Day 15/30: Who’s the funniest in the band?

Oh Will Jay.. There are no words to describe how funny this boy is to me, but I’ll try. He just embodies “goofy” and I love it. Sometimes I think he’s just funny without even meaning to be and doesn’t realize how funny he actually is. Like how could you not love this guy’s sense of humor? Plus, if I’m ever in serious need of nutella, I hope and pray that the Nutella Fairy will be there to help me out.

Day 01/30: Picture of your favorite IM5 boy? And why?

I absolutely admire Will Jay. It’s not even that he’s really attractive as a person–that’s honestly just an added bonus. It’s his passion that makes him my favorite. It seems that with whatever he does, he puts 150% into it–he gives his all and more. Whenever he performs, you can just feel how much he loves it through the way he smiles, how he executes each dance move with so much conviction, and how much love he shows to the fans. You can really tell that he loves what he does. After all, there’s a quote that goes, “Do what you love, love what you do,” and I think Will reflects that quote completely.

He’s just got such a beautiful, kind personality. He’s got a great sense of humor–I mean, just read his tweets. He’s performance-driven and hardworking–he’s been playing piano since the age of 4 and continues to excel as a writer. He’s family-oriented–despite the mean tweets from his brother or the “instilled fear” of his mom, you can tell that his family and the IM5 guys mean the world to him. 

Also, I feel like Will has a very big, very strong heart. He never lets the whole “We hate Will” thing–even from the rest of the guys–phase him. And to me, that shows just how forgiving he is and how deep he loves. He’s constantly reminding everyone on twitter how much he loves them and honestly, he’s just so wonderful for that. Love should be shown everyday, at any random moment, not just on Valentine’s day or on special occasions.

As cheesy as it is, Will Jay just has a very beautiful soul.

Day 07/30: Who would you want to be your best friend?

I would want Cole as my bestie. He’s just so positive and caring and lively as a person and I really admire that about him. I just feel like he’s got a really good attitude about everything and just wants what’s best for everyone. And I think he’d be really good at making people feel better. Like if one of the guys were just shunning me that day or anyone just being really rude or mean to me, he’d be there to comfort me and reassure me that there’s nothing wrong with me and they’re just being haters or whatever. Plus, I love Adventure Time so I feel like we could totally bond over that and just have awesome, mathematical Adventure Time marathons like OH MY GLOB. Yes, Cole would be the greatest bestie.

Day 02/30: Favorite IM5 bromance?

I like Wole. They just seem so funny and adorable together, like they always have each other’s backs and just want the best for each other—not to say that the other guys don’t all want the best for each other but I just feel like Will and Cole have this bond where they can talk to each other about anything from pizza to “serious” topics like girls and family and stuff. I feel like they have this intense bromance where if say, a random stranger on the street or on the internet were to say something as stupid and rude as “ching chong” to Will, Cole would go all out and just wail on whoever said that. I pray deep down that Cole refers to Will as “My Will,” just like “Nobody messes with my Will!” I just like Wole, don’t judge me please.

Day 05/30: Favorite picture of the band and a detailed description of why you love IM5. 

I love IM5 because they are a group of guys who genuinely love what they do. They are honestly such amazing, hardworking, and talented guys. And they’re so versatile too. Also, I know that other bands put an emphasis on brotherhood, but I really feel like they represent brotherhood and best friendship. If one of them were to get criticized or hurt by anyone, the others would fully defend him and have his back no matter what. To me, they are absolute brothers and despite the fact that I’m pretty sure they all know exactly how to piss each other off, they all know exactly how to make each other smile. I love that they don’t act as if there’s one leader, but that they are all equals and work as a unit–strong individually but unstoppable as a unit. Also, I really admire the fact that they’re so humble and are constantly reminding the fans how much they love the 5er nation. And I mean–just look at those strapping young lads, they’re all so handsome and attractive. I just love them so much ♡♡♡♡♡

Day 04/30: Which boy would you have as a brother?

