ima loser

Beauty & The Beast AU

-Jules is the beast.
-She was cursed, after she tried to come out about Nate raping her and so instead of taking her side the town took his (of course) and so they turn her into a wretched being for trying to frame such a thing on the perfect man.
-Only true loves kiss can turn her back and whatnot. (So cliche, Jules rolls her eyes at that)
- Instead of taking this beast thing like its so terrible, Jules is like i can seriously hurt someone aand shit. So she kinda learns how to do some shit (use ur imagination bc idk how)
-Jules turns into like this dark legendary beast that kills anyone who harms another and the people kind of live in fear if her
-shes stuck as this beast until she finds true love and its like she immortal okay so this goes on for like centuries
-then ophelia comes along
-shes kinda rich like royalty basically (which ophelia thinks is dumb) but everyone hates her bc she dont act like how she should and what not
-so shes hella curious about the beast
-and she like oo gotta know more and finds jules
-jules is like girl i could kill u
-but ophelia wont leave her alone
-and slowly they start to bond and shit
-ophelia wants to learn more about what she does and why shes like how she is
-and like jules starts allowing ophelia help her with shit
-and they terriorize bad people together
-they fall in love and kiss an jules turns back to her normal self
-and they both like wait what bc they not realize they really love each other yet and its kinda awkward and now they gotta explain where jules came from to the towns people
-so they get harris, who jules is really warry of, and he like bitches let me handle this i am the man of the law i got this
-so they get a story of why jules is there and stuff and everyone like fine she can stay and whatnot
-then ophelia is supposed to take her families place bc shes like their only heir and then she supposed to marry some dude and she like yall thought and marries jules
-they become lesbian rulers
-and like still go fuck people up when they being bitches, but the public dont know that
-the end

Jules takes Ophelia fishing as a date and o is like “babe no, wildness not my thing” but jules is like plz. So o cant say no, so she stays up the night before like studing fishing and all the things. Then when they go its like hella boring for a while, and shes like “nothings happening can we go? Did we not get right bait? Can we move? Maybe-” and jules is like “chill” then o ends up catching a fish and is like this is so excITE and they end up going fishing a lot more

*internal monologue song*

And now Tucker is asleep and Caboose is all alone in the daaaark! Aaand he’s still hungry and wants some cheezits and fruitroll ups but noooo because they are all eaten by Tucker and it’s all his fault that there is no good food around and Church won’t take Caboose to the store for foood shopping and CABOOSE CANT SEE THE PINK ARMOR PRIVATE DONUT BISCUIT CINNABON GIRL BECAUSE HE LIVES WITH THE MEDIC GUY AND OMALLEY WHO LIVED IN MY MIIIIIIIIND OR SOMETHING FOR A WHIIIILE