Now’s your chance to snag some of the best noir comics around by the all-star team of Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips.

In Criminal Brubaker & Phillips present a series of short, gritty noir stories.

In Fatale, a reporter in 2012 stumbles on a secret that leads him down the darkest path imaginable to a seductive woman who’s been on the run since 1935, a mobster who may be an immortal demon monster, and the stories of all the doomed men who’ve been caught in their decades-long struggle. FATALE blends noir and horror to tell a riveting epic unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In The Fade Out, the team takes their noir stylings and sets them around a murder mystery in 1948 Hollywood. 

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anonymous asked:

There's so much Zayn on my dash from non 1d blogs. I only became a fan/ paid attention to 1d around his leaving time and I see him on my dash like everyday from random blogs that never used to post about him. I'm aware of the shadiness but still excited for what's to come for solo :') the gp love him so much I've only seen bad posts about him from mixers/1d fandom tbh. Here's to the future!!

awww this made me smile so much!!! non 1d fans showing interest in zayn is what I like to hear! he’s gonna be absolutely incredible, it’s guaranteed!!! :D