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Today was, by far, one of the most productive days of the month. Read up to half of Fangirl (hopefully finishing it within the week), rewritten all my notes, tried lettering (a newbie at this), 75% done with my chemistry lab full report and currently making my last edits on my 10-page essay. A good way to start the week, eh? :)

Maybe there’s just something about surviving 5 long exams and 2 paper deadlines in one week (a.k.a. hell week hahaha!). 

Anyway, I hope everyone a well-spent week ahead! :)

Carpe diem.


Some people have been asking me about what keeps me this positive. My answer? 5% of my day (I think) is composed of fantasizing about summer and THE Mafi-RIggs-Rossi book signing on April 26!!! ♥