life’s sad because you fuck up once and everyone judges you. they hate you for that one mistake. like they would only love you if you were perfect. and it sucks because they leave. you fuck up and they leave you without warning. get one thing wrong in your life and you’re marked forever. imperfect. ruined. crushed.

it’s unfair, but it’s true. & hey, I guess whoever said life wasn’t fair is right.

I am so ready to give up. I am right on the fucking verge.

I’m not making any progress and what? There’s less than 48 hours until it’s over. Until I’m done. I’ve put into every run the same amount of try. The same amount of effort. Then recently every time I do it I’m messing up? That doesn’t make sense to me. What do I need to do? What am I doing wrong. I feel like once it’s over, it’s over this AND that. It’s not fucking fair. When am I gonna do good for myself? When am I going to get what I WANT.

No matter what I do, I don’t get what I want.

Nothing works. Nothing works. Nothing FUCKING works.

This ends Saturday, around 9:00pm.

But is it really over? I hope not.