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Learn Your Lesson

@slawter-rhinfox - Something I wrote about the AU because I was bored (btw I was the one who suggested Moo and Terroriser, blogs are confusing lol)

Also, this is kinda self-insert but whatever, I do what I want

“Welp, I’ll see you guys later for lunch yeah?” You questioned your friends, walking together to the entrance. 

“Yeah yeah, of course. Hopefully, it’ll be somethin’ good this time.” Laughter filled in the silence. 

“Whatever, I might be able to catch a proper break from those two.” A heavy sigh followed on as you rubbed your eyes to adjust to the new lighting.  The asylum doors opened up automatically, your friends were now parting their ways and so did you.

Passing down the cloud grey corridors, a wave of exhaustion lingered, growing on you with every step. The same emotions have been occurring for the past three weeks or so. You’ve assumed that ever since you’ve been assigned with two patients instead of the normal one was the cause of weariness. 

“Mornin’ doc~ How ya feelin’? Get a good rest?” A seemingly innocent voice greeted you as you opened the door. 

“Common Moo, it’s obvious that the darlin’ looks very tired.” The other patient commented, rubbing against Moo with comfort. You just groaned with disappointed, sitting on the chair that was facing the two. 

“Can you guys please be quiet? I just… I don’t know why I’m so bloody tired but it’s probably because I have to deal with you being all lovely dovey every single minute.” You yawned again. The two had sympathetic looks for a few seconds before resuming to their normal shit eating grins.

“Aww, we’re sorry. We’ll make up for it, we swear.” Terroriser apologised, you rose an eyebrow from the possible sarcasm that could be hidden in his sentence. 

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are~” A faint voice echoed into your ears, your head tilted down a bit but you managed to catch yourself in the act and lifted it up. Your eyelids flickered rapidly before almost closing at a slow speed.

“Are you alright darlin’? You seem to be sleeping on the job~” Moo used his free legs to give a small nudge. 

“Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky…”

“What… no… I’m not…” The words seemed to disappear out of your mouth, your energy was draining away, your body was becoming limper by the second.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are~” 

“Just stay awake… I can…” 

“No, it’s time to sleep now darlin’. No more games with you, we promise…”

Brightness greets your new vision, you try to stretch but to no avail. For some strange reason, the room seemed to be covered with nothing but soft white cushions. A large mirror almost took up one side of the room, along with a metal door near the corner. It was silent, maybe too silent…

“Will anyone ever learn? This is the third time that man have tricked our staff members, and one of them is with him.”

“We’ll see. They just need to learn their lesson before they can return, that is all…”

idc if it makes me Extra Vanilla™ but im tired of being sad irl so if living vicariously through my ocs and giving them happy lives makes dealing with the outer world manageable then ima fuckin do it folks✌

Sprousehart: A publicity stunt?!

Sorry how can anything with a brain think that Sprousehart are a publicity stunt?? For a start whilst it’s widely believed they are together nothing has even been confirmed. If they were a publicity stunt there would be pda everywhere as well as paparazzi photos. They would also be on each other’s social media all the time etc. However we literally get the odd breadcrumb every now and then that is only pieced together by us otherwise no one would even know they were together. For example figuring out Cole was Debbys roommate which is why Lili is there all the time. No one would know that if we hadn’t pieced it together with little bits of information we had been given. Not even to mention anyone who knows anything about Cole fricken Sprouse knows he hates the celebrity world so he would never ever agree to a relationship to publicity and neither would Lili based on the fact this is her first big acting role and she wouldn’t want that overshadowed by a relationship with her co star. I could go on for hours with reasons why this relationship is not a publicity stunt but ima stop now as I honestly can’t deal with the stupidity of it.

I am going to have a meltdown if Sarada’s susanoo has titties. I DARE them mfs to do it. Her susanoo doesn’t need titties or “distinguishable features” that’ll clearly indicate the gender. Just give her a susanoo like everyone else!!! Like, Sasuke’s, Madara’s, Itachi’s susanoos, I don’t even view them as men. They’re just these gigantic deity like figures have no sex to me, ya know? Cause like, wtf for? They’re a jutsu. That’s it. I already know it’s gonna be pink, so Ima just have to deal with that but I will be utterly inconsolable if this susanoo has titties, long ass lashes, bows & a dress. Like. I will swan dive…don’t do it. Someone get me in contact with the right people.

