MY OCS ARE GONNA BE IN WINTERCLAN APPARENTLY, BUT HONESTLY I LOVE ALL FOUR EQUALLY. Winterstep (originally known as Snowstep) Was originally a randomized cat for my sims 3 legacy game but since Im starting over im probs gon’ rename her to winterstep and eventually winterstar. Summerstar is loosely based off Hawkstar who was the founder of a windclan-esque clan, and the other two i just kinda made up bc Springclan had a male siamese cat and Mistclan is basically a straight up riverclan and I wasn’t into that, nor gray tabbies

I’m tryna figure out their backstories and how far away they are from the current generation of cats :U 


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This day one year ago 14122010, it was very cold but our Khuntoria had one of the warmest Christmas nights together.

Dear our Khuntoria,

Althought this year we are not able to see you 2 guys stay together on our Christmas'eve but “I Wanna Wish U A Merry Christmas From The Bottom Of My Heart”. Love u <3 . Khuntoria forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icejjhorse  asked:

You made my mom laugh at your namjoon looks like a thumb with glasses joke and I'm shook

i am crying

ok but when imade that sub, i was just like… damn….he actually looks like my thumb LMAO this angle is super unflatteirng

haizzzzzz my bad skill… the photo looks not good…. haizzzzzz….hehe but it’s ok…. i will attend a class of photoshop or corel draw… i love making pictures…and Khuntoria is one of my motivation to do it…. I love Khuntoria….Khuntoria forever

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hellooo there, for the request yuto/ruri with the promt 'to dust or to gold' (i'm sorry for the vague prompt i'm so sorry)

It’s ok don’t worry ^^

Ship/Brotp/Character: Yuto/Ruri

Prompt: To Dust or to Gold

Words: 262

“Hey! Move over girlie!” she heard someone speak at her back.

And just in time she barely avoided being hit by a wooden girder carried by a gruffy construction worker who shot daggers at her distraction, still she stayed close looking when the man threw the weight on his truck and knocked the truck to drive away, it was then that she noticed where it was directed and realized:

They were going to rebuild the dueling schools.

Ruri would have guessed that the city being destroyed and the citizens carded would me more than enough to make people wary of the very idea of bringing back the tech that helped the enemy.

Or maybe it was just her.

People from Heartland had always been a proud lot anyway, so of course it made sense that they wouldn’t want the idea of Academia- no, the Professor she corrected - priving them of one of their biggest joys.

Still, she could help the tightening of her hands around the flower bouquet in her hands.

Once she finally gathered some courage to enter the place, she almost choked on tears when she realized that she would be the first visit on a really long time: the memorial was full of dust, and grass was beginning to grow in between the cracks.

But she resisted, he wouldn’t want to see her tears, she would want to see her smile….

And he would be delighted that the duel school would be up and running again.

Yes, people turn into dust but dueling and smiles will live on.

         “Behold the horrors”
“They lurk beneath the shadows of remorse”
       “You wouldn’t know of course”
     -“You wont believe what I have done to you”
   “I’ve made it look brand new”    “oh how cute”
                      “But don’t digress”
                “I’m the ring master you see”

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“There’s no one like you

Even if I look around

It ’s just like that

Where else to look for ?

A person good like you

A person good like you

A heart good like you

A gift good like you

How lucky, the person who will try hard to protect you is just me

Where else to look for

A guy happy like me

A guy happy like me

A guy who laughs with the greatest happiness like me

Your two warm hands get cold when I’m cold

Your heart which used to be strong gets sensitive when I’m hurt

To silently take my hands, to silently hold me

I only wish for those small comforts

You don’t know this heart of mine, which always wants to do more for you

My heart, say it out loud, my free soul

The days left are even more than the time when I came love you with a heart

which always felt like the first time…” -


Thanks for the pic of heart from OneloveSJ!

The Party roared - a dramione oneshot

ok, so imade this edit yesterday, and it popped into a story in my head, so i had to write it - you know, who needs sleep, hi insomnia.

@thefeelsawaken read it and said i should post it, so i’m not as scared to post it i guess. it’s not like my usuall stuff, i think.



There was a great deal of noise outside the dimly lit library, but Hermione learned to tune it all out.

Her favourite couch at the back of the library’s second floor was welcoming and soft, sturdy shelves securing her from every side. She could smell the dust on her fingers, from tracing the backbones of books on her way up to the balcony. The old couch, on which she sat gracefully, creaked under her weight and she felt its worn out, bald in places upholstery brush against her naked back.

These elegant dresses, while making her shiver from opening up too much shoulder and spine, made her feel more alive and real, than she ever was in the past years.

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“…A chair is still a chair
Even when there’s no one sittin’ there
But a chair is not a house
And a house is not a home
When there’s no one there to hold you tight…

…Pretty little darling, have a heart
Don’t let one mistake keep us apart
I’m not meant to live alone
Turn this house into a home
When I climb the stairs and turn the key
Oh, please be there
Sayin’ that you’re still in love with me, yeah…”

A house is not a home - Luther Vandross - Nichkhun ’ TS on Sep 22th

They only had 12 days staying together in their “sweet home” but each day in these days was always sweet day !!!!