ima delete this soon

About Me

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Star sign: Libra
Height: 6′2
Time right now: 12:40 am
Last thing googled: Sugarfish NYC
Favorite music artist: too many to name but at the moment i keep Joe Budden, 6lack,YG, Abra, Childish Gambino, Dave East, and Frank Ocean in rotation.

Last TV show watched: Unfortunate Events (it’s on Netflix)

When did I create my blog: Idk maybe like 2011
What kind of stuff do I post: Text post, memes and alot of reblogging of yalls beautiful faces.
Do I have other blogs: yeah but i don’t ever really log into them. ima actually delete them soon.
Why did I choose my URL: It’s a spin on Jay Electronica’s name. At the time the word “Bae” was really gaining popularity so I went with it and it stuck. I’m used to it now.

Gender: Male
Pokemon team: Mystic
Favorite color(s): Green, Blue, and Black,
Average hours of sleep: like 4-6 smh
Favorite TV characters: TV is trash all my shows got trash. I stick to movies now.
Dream job(s): Working as a Video Editor for Vice Media.. I’m trynna actually inquire about getting my foot in the door with the company because they have a headquarter in Williamsburg.

I tag: @mncarys @packtheammo @lyonnnss @clarknokentand anybody else that wanna do it.