When Luke is sick, he’d always be calling your name no matter how hoarse his voice is. You could be in the kitchen preparing soup for him and he’d be yelling for you to come back to him. He’d always want cuddles from you and claims that he’s feeling much better.

Luke would be that guy who would recover but continue being sick because he doesn’t want to let go of this special treatment from you but he would stop faking when he doesn’t want to taste that disgusting orange flavoured medicine in his mouth anymore.

When he finally recovers, it’s you who gets sick because Luke purposely infects you so he can take care of you. He would be the kind of guy who would rush into the room with lots of water and half-burnt soup every half an hour.

At the end of the day, the both of you know that the other will take care of you when you’re unwell.


But you will fly

disabilityfest: Bran Stark

[Image: An edit of Bran Stark from asoiaf/got. It is divided into two sections, the upper part shows Bran propped up by his arms, sitting in a forest, he is looking to the side and covered in furs.

The lower part depicts Bran’s fall from the broken tower and is framed by the outline of a raven.

The whole image is in greens and blues and silvers, colours associated with earth and air, and there is text over it which reads “You will never walk again”]