Couldn’t sleep again, so I went ahead and finished watching “Queen In Hyun’s Man”!  Normally, the plot and actors’ performances are what stand out to me, but the directing of this drama was extremely well done.  As such, the drama was amazing in practically every way.  The chemistry between the leads was real, the characters were charming, and (refreshingly) there wasn’t an antagonist that had me cursing his or her existence.  With all of the time traveling shows that have recently gained momentum, this was perhaps the smartest. “Secret Garden” is still my favorite, but this one has topped “Rooftop Prince” and is not too far behind! 


Whistle for the Choir by The Fratellis


Sometimes, it is fun to fail.

But to repeat the same mistake over and over again is tiring.  You feel as though some part of you is broken, incorrectly hardwired so that change feels impossible no matter how many times you try, no matter how many differences you aim to make; and as you watch others succeed, you can’t help but feel even more messed up inside.  

Yet, you have to remember that each iteration is a revelation of something new to be learned; that there is nothing inherently wrong with who you are.  Overcoming failure is nothing more than a challenge against your determination.  Perhaps, reassessment is needed but what should never be undermined is the perseverance with which you reply to the challenge.  

Smile and truly be happy of others’ success for they are living examples of what is possible.  At the same time, be inspired to achieve something beyond.