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best things about oscars 2k17
  • you bet your ass ima start this off with moonlight, the one and only, the immortal, the ever-present, the historic
  • suicide squad?????? i guess??
  • fantastic beasts won that costume design award solely because of that sex on legs suit colin farrel walked around in
  • viola davis
  • she’s a bullet in and of herself
  • whatever obscure problem jimmy kimmel and matt damon have that’s been going on as their talk show gag for like a decade
  • moonlight
  • auli’i cravalho got hit in the head by a flag staff
  • on that note, i love color guards
  • michael j. fox legit sang something from hamilton and lin manuel was crying
  • moonlight
  • emma stone won an oscar but my attention was on leo dicaprio because honestly why wouldn’t my attention be on leo dicaprio
  • guess who shouldve won best actor
  • that’s right casey affleck there was a mistake that award is for leo dicaprio
  • moonlight
  • leo dicaprio probably left that envelope for best actress lying around bc that’s what he’s best at and then moonlight won in a stunning upset
  • thank u
How could you..

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Artist: Gray

You were getting ready because you and Gray were going on a date today, it will mark your 5 months anniversary today so you paid extra attention to your outfit and makeup.

You still wondered how you and Gray ended up together, because you and him were never close or the ones that talk to each other a lot at the AOMG label.

You were the head of their event planning deparment, and Gray was Gray, AOMGs top producer and most handsome one too.

You had a crush on him, but you knew you were way out of his league, so that crush was kept hidden. However when one day you were sitting in your office Gray came and asked if you wanted to go out with him to dinner some time, and you couldn’t believe and said yes.

At first it took time to get comfortable around him and for you to be able to open up to him, but with time you understood him and his personality so it became easier to be around each other.

Gray had texted you earlier saying if you could come to the label and then you would go from there together, and you didn’t mind because you knew it will take a while If he would come to pick you up and then go back to that area. it was still early but you wanted to leave earlier and not get caught by the traffic and you would just chill with Hoody.

When you got there you were about to nock on Grays studio to let him know you are here, but before you nocked you heard something that had your name in it, and you never wanted to eardrop but you just wanted to know.

“Dude you know the bet ended two months ago why are you still with her” You heard Simon say.

“I know, but I think I actually like her”

“Are you hearing yourself, this is Ness were talking about, how could you”

“ I know, but the more we hung out together and spent time, she’s actually really nice and genuine, and I like her”

When you heard the bet part your heart dropped, how could Gray do that to you, you really thought he liked you for you.

You knew you weren’t close to any of the AOMG crew, you’re always focused on getting your job done, you mostly talked to Jay to inform him with the important dates and such things, and you also weren’t one to open up to anyone.

But you didn’t think they thought that low of you, it really hurt to hear and see that. You were so heart broken but you knew better than to start crying here, so you just wanted to rush out of here as soon as possible, while you were turning you hit someone and looked and saw it was Jay

“oh, umm, I’m really sorry, I have to go”

“Are you alright” Jay said

“Yeah, sorry, ima go now” you said then left.

Jay went into Grays studio and saw that all of them were hanging out there.

“Gray what’s wrong with Ness” Jay said.

“What you mean” he asked confused

“I just saw her right now and her face was so pale, is she ok”

“No way, I think she heard our conversation” Gray said then sighed,

“What are you talking about” Jay asked  

“About this stupid bet, Simon did a bet about me lasting in a relationship with Ness  for Three months, because I’m picky about the type of girls I date, and he said that I would never date someone like her and I wanted to prove him wrong, but then I really fell for her” he said his head in his hands,

“What are you waiting for, go after her and tell her that” Jay said in an annoyed voice, because he couldn’t believe they did that to you.

Gray got up and went running after you, he ran down two blocks and saw your figure

“Ness, wait, its not what you think” Gray said to you trying to stop you, but you didn’t listen and kept walking.

He caught up with you and held on to your wrist and turned you to look at him,

“Leave me alone Gray” he noticed how you called him Gray and not sunghwa which meant your pissed at him.

“Common let me explain myself at least”

“Look I understand I’m not a model or the prettiest, but I really liked you and I cant believe you thought that low of me and used me” you said in a higher voice because your really pissed right now.

“I know what I did was wrong, but I really like you” he told you in a pleading voice tryna make you believe him.

“Wait do you think ill believe that now, you used me for a stupid bet, so now its your chance to just leave “ you said.

“Look I had the chance to leave but I didn’t I really liked you for you and I realized that I don’t need anyone else but you” he said, you didn’t know what to do or say, you really liked him and you knew what he was saying was genuine and true, so you just broke in tears.

“Baby noo, I’m so sorry” Sunghwa came closer and hugged you tightly.

“I’m so sorry I hurt your feeling but I promise from now on no secrets and I will make it up to you, I promise”.

