FRACTALS AND GEOLOGIC SCALE: Is this bigger than a breadbox?

While reviewing geology research papers, yes even some by scientists you would think should know better, I often come across descriptions such as: This is a large outcrop of… A larger deposit is located at… The large map area proved really difficult to cover… When told something is large, very large, or really really large, my comment in the margins is always: Is it bigger than a breadbox?

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Juice Ortiz - Love Me Back |Part 2|

This actually was only suppose to be one part as from a request, but then I asked if I could write a part two and so I couldn’t say no after the fact of all the positive attention it’s gotten. So please enjoy part two!
“What are you looking at so intently there Juicy-boy?”

Chibs asked as he walked over and joined the younger man at the bar. Juice quickly looked away from you and gave Chibs a confused look.

“What? Nothing!”

He said with a slight nervous laugh. Chibs wasn’t buying it at all however. Chibs had been one of the only Brothers to actually see the caring and compassion that Juice held toward you.

None of the other ever really paid you any mind since you were too quiet and not exactly an extrovert. But since that was the case it gave Chibs a chance to watch how Juice acted toward you, since he was one of the only few who did anything with you.

“Yeah. You should tell the lass how you feel before she finds someone else who interesting to her.”

Chibs said as he slapped Juice on the back of the shoulder and seeing the boy’s eyes widdened in shock.

Juice shook his head as Chibs walked away and still trying to register everything that Chibs had said to him. He frowned deeply, you weren’t interested in him in a romantic fashion… was she?

He lifted his gaze back over to you and watched as Gemma had come over and taken Able from your hands.

He swallowed thickly thinking that maybe he should tell you how he felt. But what if that ruined your relationship completely? Either way, he didn’t have much time to think as he noticed you on your way over after catching him starring at you.

“Hey, Juice. What’s up?”

You asked him as he stood there looking rather dumbfounded for a second before he shook his head and smiled.

“Hey. Hey! Nothing much. Just uh, just uh you know. Just hanging out.”

He stuttered nervously. You raised a brow and laughed lightly.

Oh God your laugh it was like music to his ears. And your smile. Oh damn your smile.

“You’re acting weird. So anyway are we still on for our gaming night tonight? Not gonna drop out on me are you last minute like last time?”

He felt his body stiffening at the thought of coming over to your place later tonight. Not that he hadn’t been over prior, but he had never actually spent the whole night there with you. His anxiety must have shown on his face because next thing he knew you were talking again, but this time with a frown.

“You’re busy again aren’t you?”

He quickly snapped out of his trance and shook his head quickly.

“No! No! Just thinking about – about what type of chips I should bring!”

He mentally slapped himself. Chips? Really? Good one Ortiz.

“Don’t worry about any of that stuff I’ve got it covered went shopping this morning. So, I’ll see you later tonight then?”

She asked as that smile appeared back onto her lips again. Juice felt as if his heart was going to pop right out of his chest. He wanted to grab your lips and take them in between his teeth.

“Yeah. Yes. I’ll be there.”

He said with that large and goofy smile. You returned it.

“Great! Don’t be late and remember your controller!”

You called back to him as you had to leave now. Juice watched as you left the club and he felt as if he could breathe again. He sighed and leaned up against the bar counter as he placed his head in his hand. He felt his bonner in his pants and shook his head.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck.”

He muttered as he spun on his heels and headed for one of the dorms in the back.

Letters from the Depths of Solitude. 133. On Unsherability of Contemplation

My pining for you attained new strange phases. Whichever place I recollect, I think: “How beautiful this place must have been, and how much more I’d enjoy soaking in its nostalgic shadows, cast by, alternatively, platans or fur trees, if back then I knew you and if I had this rare ability to enjoy my pining for you.”

Somehow I could revisit all places I’ve been to, places where I was occupied by something categorically different than you, and to reinstall your fading and uncertain image in every one of them, to incrust landscapes with your name.

It is a wonder to contemplate you. Wonder similar to the one mathematician enjoys, contemplating a laconic beauty of some easy, simple, elegant formula for the understanding of which diligent, years-long, persistent study required. It is with no one that she could share her joy, her quiet melodious laughter at the simplicity of things.

(Written in fallen leaves across a park path.)