bugün günlerden “şu havanın tadını çıkaralım bundan böyle zor buluruz"du.
ne ara dersten çıkıp buraya geldiğimizi hatırlamıyorum bile.
ayrıca bugün bembeyaz tüylerine inat çamur ismi konan aşırı sevimli bir köpekle oynayabilme imkanım oldu.
sanırım mutsuz olma gibi bir hakkım yok.

I LOVE YOU!!!! Joe Sugg imagine Part 2

You sat there in shock not knowing what to do, Joe was sitting there really anxious not knowing if you loved him back or not. Y/n did love joe, more than anything you have for the past 3 years but you’ve always been afraid you’d ruin your friendship with him, you looked at him wanting him to say something but you knew you were the one to have to say something.
“Joe” y/n said.
“Yes y/n” Joe looked up at you.
“I love you, I have loved you for the past 3 years but I have been afraid to tell you because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship” y/n says nearly in tears.
Joe started getting closer to you. You started getting butterflies in you stomach.
“y/n, we have been best friends since we finished high school and after I went away on the boys holiday I realised I liked you a lot, you make me so happy y/n.”
“I’ve always wanted to hear them words coming from an amazing guy like you Joe, you have made me feel like I belong, you’ve made me laugh more than anything, you are the best person I know”
Y/n and Joe just sat there looking at each other still at the table in Nando’s realising you were just sitting there not saying anything, you didn’t notice Josh walk up to you two.
“Hey guys” Josh says, you both jumped out of you skin
“Oh hey” you both say
“what you doing here Josh” Joe said really confused
“I wanted to speak to you Joe and Caspar told me you had come out for lunch with y/n  
“I need to speak to y/n about something important, why don’t you come to mine at 8pm?” Joe says smiling at you.
“Yeah, okay mate.” Josh said waving goodbye
Y/n and Joe finally got ready to leave Nando’s after admitting the best thing ever to each other. You started walking back to Joe’s place, making sure to take your time. You were walking through the park and Joe suddenly stopped and y/n was really confused until Joe stepped closer to you taking you hand within his.
“Y/n, will you be my girlfriend?” Joe says waiting anxiously wanting you to say yes.
“Yes Joe of course I will be your girlfriend.” y/n said smiling like crazy.
Y/n and Joe couldn’t be happier, they intertwined there hands and walked to Joe’s.