Stardust AU

inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Stardust

“I will marry you if you can get me that star which fell.”

He was naïve, foolish, even. All he wanted to do was to marry her, simply because she was the most handsome girl in the village, and she was quirky and lovely. He had one chance. He had to get that star.

It wasn’t going to be an easy journey, neither did Calum think it would be. This was the Wood, where gnomes, elves, sphinxes and fairies lived. Calum had seen the men that came back from the Wood, some with missing limbs, some beaten to a pulp, some who had lost one of their senses. Even worse, those who were broken down emotionally and were a complete wreck.

“There is dark and dangerous magic in the Wood,” they all say, the fear evident in their eyes, their cheeks hollow and the eye-bags that seem permanent.

Oh, Calum’s aware of all these dangers in to the Wood, but that doesn’t stop him from loading his rucksack with all sorts of necessities.

He leaves that very night, with trembling hands and steel in his eyes in search of the star that would grant him his wish. The wish to be with the girl of his dreams. The moment he steps out of the gate, he feels shiver running down his spine. Just one step out of the village and he thinks something sinister is coming for him.


You gasp for air, wincing when you shift your legs into a comfortable sitting position. Your strings that held you to the sky had broke and you fell. You fell from the sky, fire burning at the tips of your fingers and toes, and you hit the Ground, knocking yourself unconscious. There’s a large gash on your right leg and you reach for some moss to patch it up. Your dress was slightly torn, yet the glimmer of star light never left it.


In a blink of an eye, your wrists were bound together by rope that was carefully woven by the tree fairies. Calum grins, “Oh thank goodness you’re hurt. You made it so much easier to find you, you see?”

You raise an eyebrow at his comment-what the hell was that supposed to mean?-and notice his excitement as he digs through his rucksack. He bites his lip as he find a small sapphire bottle, and applies the liquid on your wound.

“We can’t have you limping back to the village, see.” He tells you, his fingers gentle against your skin. The cut feels like it’s on fire but it slowly cools down into a tingling sensation causing you to sigh.

He smiles, helping you up. “I’m Calum. What’s your name, little star?”

You were the smallest star in the sky, and you liked hearing your infamous nickname roll off his tongue.

You tell him your name shyly, and he holds your hand, apologising for using the rope-“I can’t have you running away”-and the both of you trek through the forest. His eyes twinkle when he speaks of the girl who will soon be his, and he’s still gentle even though he’s holding you as a prisoner.

Perhaps prisoner wasn’t the right word if he’s treating you so nicely.


“Are you hungry?” Calum asks as he tosses more wood into the fire. You nod, and he brings out some apples and a knife. He slices them into quarters and unties the rope before placing the quarters in your hands.

“What do stars do in the sky?”

“Do you want me to show you?”

He nods eagerly and scoots closer to you. You close his eyes, placing your hands on his temples, and the visions begin.

You show him what it feels like to be suspended in the air by the strings that come off as endless. You show him the galaxies and the different stars that dot the skies. You show him what it felt to see another star fall to the Ground without any warning, and what it felt to have your own strings cut, falling while your screams simply disappear into the darkness.

Calum turns pale after the experience. Should he let you go? But he needs you in order to marry her…

“You don’t have to feel bad for me,” you tell him. “I’m glad I at least have somewhere to go.”

He doesn’t use the rope after that.


Perhaps it was realisation to Calum that he only loved her for she was the most beautiful lady in the world. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the both of you had spent quite an amount of time together in the Wood. Perhaps, maybe, could’ve been…

Calum finds himself falling for you with every step he takes.

He shakes his head when he reaches the village. No, he thinks, I brought this star to marry the girl of my dreams.

Yet, is anyone sure of anything?

“I thought you were joking, Cal. I didn’t really mean it when I asked you to get me that star.”

“Will you still marry me? I went through so much to get that one star…”

“I’m sorry, Calum. When I told you that, I was already engaged to-”

But Calum was already gone, the truth clear in his head. He finds you sitting on the steps.

You smile when he comes out, and his heart flutters. He takes a seat next to you, and you ask, “Do I go in or…”

“She was already engaged to someone else.” He sighs, twiddling his thumbs.

“Will you be alright?”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine. ‘Cause I’m sure I didn’t really love her.”

“You’ll find her soon,” you tell him, patting his arm.

He shakes his head, his lips curving into a smile. “No. I’ve already found her.”

You gasp when Calum kisses you, and you know it feels so much better than soaring through the skies, light at your fingertips.

Calum holds your hands, smiling softly against your lips. “I love you, little star.”

Yes, the infamous nickname does sound nice when he says it.