When you hugged him back he felt a little relieved, but he knew he messed up big time, and you wouldn’t just forgive him easily.

When you calmed down Gray held you in his arms just looking at you and tryna prove to you he was saying the truth now.

“Now babe, are you ready to go out to dinner” he said,

“But I look like shit with my puffy eyes now” you said in a pouty voice, he just laughed and wiped the remaining tears left on your cheeks.

“You look beautiful, let me see” he said, he leaned in and pecked your lips

“Just reapply your lipstick” he said and winked at you, you just giggled at him.

You always went with the quote “its not how you start, its how you end” you knew it wasn’t in a good intention at first but Gray was being genuine now, so you gave him a second chance.

Author’s note: Thank you so much for reading the scenario, I hope you enjoyed it. If your new here welcome, I go by the initials NA and our family is called The Wingers.

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Imagine questioning Happy's authority

This is taking place a few days after Gemma was raped, although you don’t know about it.

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You had been seeing Happy for a couple months now and things had been going pretty well for the both of you, considering you used to be a porn star and he was the club’s hit man. You used to work for Luanne, but decided to quit once you and Happy started to get more serious. You would still stop by at Cara Cara and help with anything Luanne needed you to do that didn’t involve being on camera. Normally, you helped Lyla with her hair and makeup. Every once in awhile Ima would somehow talk you into running errands for her, which was what you were currently doing for her now. You were picking up one of her nicer slutty ensembles from the dry cleaners for her to wear at a SAMCRO party. When you first started dating Happy, you knew how slutty she could get with the boys who were patched in. You let her know right away that you might be her bitch during work, but whenever Happy was involved you would make Ima your bitch. She seemed to have understood, but you knew you had to take everything Ima said with a grain of salt.

 You were walking back to your car, dry cleaning in hand, when you noticed a piece of paper on your windshield. You opened it up and started to read it. “Biker whores like you belong in the ground. Stay with the Killer, let’s see where you end up.

 You folded the letter back up and put it in your purse. You sped off to Cara Cara to drop off Ima’s outfit and after that go to the clubhouse to find your Old Man. “Happy?” You yelled as you entered the clubhouse. You looked around and noticed it was empty, besides the prospect Half-Sac stocking up the bar. “They in church?” He nodded. “Perfect. Please run in there for me and hand them this? Tell the guys I found it on my windshield today.” Half Sac looked a little hesitant to interrupt church, but after glaring at him for a bit he grabbed the note out of your hand and went into the chapel. 

A few moments passed and you heard your name being called in the chapel. You walked in, all eyes on you. You saw Happy at his spot at the table. He stood up and allowed you to sit in his seat by Piney. Happy put his hands on your shoulders and gave them a light squeeze. 

 "Alright, y/n. Tell us about this.“ Clay said, motioning to the letter on the reaper in front of you. 

 "Well I was at the dry cleaners in town picking up some shit for Ima. I walked out of the place and saw it on my windshield. I didn’t see anyone that maybe looked like they could have left it. I drove to Cara Cara and then here without a problem or a tail.” You explained, feeling Happy’s grip relax when you said you got here without a problem. 

 "This worries me, Pres.“ Happy grumbled behind you with his toothpick in his mouth. You looked around the table and saw the rest of the guys nodding. "I want a patched member with her at all times." 

"What!?” You yelled at Happy, forgetting where you were for a moment. You turned around and glared at him. “Are you kidding me, Lowman?”

 Happy started to glare at you and took his toothpick out of his mouth. “Go in my dorm and wait for me.” You started to protest, “Now!” He shouted. You had never heard Happy shout before. You always figured him to be stoic and quiet was he was mad, that’s how you saw him when he was upset. This was completely new to you. You slowly stood up and looked at Happy with a clenched jaw and flared nostrils. You nodded at Clay, and walked out of the door. You left the chapel and walked to the bar to grab a beer for yourself. You walked back to Happy’s room chugging the beer to prepare yourself for what ever may or may not happen: a fight, sex, silence, you weren’t sure. You threw yourself onto Happy’s bed and waited for Happy to come back.


You woke up startled 45 minutes later to Happy slamming his door shut. “Want to tell me what the fuck that was back there?” He yelled, taking out his toothpick and pointing it to the door. 

“What? I don’t want to be followed around 24/7.” You calmly told him while you were starting to sit up.

“You having a patched member on you might be the only thing to keep you from ending up in a body bag. You’re having a patch on you. That’s it. “

“I can fucking take care of myself Happy.” You told him, standing up to look in his eyes.

