ima loser

what would the reactions of each block b member be if u were dating them and u were having really loud sex in the other room without knowing the others were in the room and when you finish the others knock at the door and yell "CONGRATS ON THE SEX" (gifs)

** pahahaha omg that would be most awkward, amazing, funny and annoying thing to ever happen but they would totally do that… Here you go, Enjoy <3 (P.S. sorry it took so long :(… )

“Get. The fuck. Out…. fo I kick ya asses!" 

*sings mockingly* "We had sex….. and you didn’t. Now fuck off." 

B bomb: 
"Yayyyyy, made a funny…. Bye…. go away…. like now…” *smiles to hide how much he wants to murder all of them*

“Can you like… not?!” *cute lil attitude*

“Oh yeahhhh… I’m cool now right, guys?” *swag*

“Oh meh god go away you losers!!!" 

"Ima kill all you when I’m done in here….” *aggressive mumble cursing*

*internal monologue song*

And now Tucker is asleep and Caboose is all alone in the daaaark! Aaand he’s still hungry and wants some cheezits and fruitroll ups but noooo because they are all eaten by Tucker and it’s all his fault that there is no good food around and Church won’t take Caboose to the store for foood shopping and CABOOSE CANT SEE THE PINK ARMOR PRIVATE DONUT BISCUIT CINNABON GIRL BECAUSE HE LIVES WITH THE MEDIC GUY AND OMALLEY WHO LIVED IN MY MIIIIIIIIND OR SOMETHING FOR A WHIIIILE