If Hawk Moth was really Adrien’s dad... like just imagane

One day Adrien is having a super bad day, like he misses an important test because of a photoshoot, and gets in trouble for not having his head in it, and then gets into his first big fight with Nino, for like the first time ever.  

And he just reaches his breaking point.  He runs out of school, he needs to be somewhere where no one will see him cry, because he needs to keep up an image for his father.  Plagg isn’t with him (probably still in his locker or something) to protect him.

So Adrien brakes down in a closet somewhere, blinded by his hot tears, feeling his chest, neck, and head on fire, but the rest of his body hopelessly numb.  His knees are too weak, and he’s just a crumpled heap on the floor, trying to quiet his sobs so that nobody finds him. 

Now, Hawk Moth’s window opens…  He can sense the despair and pain, he feeds off of it, he waits for his next victim to be revealed.  And it’s Adrien. 

his son

He’s taken aback… why was Adrien sobbing in a closet? How ridiculous to ask a question he already knew the answer to.  Because he’s Hawk Moth.  He knows exactly what caused Adrien to break down. And it was him. 

How did he not see he was tearing his own son apart?

How did he not see how neglectful he had been?

How had he not cared?

Hawk Moth bows his head, there’s a part of him that’s deeply ashamed… not sure if it was for him or his son…  But he decides to not Akumatize him.

When Adrien gets home from school, he isn’t met by an empty house, or even Natalie.  Gabriel Agreste is there.  Waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

Of course, Adrien would be on guard, thinking he was probably in trouble.  But then his father would ask, slightly awkwardly, in a tone Adrien isn’t used to, “How was your day?”

Adrien won’t respond… he’ll be stunned.  Could his father actually be interested in how Adrien’s day went?

After a pause, Gabriel would clear his throat softly, and say, “We… haven’t talked in a while.  I cancelled my appointments for today… I’m here to listen…”

And Adrien’s would try to hold back the sobs that started to build up again in the back of his throat, and his hands would shake slightly.  Mr. Agreste would hesitate for a while before slowly approaching his son and pulling him into an awkward hug.

And that would be all it takes to send Adrien back into a sobbing fit, and he’d cling on to his father for the first time in a long time.

But there’d be a single dark thought in the back of Gabriel’s head… how easy it would be to use his son… a perfectly trained and obedient soldier… that could get him the miraculouses so easily…

And just ughhhhhnnn…. I think about this a lot…

BTS Reaction to you and Jungkook eloping while on vacation

So this is my first Reaction Request and it is a really interesting one, thank you anon!:)


“Oh okay…Wait you said WHAT?” would be probably be his reaction.Really shocked and worried of you both. He would if there was any time and he knew your location just pack some things and jump into the next train or drive by himself to meet you and have a honest talk. He would also be worried about why you both thought you even had to run away because himself sees no reason in it, he just wants you two safe in his attention.

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“Oh alright” would be probably his reaction and a little chuckle which would certainly drive Jin crazy because of reasons. Yoongi thinks that both are adults now, though very young, but young adults can make decisions themselves and you will be alright, he is sure about that. Though he maybe would make a little call to make sure both are alright and are sure about their actions so he does not have to be worried and to make Jin less worried.

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Would be completely shocked and kind of in denial, maybe as he cannot imagine the maknae to just run away with you and not tell anybody. In this case I think he becomes a responsible and caring hyung who just wants to make sure you are okay and just come back home.

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Would firstly not get it probably, thinking was pulling a prank on him and just joking because it is just not imaganable for him in his thinking. When he then gets that it is indeed the truth, he would probably laugh firstyl, not believing that their maknae indeed had this idea and got away without any of them noticing. He would be surprised how that just slipped through their attention to Jungkook and probably would also text him and try to contact him so you both come back home. 

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Would be shocked as well being worried of the two of you as he sometimes likes to play big brother for Jungkook. He would try helping Jin with helping finding both of you and would be asking himself about your intentions but would totally support your further relationship if that was the problem.

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I could imagine him helping you with the plan to sneek out actually because he and Jungkook seem close, so maybe Jungkook would have gone up to him and asked for help. With questioning the plan a bit he helped you but only after making sure you two would come back safely and it would not be something constant. He understands you two for needing a little break from everything but he certainly won`t let Jungkook just go away haha:)

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Thanks for the request again, sorry if this sucked though o.O

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When my ill imagination goes wild

And, @buri-art here is a little piece of silliness I came up with yesterday (partly feeling guilty a little for all of these broken hearts I’ve read about from the comments, partly because fooling around is so just like me). I hope it will make you to laugh, even if only for my lack of english grammar.

I often imaganed all 3 BROriginals watching HHB like this:

Shuten: Dear dragon-gods, just tell me, why these kids got a cute chick to look at, since all WE ever had was a senile old man?! *get a good smack in the head from Guen* Not that again!

Hak: *getting some sort of weird feeling, and give clueless Jae-Ha a “friendshp hit” as well.*

Jae-Ha: Not that I’m going to complain and all, but for what was this one?

