hopefully if it posts this time, here’s that self insert i mentioned !!!!

she’s a little bit older than me and works with balthazar, dru and the lumen twins, who are 2 DM FCs i’ve mentioned in previous posts but i’ve yet to actually draw any refs for them (they use photokinetic weaponry, which is where the laser gun mentioned above comes from)

she doesn’t reaaaaally have any proper motive for having become a villain, besides that she just? wanted to? but she’s not very good at it so she kinda works with balthazar as an understudy of sorts. she kinda reflects dru in that sense, and him and her sorta learn with and from each other bc of that

she practised boxing prior to villainy, and that’s proceeded by her battle gauntlets. not quite sure yet on where she got those from tho. i’ll get back to u on that

rhodonite, the fusion of purple topaz (tony), desert rose (luis) n gracie (pink sapphire) 

i actually had a lot of trouble choosing the gem for this one (they were lepidolite) so i’ll probably end up changing it again? but anyway, rhodonite uses this massive wrecking ball/morning star thing that’s made up of gracie’s whip, tony’s daggers and luis’ knuckle busters. they’re not a super strong fusion, but when it comes to fighting they’re a pretty good tactician and utilise their speed and agility more than their strength