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Anyway here’s Rokhar, last of the Three from @warriorsredux‘s mythology! I haven’t had time to work on this for ages but I think his design was the simplest and easiest so it didn’t actually take very long.

“Rokhar’s pelt, if one can call it that, is the color of a sunset, interspersed with slashes of the night sky. There is no recorded description for his eyes. “

MEET: Monsta X’s Fanservice Line

The Aegyo King:


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The Skinship King:


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The Sex(y) King:


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Monsta x’s got it ALL covered >.>

i forgot i bought a playstation four the other night during a manic episode and i just got an alert about it shipping and had a heart attack 


…I should punch with this arm more often.

anonymous asked:

can you do some jally sexcanons thanks

Ima do just a few rn but in the future I’ll probably have a more formal jally hcs post

— dally obviously dominates but when johnny does something unexpected it’s like the hottest thing ever
— johnny is mad good @ bjs let’s be real
— dally doesn’t really like to cuddle after and wants to keep fucking going so sometimes johnny has to be like ’ yo chill’ and then they spoon
— johnny is mostly the little spoon bc he’s smaller but it switches around
— johnny leaves nail marks
— dally took his virginity bro
— dallas is LOUD AF
— johnny doesn’t like to moan or be vocal so when he can’t,, not,, and ends up making noise & dally feels accomplished
— dally keeps eye contact during sex and smirks at johnny?? really bitch??
— dallys a hoe so he knows every trick that there is and makes johnny whimper like a lil puppy
— bc dally is a dickhead like I just explained, johnny denies him sex to make him beg
— and he does like this boi mhmm
— dally actually took it slow on johnny’s first time thanks
— johnny is cheeky af and he never stops smirking like he does stuff that drives dally off the wall
— he’ll bump into him and ’ linger ’ there
— he’ll actually grab or brush his hand against dally’s dick in public
— johnny is really good kisser so it makes up for his lack of sexual experience
— and, no, there’s no daddy kink!!

I was tagged by @myfirstlovestory to list five things that make me happy! Ty so much noelle!

1.- my bro and my doggo and cat yeah they’re family
3.- rum + coke and doritos (cus just the 1st is boring??)
4.- vol… volovanes. Voltr0n who? Volovanes.
5 (1).- keith

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