Hak: … Just felt like that.

Jae-ha: I’m glad.

Hak: Shut up!

BROriginals are silently watching.

Shuten *glared at others*: Ryokuryuu is always the one to blame, yeah?.. But then again, they…

Abi *sigh*: If this going to make you to feel any better, Zeno still can compensate it with having enouh of  “red dragon eye-candy” for us all…

Shuten *rolling his eyes* As if… This guy is already too old for this. And… didn’t you see this little wife of his?

Guen: It’s not a point! My descendant have a lot of wives back home, but still…

Abi and Shuten *shared a very sceptical look at completely naive-looking Kija*

Shuten: Does this innocent little lamb looks like a married man with his very own harem to you,  Whitie?

Guen: And you just had to say, that my direct bloodline will be doomed soon like this… I know it by myself, right?! *weeps his eyes out*

Abi: *gives laughing Shuten another little smack in the head*

Zeno *to Yun, curious and happy*: Why does Zeno feels like he is going to laugh from the bottom of his heart, while running around like a madman and jumping as high as he only can?..

Yun*completely unsurprised*:  Isn’t it just your normal daily basis?

Zeno: Yeah… lad is right. *in a small voice* but still… *reaches over and hugs every HHB member he could manage to catch*

Meanwhile Ao the squirrel tries her best to feed upset Guen’s ghost with her nut, ‘cause animals have a perfect 6th sense.

When Daddie

*Pulls you into his lap cause he wants to be a snuggle monster.

*Asks you to color him something because he thinks you’re an amazing artist.

*Asks for a picture of you cause he misses you an.

*Brushes your hair cause we have more important business like taking care of our toys and drawing very important things for daddie.

*Suggests a disney movie on a bad day.

*Hands you your paci with your favorite sippy to make you feel little and cared for.

*Takes time out of his day to be a daddie for his little. (TO ANY CG YOUR LITTLE PROBABLY APPRECIATES THIS TO NO IMAGANABLE AMOUNT)

*Knows the boundaries and doesn’t cross them. And even sets some so his little is safe.

(Not for all) *Keeps in mind that their little has anxiety, ptsd, depression, ocd, ADD, bipolar, or anything that hurts them mentally or physically.

*Cleans boo boos and kisses them better.

*Sends us to bed with happy thoughts and chases the nightmares away with the help of the stuffie army.

*Loves us unconditionally no matter where glitter or stickers ends up.

*Never gives up on us and helps us through bad big thoughts.

*Is existing in general

Harry imagine for Emily (

            “Emily I don’t see what you’re so upset about,” Harry shouted. The first few days after he had returned from tour he spend all his time with us. Playing with the kids, helping me prepare dinner, but for the past few weeks he just wanted to go out and party.

            “You never spend any time with us anymore! You stay out all night, and sleep half the day. The kids miss their father, I miss you,” you retorted, angry that he was being so oblivious.

            “I’m just trying to have a bit of fun, where’s the crime in that?”

            “There isn’t one Harry, but you don’t need to go out and have fun every single night!”

            He scoffed, waving his arm at you in a dismissive manner, “I can do whatever I want, I don’t need your permission to go out and have fun,” he says angrily.

            “No one said you did, Harry. It would just be nice to spend some time with you is all.”

            “I don’t know why you have to try and control me all the time!”

            “I’m not Harry! I’m just-” and before I could finish I was interrupted by our daughters small voice, “Mummy…why are you and daddy yelling,” she asked quietly, standing behind my leg.

            I glared at Harry before bending down to pick her up, “don’t worry Y/D/N, Daddy and I were just talking.”

            “He sounded angry,” she said with wide eyes, refusing to look at him and you could see his face fall, the guilt in his eyes.

            Slowly Harry walked over and kissed your daughters head, gently rubbing her back, “Daddy’s sorry Y/D/N. I was being an idiot and Mummy was just trying to explain that to me.” He looked into your eyes, “I’m sorry,” he said quietly before kissing your brow and wrapping his arms around the two of you. 

Louis Imagine for

           Louis had been on the road for quite some time on his current tour. So when he finally had some extra time to himself, he couldn’t wait to get out and stretch his legs a bit. He had remembered seeing a record store on their way into town, so after dressing and putting on his hat and sunglasses, he set out on the town.

            He was thankful that there weren’t many people out this time of the day, he only got stopped a handful of times for pictures and autographs, which he didn’t mind. When the record store came into view he picked up his step, ready to get out of the hot sun.

            To Louis’ surprise the record store was fairly empty and that was just fine with him. He smiled to the girl sitting behind the register, taking a moment to admire the blue in her hair. As he browsed through the row’s he got and idea, and he stopped abruptly. Looking back to the girl in the register he spoke in a high pitched, nasally voice, “excuse me miss! Excuse me, where’s you One Direction Section,” enunciating each word with care.

            To his delight she let out a soft laugh, and came around from behind the register, “if you follow me sir, I’ll gladly show you,” she said with a grin.

            “Oh thank you very much, miss,” he said, still disguising his voice.

