shoot Local!! Visit my profile page for Services, Resources, and Workshops