ima just ignore it

… people know that its not easy to hack a celebrity account right ? like ? okay we are dumb for believing in larry but smart enough to hack a millionaire a list celebrity account that probably has like him, his manager, a label social media intern, etc. all running it and lets not forget that you can fucking SEE where the hell the account was last logged into from via twitter settings now, you get a email when you try to change the password, you can also put your # in order to log in so no its not easy and sometimes twitter will suspend your account if they think someone has been doing suspicious activity on it so no my dude hacking isnt easy unless you have the tools for or which im sure no damn larrie has or wants them please also these people with access to his account left the tweet up for 30 minutes until someone made the link gross and suddenly it was gone almost as if *gasp* they were sitting there on the account watching it & had it up for some reason and when they saw that the link went gross they deleted it like i understand that blaming us for everything is 2nd nature to yall but uhhh maybe its time to use your brains and stop using us as a comfort goat, “this makes no sense … ima just blame larries and ignore the shady shit around it” nah its time to see the light and leave us the hell alone.

I feel so guilty for Keith being my fave sometimes like, it feels like I’m doing smt wrong when I post about how much I love him??? Probably because I don’t post nearly as much about the other Paladins (save for Lance bc he’s my BF just as much as Keith is my son)

But at the same time?? He makes me rly happy. I project on him so much and it helps me out a lot with coping with stress so I don’t wanna try to stop.

In the end my url is a Keith url and people follow me for Keith/keith shipping content and I’m gonna provide and I’m gonna gush over my red gay son

I’m really tired of all these lame ass males… like Ima just do me for awhile. Ya know, ignore guys. It’s really not worth the time and effort. I’m basically waistingw my time and my times precious. So Ima just do me 🤷🏻‍♀️

stop 👏 tagging 👏 bumblebee 👏 as 👏 a 👏 child 👏 he is literally a soldier in war and they wouldn’t put a child in a soldier’s position and also you applying age to robots that are, from spark to protoform, in most verses already born ‘adults’ and also millions of years old and also don’t have a concept of sparklings nor coming-of-age in the TFA verse get outta here wit dat