Time Lord Cosplay!

So my cosplay got its first outing today after being beefed up a bit. It’s taken ages to get it just right (and anyone who knows me knows there was also a light up gauntlet that I f#*%ing left in Melbourne!) but I was still pretty happy with how it turned out, and how many people asked to take my photo.

I really need to work on making a collapsible version though because a 9 hour road trip with it on your knee isn’t highly practical!!

I’ll wear it again in Melbourne in 2 weeks (with the bloody gauntlet this time!!)

Also I have no idea why I’m holding a space chicken…..

(Shout out to @kevinreader for costume sitting all afternoon while I flirted with celebrities)

@madworkshop_org intern Lily’s final library + butterfly garden model from @uscarchitecture 202B Material Musings Studio via @imadethat_