imadelaidekruspe hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: Flake, now I understand why y'like Aljoscha so much! He’s actually pretty cool!

“I ran into him today and we had a pretty long conversation, most of it was when dad was younger and he had long hair… But he drove me home after I told him Aidon was waitin’ for me an’ all.”

“Yeah, Aljoscha is always pretty spontanous.” He nodded and chuckled, lighting a cigarette.
He enjoyed that man’s presence.

(( Right I am going to say this right now, to get it out in the open. 
I am not keen on Joe Letz but I also do not know the guy. 
So I have no right to judge him in any way shape or form.
Due to his dislike towards role play I WILL NOT be doing any form of role play that includes the man. This is out of some what respect to him and I hope you understand this. 
I have my reasons for avoiding the subject at all cost, and I hope you will respect my views. Further more I shall allow any questions from rpers I currently rp, but all private. 

I hope you respect my wishes. )) 


“ADDIEBBY YOU HAVE TO COME OVER I JUST GOT AN APARTMENT LIKE I HAVE A REAL PLACE TO LIVE THAT’S NOT A SUPER SKETCHY MOTEL COME SEE COME LOOK AND SEE!” Johnny was yelling into the phone but he didn’t even care. He was too excited for anything else.

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1. Book you really like?
The Green Mile - Stephen King

2. Favourite season? 
Spring <3

3. Favourite show?
Little Britain

4. Someone who inspires you?
Mein Engel

5. Favourite bands?
Rammstein, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Deathstars, Torfrock, EAV, The Scorpions, U2, … There are toooo much to list!

6. How many countries have you visited?

7. Got any tattoos?
Coming soon!

8. An event you will never forget?
That big confession evening 2 days ago

9. How tall are you?
162 cm

10. What did you do today?
I’ve been in Germany for a little while and went to work

11. Favourite actor?
Sam Rockwell <3

My questions:

1. The first Rammstein song you’ve been listening to.
2. Your most favorite thing in your room
3. What are you currently reading?
4. America or UK?
5. Do you like musicals?
6. Your next new year resolution!
7. Your biggest wish
8. Night or Day?
9. Do you do sports from time to time?
10. Your favorite food
11. Why do you follow me anyway? >_>

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