Trauma & Touch Starvation (part 1)

So the struggle is real
And Ima say that this a big deal
Cause the loneliness got messed up
I be talking to people, yet I don’t be letting them know wassup
That feeling when you’ve been through a lot
It’s hard for you to even settle down when you’ve brought
The good and the bad together
You’re lying in bad, you’ve been longing forever
Trauma and Touch Starvation
From the sadness I’d like a vacation
I’m tryna fill up on affection like a gas station
To my lonely foundation
I’m looking for someone to make a donation
It’s like you don’t know what’d you do if you did have a suffering cessation
Like if and when you get your affection, you’d be in a state of pure elation
It’s like you want love and affection
But you still worry and avoid rejection
And you have lots of inner reflection
You’re looking your soul in the eye, call it introspection
So what’s next, dissociation or astral projection
Love and lack of affection
It’s got me messed up and confused, call it misdirection
But some from the right person(s), it’d be near perfection
I was so impassioned
That the only proper response to these feelings to be brash and
Write two raps into one
And handling my feelings in this way is often great fun
But back to the point
I’m tryna get lit and do some shit, preferably with some baddies and a joint
I was only somewhat serious when I said that a large portion of this (touch/affection starvation) was gay culture
But issa thing that off people who aren’t in the community finna vulture
Love and lots of affection
I would like some soon, and of it I’d dare not provide any deflection
Trauma and Touch Starvation
The solutions to these issues prolly require divine creation

Da Fuq You Mean Chicken Tenders Have Gluten?

So I went to the doctor today ‘cause mah stomach has been acting out on me. No amount of chastising and threatening has kept it in line, so I had to resort to going to a legit doctor. So I got there, and I’m sitting in the waiting room surrounded by a bunch of old people who probably ‘bout to die, and I’m praying. K? I’m praying to mah boy Jesus that he keeps these people alive up in here. Not ‘cause I legit give 2 shits (I don’t ima bad person), but because I cannot deal with them dying all in front of me. That shit seems emotionally traumatizing. Plus, I was gon’ get this delicious ass bucket of chicken from KFC after I got outta there, and I figured them dyin’ might fuck with my appetite a little bit.

So I’m waiting there for a little while, internally threatenin’ my stomach with an ass whoopin’ and praying to Jesus to keep these people alive for a few more minutes. Finally, they called me up. Used me full name and everything like we were friends or like they were one of my great aunts that randomly shows up at my house and pinches my damn cheeks with the strength of a python. But I don’t flip. I’m just chill. I walk over to ‘em, go into the lil’ room, get my ass checked up real quick. 

I praise the Jesus when they measure my weight ‘cause I finally hit my damn goal and I was like, “damn. ‘bout to have 2 buckets of chicken now. done lost all the weight I needed.” Then they take me into this doctor’s office. Everything is white as shit, okay? Like, if you look at me too fast I blend in. Back, forth, back forth. There, gone, there, gone. It’s like a free fucking magic show except no one is gonna pay money to see a lil’ white girl disappear for a second, so it’s not even that cool. 

Finally, the doctor walks in after me waiting for 30 mins in a damn thin ass piece o’ paper they made me put on. I don’t even think I fucking needed it. I’m pretty sure the nurse just wanted me to wear it, but it’s cool ‘cause it made my ass look good and the nurse was hot as shit.

But the point is, the doctor walks in, and I tell him my damn symptoms in all their glory. He gives me a look like “that’s way more than I needed to know,” sometimes, but if this doctor is getting paid to fix me, he’s gotta know all the shit he’s gotta fix, right? right. So anyway. He scribbles shit down randomly as I’m talking, and I’m pretty sure he’s either doodling what my nipples look like hard, or he’s writing that I have cancer. His handwriting is that bad, I couldn’t even tell. But I don’t even give a fuck, so I stop paying attention eventually and just keep giving him my symptoms and shit.  Eventually he’s like “oh. you may have a gluten intolerance,” with this prissy ass voice of his, and I’m shooting him daggers.


He’s just like, “yeah gluten intolerance. stay away from gluten”

motherfucker, i’m made of gluten. i’m 9.2871 x 10^2 percent gluten. u cannot tell me i can’t eat gluten.

but this bitch is dead set on giving me a damn gluten intolerance. I’m ‘bout ready to smack this boy. I am! (not really I’m actually a total wuss wtf)

He sees I’m pissed, and he’s like “don’t worry we’ll run some tests and see what comes back. just stay off gluten for a few days until we get results.”

So I’m still fuming. I’m over here fucking cursing his future grandchildren out in spanish in my damn cabeza. I’m here planning out the lil’ hex bag ima make for him. I’m here mentally buying myself some damn tap shoes so I can practice dancing on his grave. 

But I agree. ‘cause I’m trash. I tell him I won’t eat any gluten.

Like, “it’s okay. it’s not the end of the world. at least I can have chicken tenders”

and he blinks. the bitch blinks and stares at me like he saw a ghost. Which I think he’s doing ‘cause he looked too fast at me and I disappeared for a second like I was talking about earlier. But no. It’s much worse. This motherfucker ain’t about to call ghostbusters on my ass. 

This motherfucker tells me that chicken tenders have gluten.


But the asshole ain’t laughing. So i stop laughing.

like “the fuck you mean chicken tenders have gluten. you telling me I can’t have chicken tenders. are you fucking telling me that.”

and this boy is just like, “yeah…” all shaky and shit ‘cause I probably look like ima ‘bout to try and murder him, and he’s blessing himself ‘cause at least he’s in a damn hospital.

But I refrained from murdering him. I refrained from yelling. I was as calm as I could possibly be. I walked out of there thanking him. I held the door open for all the old people. I told the ladies at the front desk to have a good day. I let fast cars pass me without flipping them off. I let the little kids run across quickly before I turned into KFC. I gave my mom one of my chicken tenders, and chewed completely before speaking.

“So they said nothing was wrong with me.”

Mighty Aura - UtaPri ☆ Lyrics and Translation

It’s been way too long since I translated this, but here’s Tokiya’s and Eiji’s Duet: Mighty Aura.

I’ve come to really love this song (my favourite line is Tokiya’s “Kizuna no Mighty Aura”.) Checked my translation of the first half of the song with the anime, and most of it matched, except a few things here and there.

I feel like Mighty Aura is all about Eiji looking up to Tokiya and Tokiya urging Eiji to fly. And I guess that’s sort of reflected in the cover too (and the episode as well). What I also love about Mighty Aura is the recurring symbolism of what I interpret as Tokiya being a member of STARISH (shine, brilliant star,..)  and Eiji a member of HEAVENS (wind, wing, heavens, ..).

The intermission (your voice to yeah yeah brilliant star part) is not in the booklet, so I had to guess a bit there. What I couldn’t hear clearly is filled in according to the theme mentioned above. If you use these lyrics/translation anywhere, credit would be appreciated


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Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf), by AWOLNATION

Bad Wolf - A Peter Hale video

Lyrics under the cut:

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Confession: The other day my 31 year old relative said he didn’t want to have anymore kids (he already has one little boy) unless he had a mixed girl with a white woman. I promptly told him that it was suspect that so many black men have some kinda obsession with mixed children, particularly girls. It’s like they hold those kids on a pedestal as if they embody femininity. Like he can’t have a black little girl because he doesn’t want anymore kids but if the child is mixed then it would be worth it. These are the same men who hold mixed women on a pedestal like they’re the prototype of the perfect women. I went on to tell him that that’s a perfect reason why I don’t think ima deal with black men anymore.

Ima make a deal with the bad wolf

Song: Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) - Awolnation

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Request: Could you do a Liam imagine where you are new to the school and he gets called to the office to show you around? But you are really shy so you don’t talk much until you get stuck in a classroom because the lock broke or something and you get freaked out. Please :) sorry if this is to specific or weird 😁

“Liam will be here in a minute to show you around the school.” the woman behind the desk smiles, picking up the phone and punching random numbers in. Crossing my legs, I sit up a little straighter in the chair, gripping on to the paper with my schedule. A cough escapes my throat as the constant tapping on the computer continues.

Peering over at the door, I see a boy heading towards the office. I breathe in and look down, waiting for the sound of the door to echo through my ears. Instead of the click, signifying the door is opening, there is a loud slam; catching my attention. The boy is holding his forehead with a pained expression when the click of the door happens.

The woman glances over at the boy, a worried look painting her face as he shifts his books to his other arm. “Mr. Dunbar, what exactly happened just now?” she questions, raising her eyebrow. I try my best to hide the giggle bubbling up inside me; he shoots a little polite smile in my direction and I feel my cheeks begin to heat up.