“You think I don’t trust you to take care of yourself, little girl?” You nodded your head slowly in response. “I trust you. I don’t trust the assholes who left you this note. They aren’t playing around, y/n. I was in church for so long, because Clay and Jax were telling us that Gemma was raped. Most likely by the same assholes who left you that note. I know Gemma could take down each and everyone one of us in this club if she wanted, but she was caught off guard. They might try to do that to you.” After disclosing that information to you, Happy started to run his fingers through your hair. You could tell he cared, and he was really worried about you: you found it sweet.

“Alright, fine. But you better make this up to me, Lowman.” You smirked up at him.

“Oh yes I will!” For the first time since you two started dating, you didn’t have sex, but made love. You could have sworn there were fireworks going off, not the normal bombs that you could feel exploding. You gave Happy a final kiss and got up from his bed. 

“I have to go back to Cara Cara.” You finished zipping up your boots and looked over at Happy.”Want to follow me there?” You sarcastically asked Happy. He started to chuckle.

“Yes, ma’m.”  

Whumpy Stiles prompts

(becuase we all love seeing our favorite human in dangerous situations)

  • Smoke inhalation problems that don’t show until later
  • Stiles dislocates his shoulder in battle and Derek has to reset it
  • Magical curse/spell that makes something embarrassing/weak (fainting, nosebleed, sneezing attack, vomiting, paper cuts) happen to Stiles whenever someone says “human”
  • Magic!Stiles runs too many spells or holds up a long-term spell that leads to weakness/magical exhaustion
  • Derek accidentally hits Stiles with the Camaro
  • Hiding an injury/poison bite from the pack that grows infected
  • Witch/creature slowly drains Stiles’s energy/life force without him realizing (until things get dangerous, of course)
  • Stiles gets trapped in a garage with a running car, toxic fumes, or some other potentially lethal circumstance where he needs to fight to get out
I can only remember 3 occasions in elementary school when people acted like they actually liked me

The first was after I won the school spelling bee. Suddenly people I didn’t even know were proud of me.

The second was after I sung this blues song at this evening assembly we had. I was damn near a celebrity that day, I couldn’t even handle the attention.

But that’s all typical shit people would expect of me.

My FAVORITE was one time in gym class. Man… we had to play this game where the coach separated us into two teams and gave us all numbers. The different teams sat on opposite sides of the gym with two basketballs at center court. The coach would randomly yell out a number, and the two players from the different teams who were assigned that number had to run out, grab their ball, and whoever made a shot first got a point.

The first time the coach called my number, I found out I was up against the biggest bully in the whole fucking school. Her name was Lace. She was about 6′1. She knocked bitches teeth out while they played on the swings for a living. I’m actually not exaggerating this at all…it’s all true.

Anyway, he called our number. I ran out and grabbed my ball. I’m hella nervous cause I know if I miss, everybody is gonna talk about how lame I am like they always do or blame it on my “big shoes”. I always got teased for wearing fat ass sneakers in elementary school. And everybody was screaming and tryna hype us up, which made me more nervous. My heart was beating fast as hell.

But bruh. I grabbed my ball, dribbled it maybe twice. And a little beyond the 3-point line, I raised up, shot that shit and not only did I make it, but it was nothing but net. I almost couldn’t believe it. The whole gym was like


I hurried up and put my ball back in the center and ran back to my team and they was all over me. My adrenaline was pumping yall. Lace was salty as fuck, talking bout “Ima get you Tanaé.”

The next time the coach called our numbers, we ran out, and THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. NO BULLSHIT. It happened exactly like it did the first time. The whole gym was going crazy. They couldn’t believe my little nerdy ass was hitting 3′s while Lace tall ass couldn’t sink a layup. I was about 4′9 at the time and I wasn’t no basketball player.

The was like

Niggas on the basketball team was like “LOOK AT HER FUCKING FORM”. At the time, I didn’t even know what that was, I was just stopping, jumping, and shooting. Not paying any attention to the way I did it. While everybody just screaming and going crazy, I’m sitting off in the corner just smiling and shrugging. Lace still on the court like

I was feeling myself yall. Of course, after this day, everybody went back to treating me like shit but man….I’m telling you, that was the highlight of my entire elementary experience. I was that nigga for a day.Well, a gym period.


“Well, me-oh-my, aren’t you a joyful little guy!”

Introducing Sara Tonin von Cortisol, a space vampire who feeds on joy as opposed to blood or life-force. She doesn’t control any planets, but instead wanders from home to home when it suits her, draining the townspeople of all their joy before moving on. Her hobbies include baking, house-keeping, care-taking, and asking for the manager. With an allergy to store-bought baked goods, Sara bakes absolutely EVERYTHING from scratch with EXTRA love! With sparkling conversation, a sunny disposition, and a full tray of baked goods in her hands, Sara lures you in with kindness before hypnotizing you and sucking you dry of joy. You’ll live, but you’ll be miserable for a while until you’re cheered up again. Possibly by another plate of fresh-baked, love filled chocolate chip cookies.

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