I think I’d want Gabe as a brother. I just feel like he’d be really chill about stuff and want me to have fun, but still protect me like brothers should protect their sisters. I just think he’d be really cool and honest with me like if something I wore was cray cray looking, he’d tell me or if something I did was just rude/awful/mean, he’d tell me straight up. And also, I think he really loves spending time with family so we could just chill and watch The Dark Knight trilogy whenever and it would just be really cool. 

Day 16/30: How do you feel about the fanbase?

Honestly, I like the fandom. Even though each person has their own little sort of group that they’ve bonded and meshed with right away, it’s still a pretty good sense of community and everyone’s been really sweet so far. And the intense love for the guys really shows how true and faithful the 5ers are.

Everyone really contributes and cares for the guys and are amazing in that some are willing and able to go to every single performance/show/benefit the guys have or attend. The appreciation blogs are wonderful and really represent the fandom well. And I like that through the band, I’ve been welcomed into this incredible 5amily and have–at least I think I have–made some new, trustworthy friends in the process.

But, alas, I don’t exactly love the fandom just because the whole “new 5er,” “old 5er,” “fake 5er,” stuff is just dumb to me. It shouldn’t matter if you found IM5 when they were first starting out or if you found them through Disney Dudez. What matters is that the 5ers love and support the guys no matter what.

Also, it makes me sad that there are really hurtful things being said about the guys on certain “confession” blogs.. (no names shall be mentioned). I know that the confession blogs truly don’t mean any harm by it and that they do post really positive and sweet confessions too and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it just hurts to think that there are 5ers out there who would willingly put their negative comments about the guys online and the fact that it’s an anonymous thing is just sort of–for lack of a better word–cowardly to me. Like didn’t your parents ever teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all? And I mean, if you’re going to put your opinion out there, why do it through a middle man? Not to bash anyone who submits to the “confession” blogs but if you’re going to say your opinion about the boys, own up to it.

Last but not least, I know that we all love the guys. But to me, it’s more about infatuation with some of the 5ers. One of my favorite quotes is by the spiritual guru Osho: “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up, it will die and cease to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is appreciation.” If you don’t understand, let me try and elaborate. The boys, no matter what, will make their own decisions in life. They’ll grow, create more incredible music, fall in love, experience all the things that people need to experience in the process of growing up. Of course they’ll take the 5ers into account and consider what they’re saying, but at the end of the day, the guys will do what they want and we, as faithful 5ers, should support them. So if it goes around that, “I never liked/shipped Colassidy,” or “I’m sad that (so and so) are together, he deserves so much better,” it just disappoints me that the 5ers feel some sort of possession of the guys. Like the quote goes, “Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation." 

I know I’ll probably get some negative feedback for this but it’s just my honest opinion and our love for the guys is what should unite us, not tear us apart. That’s all I have to say.

Day 12/30: Least favorite boy?

In all honesty, I don’t have a least favorite boy. I just think they all bring something different and unique to the table. No one in the group really comes off as annoying or rude or awful to me, so I see no reason to have a least favorite. I love them all.

Day 03/30: As a 5er, how would you feel if the band broke up?

As a 5er, if the band broke up, sure I’d be a little devastated and heartbroken but at the same time, I’d have to respect the guys’ decisions. It’s about what the guys want and need, not just what I or the fans want from them. Let’s say if the break up were over some silly argument among whoever–then sure I’d formulate my own opinion of who was right or wrong but at the same time, I’d still just want each of the guys to be happy together as a brotherhood over being sad individually. Or if the break up were due to circumstances changing and the guys feeling too much pressure–mixed with dealing with business matters and growing up–then whatever the guys felt they needed to do would be fine by me. Or let’s say, if way down the line after years and years of growing gracefully and evolving into handsome, grown men (e.g. NSYNC), the guys just decided they needed to stop and continue or create new opportunities in life, then that would be fine with me. Or if doing this whole thing ever made them unhappy, then no one and not even the fans should force them into doing something they no longer love. Am I even making sense right now? Well, no matter the reason, I would just want what’s best for each of them because their happiness is what matters most.