iamthegps submitted:

I don’t know if League of Angels has been on here before but this is a comparison of the most heavily armored (here used in a near-metaphorical sense) female hero vs. the most heavily armored male hero. 37games is like an internet train wreck; I wanna look away, but I just can’t.

Last time I looked into League of Angels I skipped it over because it was being marketed as basically a “Men only!” softcore porn type game, as featured on Escher Girls.

But now it appears that it’s being pitched alongside more conventional games:

And let’s be honest - the character selection screen isn’t really that different from many mainstream games.

How did we get to this place where it’s so hard to tell whether games are porn or not?

- wincenworks

All I can say is, League of Angels fits very comfortably on our informal list of creatively bankrupt games.


masako-moonshade submitted:

This was part of a giant diorama in Wisconsin’s House on the Rock. Kudos for including a female knight, but… were the funnels really necessary?

It is my understanding that the House on the Rock has many… oddities.

But nowhere in their promotional materials did they mention that they the most terrifying and baffling boobplate ever designed.  Ordinarily I’d wonder why the male knight is okay, and the female knight fallen.

But in this case I think the armor explains it.

- wincenworks