            The girl laughed again, taking him to where he could find the CD’s, “here you are.”

            “Ah yes,” he picked up a case and inspected it closely, “rather attractive fellows wouldn’t you say? Especially that one there,” he said pointing to himself.

            “Oh yes, Louis he’s my favorite,” she said, still laughing.

            “Well you are in luck my dear,” Louis said, taking off his sunglasses and hat, “it’s me! Now who, might you be?”

            “I’m Y/N,” she answered simply, the smile still lingering on her face.

            “Well that is a beyooootiful name, and you are a beautiful girl,” he said confidently, smirking when he saw her blush.

            “Thank you,” she replied softly.

            “So Y/N, might I see you at the show tonight?”

            “I have tickets yeah,” she answered.

            “Well I must be off, but I’ll look for you in the crowd,” Louis answered with a cheeky grin before leaving the store. 

Is he a 'player'? - Shawn Mendes & Cameron Dallas Imagine (Part 11)

All parts:


ATTENTION: to not read if easily disturbed.

As the movie was about 15 minutes through you decided to go get snack. You walked to the kitchen and grabbed the bowls and as you turned around Cam stood so close up to you that you would not fit paper between the two of you and your faces only centimeters away from each others.

He grabbed your waist and leaned his face to yours. You could feel his hot breath landing on your face. He looked you in the eyes and then on your lips. You nodded your head as a sign that he could kiss you. He leaned and soon your lips touched. He held one hand on your waist but moved the other hand on the back of your head. You putted your hands behind his neck and played with his hair. He then grabbed your thigh and you sat up on the counter. I felt like you two had been kissing for half an hour. The kiss was so good and you trusted Cam for whatever was going to happen. He then pulls you of the counter and now he is holding you are with your legs around his waist. He stops the kiss and looks you in the eyes.

“I’m ready” you say almost whispering.

He the takes you to his bedroom he sets you down and now you’re standing on the floor kissing him. And he has placed one hand on back of your head and the other hand on the waist. You then start walking backwards as soon as the back of your legs hit the bed you lay down. Cameron looks at you and noods his head. As you lay on the bed he takes his shirt off. He then crawls on top of you giving you kisses on the jawline the he starts sucking on your neck. For sure leaving hickeys. This just felt so right. You started moaning becoming more and more horny. He then takes the t-shirt of you carefully. He smiles at you.

“Just say if you wanna stop” he says easily.

He then unclasps your bra. He started kissing your breasts and soon your nipples. You put your hands at the top of his shorts. You start pulling them down. He then kisses you and helps you take of his shorts. Soon he’s not longer in them. He stops kissing you and takes of your bikini bottoms. He looks at you and moves your legs apart. He starts giving you kisses on your inner thigh. Sending shivers down your back. He then inserts two fingers while kissing your clit. You start pulling on his hair and moaning. You are about to hit your climax.


He then pulls out of you. He kisses up your stomach and then he is kissing your lips. You were turned on by now. You flipped over so now you were on top. You reach for his dick. You start rubbing him up and down. He starts moaning. You then insert him in your mouth. You stroke his balls while you are sucking him. He starts lifting his hips up. Now you were deep throating

“I’m about to..”

You then stop. He smirks and laughs.

“Such a tease.”

He then grabs you by the waist and flips you over. Again he on top. He open his drawer on his night stand and pulls out a condom. You take the condom out of his hands and rip it open with your teeths. You then take his bulge in your hand and roll the condom on. 

“You ready?” he asks

You nood and lick your lips. He then goes in. He stays in this position. You feel tears forming because of the pain but still there is pleasure. He noods and you nood your head back to him. You grab the sheets as he starts going in and out. Soon the pains goes after couple of thrusts. After the pain stops he starts going faster. You start moaning.


“You’re so thight-..” He moans throwing his head back.

He grabs your waist and starts going deeper. Hitting your G-spot. You are both about to hit your climax. You hit your climax and scream out his name. He soon hits his climax couple of seconds after you.


He then collapse on the bed next to you. You pull the covers on you and him. He kisses your forehead and the lays down beside you.

-The next morning-

You wake up and look to your side seeing Cam laying there in his phone with his hand under your head. You cuddle yourself up to him. He looks down at you and smiles. He lays his phone down and starts giving you kisses on all parts of your face. You giggle and he giggles with you. 

“Stop..” you say having hard time breathing because of giggling. 

“Hey Cam what is the time?” you ask him. Although you knew you had missed school.

“12:30” he says smirking.

“Round 2?”

You stood up and smirk at him.

“Lets try to get to the last period?” you put on you bikini since you had no underwear. You then take a hoodie out of his floor and put it on. YOu then walk downstairs putting on your jean shorts. 

“Let’s go” you yell upstairs. 

“Easy’ he says running down the stairs with black sweatpants on and dark blue v-neck shirt. He fixes his hair and grabs his keys. You both walk outside to his car. Heading to school.


Soo yeah. 


Guys I’m doing ships and I’m doing that kind of ships that age doesn’t matter so send me.

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