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I’m surprised this game hasn’t been discussed yet. Crypt of the Necrodancer came out of early access on Steam just a few days ago, and it’s excellent, both in terms of gameplay and an abundance of strong, practically dressed female characters. Here’s Cadence, the protagonist.

We have featured the game on our Steam Curator page, however this seems the perfect time to mention here as it’s on sale (25% off until April 30).  In addition to being a really cool, novel take on the dungeon crawling it also features more diversity than most mainstream games (though the characters must be unlocked).

Overall I think Cadence is a really awesome example of a great female character put out by indie game developers and I really hope to see more like her!

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I love ot5 but I think I might be a Niall girl. Like officially. but now I am a Niall girl, how am I supposed to ignore how the fandom treats him, i feel like everyone loves Niall in an obscure way but it's like they just love a shell, like he's not a real person with any depth at all. And I HATE the term teflon niall, and earlier i saw someone write a post about his press and say welcome to the real world Niall. It's like people want him to get negative press, but why?? How do you ignore it? x

Oh babe, I’m so glad to hear you say that actually.  It’s one of the things that drives me crazy, but I keep my mouth shut about it most of the time because I want to try to let Niall stay a positive thing for me and not leave a bitter taste in my mouth by constantly raging about it.  He deserves to be a positive thing because he does his best to let other people see him that way.

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While, overall, League of Super Redundant Heroes is very hit and miss (including having a super villain called Distractarella who does exactly what you think she does) there are a few strips that really highlight some issues with female costume designs.

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some Batman, by Frank Miller

from the Top:

-a Page from Batman: Year One, illustrated by David Mazzucchelli.

-two Pages from All-Star Batman and Robin: the Boy Wonder, by Jim Lee and Alex Sinclair.

-three pages from Spawn/Batman, as illustrated by Todd McFarlane.

-two Splashes from Batman: the Dark Knight Returns, illustrated by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, and Lynn Varley.

-a Panel from Batman: the Dark Knight Strikes Again, illustrated by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley.