I find it amazing that Steampunk is supposed to be inspired by Victorian era aesthetics and ideals, but always seems to look more like comic books,  and Final Fantasy.  Also, as a side note, there is literally no reason to limit yourself to brown and tones of grey:

I’m just saying - think out great Steampunk could be if we focused less on incorporating more overtly sexual designs and more on the use of colors and subtler suggestive designs.

- wincenworks


It starts off wrong. The moment you wake up, you just know that something is not right.

It’s probably due to all the tossing and turning the previous night while trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Or maybe the thoughts in your head that you just couldn’t clear even while you were fast asleep.

You wake up, feeling incredibly uncomfortable because of the heat, and also the essence of plain bad that lingers in the back of your mind. You wonder whether you should even get out of bed.

Yet you can’t just lie there because it simply doesn’t feel right, and when you finally sit up you feel like lying down once more. You note that Luke’s pillow and the blanket are lying on the floor.

The usual routine of spending about an hour in the toilet–"I need to use my phone on while taking a piss, alright, stop judging me"–begins and you hope that you’d feel much better after a nice, cool shower.


You can’t concentrate on what you’re doing on phone, and you mix up your shampoo with your body wash and it’s all so wrong.

You take a bite of your breakfast–nothing fancy, just some butter on bread–and even though you feel full after finishing it, your stomach feels hollow. It’s as if you never ate anything.

It’s one of those days again.

It’s that day where you just feel empty and incomplete. It’s those days where you’re feeling bored even though you’re doing one of your favorite things in the world. It’s when you have your favorite playlist on, and you’re so sick of all the tracks when you’ve only listened to it for a mere thirty seconds.

You try to sleep, but you wake up every five minutes because of a tiny sound made that you would usually ignore.

You try to be productive by finishing your work, but you put it away the moment you pull it out.

You try to talk to your parents, but end up wanting to be alone more than ever.

You try to face the day with a smile, but your smile’s too crooked for your liking.

You try, but it’s the day where you feel empty, and the emptiness keeps eating away at your soul.

There’s no point in eating today. You don’t feel like cooking, neither do you feel like ordering in.

Luke comes back to see you sitting on the couch, your face blank and unmoving. He makes his way to you, settling on the spot beside you.

“What’s up, babe?”

God, even talking seems like an impossible thing to do.

You shake your head at his words, pulling your legs closer to your chest. Luke wraps an arm around you, feeling slightly worried at your behavior. It’s unlike you to be so quiet and stoned.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” he urges you to speak, but how could you describe whatever it is that you’re feeling?

“Empty.” It’s all you say, but it’s enough for Luke to understand.

He holds you close, stroking your hair and the both of you remain like that in silence.

“It’s alright, we all have days like that. It’ll be over soon, yeah?” You nod, but that still doesn’t bring a smile on your face.

Luke kisses your cheek before moving on to your lips. You don’t respond, but eventually you give in. Like you always do.

He smiles after he pulls away, a little breathless, but his smile widens when the corners of your lips quirk up.

“There’s that smile I like to see. So, what would you like to eat?”

You shrug. “Make whatever. I don’t have anything in mind.”

He nods, and he picks you up in his arms, carrying you into the kitchen. “Whatever the princess wants.”

You rest your head on his chest. Despite still feeling empty, you can’t help but think it’s slowly fading away due the love Luke is radiating.