Ignoring my blush, he bounces on one foot then the other impatiently. “Just got distracted Miss…. So, um, what did you call me down to the office for?” he asks; his voice barely above a whisper. God, he is so cute.

Swallowing, the woman flashes a grin and starts shuffling papers on her desk, looking for a particular paper. “Ah yes, Liam, you are going to be showing (Y/N) around. She’s a new student; in your grade, too.” she hands him the paper she was searching for and smiles.

He quickly glimpses at it and nods. “Okay. Let’s go, shall we?”

I stand up, walking towards the door, as he opens it for me. “Thanks…” I stutter, fiddling with my hands nervously. He nods in response and we stroll the hallways. As we pass by the different rooms, he points to each one, telling me which is which.

“And this is the science lab… nobody’s in here right now. It’s pretty small, if you ask me.” he mumbles, showing me the inside of the room. I walk around in boredom until the door slams shut. Liam cocks an eyebrow, stalking over to the handle.

My breathing becomes heavier as he jiggles it, but the door won’t budge. He murmurs something under his breath and looks at me. “So…. it kinda seems like we’re stuck here for while…” he cracks a fake smile, “Sorry?” he shrugs, taking a seat.

“What are we gonna do?” I mumble, slightly shaking. He stands up, coming over to me with a smirk.

He puts his hand in his pocket, pulling out his phone, “Don’t worry, love, I got it covered…”

Random train of thought

I’m probably the worst person to catch her dude cheating. and when I say that I’m like really mentally psychologically psychotic I am really crazy and I will go to lengths that no other woman will go to if I think that you’re cheating and I’m not even going to say “think that you’re cheating” because most of the time I’m right so…but I had this one boyfriend his name was Gary.

See Gary was the type of person that would make you think that he’s one Way and then make you think that he’s changed but he really didn’t. So I remember one weekend he let me borrow his iPad. Nothing major. Not a big deal. Mind you , I’ve never been the type to go through my niggas phone. That’s not me.

So I was playing fruit ninja. And I’m seeing messages pop up at the top of his screen. I don’t know if it was a glitch or that’s how iPads work but they were just coming in. I ignored them like a good Christian woman. In the middle of me swiping the fruit. My finger hit the incoming message.

In my mind I was like “no big deal, Ima just exit out.” UNTIL I saw the word , “baby”. I let that register. For one , I damn sure wasn’t texting him. According to him, he was out in a smoke session with his boys before we went to the movies. So, nigga you should be zooted right now. Who the fuck are you calling Baby that ain’t me ?

So what I do? I read them hoes

But he was a smart trifling nigga. His thread with the girl was a bunch of open ended messages.


BabeI just want you to hear what I have to say. 

I’m listening.

1 year and 6 months.

*Laughs* Babe, I know you didn’t silence me to tell me how long we’ve been together.

Do you think we should tie the knot?

He gestured his face to the side and pulled out a small black box and put it on the table. I stared in shocked.There sat a ring. An engagement ring.

Smooth? I just… oh my God.

I’ve had this ring in my pocket for months now. Everyday I’m trying to find a perfect opportunity to ask you to be my wife. I want you to understand that you are my world and you are my life. If I can give you the world I would but right now I can only give you my heart and my love. My love for you is unconditional E'lynn. From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew I had to have you and I also knew you would be the mother to my children and also my wife. I don’t know what my life would be without you and I don’t want to know. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I hope you feel the same.

Briana: *whispers to Malik* Is he doing what I think he’s doing?

Malik: Shhhh …. stop talking. I prepped him for this.

Briana: You knew this was going to happen? You didn’t tell me? Malik?

Malik: Babe, let’s go sit somewhere else before you spoil their big moment. Let’s go.

Briana: *getting up* Oh, Ima deal with yo ass for not telling me.

Malik: Shh, babe. Let’s go. 

Briana: Don’t shhh babe me.

I picked up the ring box and Smooth got up and moved into another seat. I think he felt that I needed some time to think but I already made up my mind. Of course, I’m going to marry the love of my life. I looked up at him.

Are you going to put the ring on or what?

He laughs and gets up, taking the small box from my hand.

I though you’ll never asked.

He got down on one knee and from the corner of my eye I see Malik and Briana approaching us.

E'lynn Valencia Charles, would you do me the honor of being my wife?

Yes, of course I’ll be your wife.

I love you

I love you too…

Briana: Yassss, girl. 

Malik: Congrats man…