Preference #8, IM5: You Wake Up Beside Him


Cole always went for a shower in the morning before you woke up, but today he lay there like a board. You laughed at his position, getting up and laying on his back and rubbing the heel of his foot with your feet. He groaned, rolling over and grabbing your hips to keep you still. You now sat on his lap, and as he looked up at you; you blushed. He waggled his eyebrows at you and uttered a saucy;

”Good morning, doll face. How you doin’?” with a horrible New Jersian accent. He smirked, pulling you down for a passionate kiss. You giggled into the kiss, and you both pulled away. 

“So, what do you want to do today, my prince?" You said, giving him a wink.

He sat up, giving you a hug when he got settled. ” Anything you want.“ He said, his nose trailing up your neck. You giggled at how ticklish it was, and you poked his face. He laughed, running a hand up your spine, and when you shivered, his face got red because he was laughing so hard. ” I love you, you know that. Right, Y/N?“ He said once he had calmed down. You nodded, kissing his forehead.



"Good morning, beautiful!" Dana said excitedly as you rolled over to face him. You were both entangled in the blankets together in the events from the past couple days, but you needed to be closer. Dana saw you struggling to move closer, so he took a hold of your waist and pulled you on top of him. You giggled, kissing his nose.

"Superman, Oh superman, how can you be so strong?"You sung, laughing in between words. Dana laughed, giving you a light kiss. 

"Because. Superman is in love, and love is the strongest power of all." You blushed, punching him lightly in the arm; 

"Such a dork, Dana." You said to him with a smirk.

He stood up, you attached to him like a koala; and he held you tightly as you both descended down the stairs. He placed you on the kitchen counter, then walked to the fridge to grab the milk. He stood in front of you, drinking the milk straight of the carton; which he knew you hated. You raised an eyebrow, and crossed your arms.

“You’re so lucky I love you, Dana.” You said, cracking a small smile. He put the carton down, and pulled the back of your knee up and put the other on your back.

"I know. You cant resist me." He smirked.


It was peaceful, sunshine peering in through your lilac coloured curtains, the birds chirping outside. Except for the loud snoring coming from the man beside you. You rub the sleep out of your eyes, and stretch over to clasp his nose with two fingers. He shudders, opening his dark eyes to glare at you. You move your fingers away, giggling as you curl close to him.

"Good morning, David…" You mumble into his chest, afterwards leaving a trail of kisses up to his neck. You begin to nuzzle him, and you can feel your eyes closing again.

 "I thought we were waking up." He whispered into your ear before carrying you to the living room. You were placed on David’s lap,  his one arm around you, and the other playing with the remote. “Fuck!” He said, hitting the remote against the coffee table. You giggled, wrapping your arms around him and pressing your head to his chest. His heartbeat was slow, but soothing. Some nights, that’s what put you to sleep. You smiled slightly before falling asleep again, your last sight being the Spiderman logo on the TV.


All the batman cartoons always played on Saturday mornings, and unfortunately for you, there was a TV at the foot of your bed. Gabe had the remote on his side, like usual, and when you awoke, he was struggling to find it. 

"Where’s the remote!? The Dark Knight is on and I’m missing it!" He screeched, patting down the bed sheets and covers frantically. You rubbed your eyes and rolled over, feeling a cold object beside you. It was the remote. You tapped his shoulder and held out the remote for him.

A huge smiled appeared on his face when he saw you, and in an instant, you were on his lap. Batman, the brave and the bold was on, and Gabe’s head was on your shoulder. He was focused on the TV, and you were happy he was enjoying himself. But, you didn’t really like Batman all that much. So, you positioned yourself to where your head was in his lap, and he was leaning back against the head board. You fell asleep in a matter of seconds. You fell asleep again..“ Gabe said quietly, returning his gaze from you to the TV with a small smile.


Will normally woke up early, but today was the first day off that he had in two months. And when he got the time to sleep, he slept all day. So, when you woke up to his light breathing, you smiled. He looked so peaceful, so happy. You giggled noticing that he wasn’t wearing any clothes due to the heat, and was only covered by the blanket you both shared. You pushed it over to him, and adjusted his pillow; before creeping out of the room. You made yourself a cup of tea and sat down in his chair adjacent from the TV. Doctor Who was on, which you didn’t like, but you wanted to stay comfortable.

After the episode was over, you put your empty cup in the sink, and when you trailed back, you saw Will coming down the stairs, wrapped inside in a blanket cocoon. 

"Baby?" He asked quietly, shuffling over to where you had been standing. He kissed your forehead, mumbling; “I woke up and you weren’t there.” You laughed, leading him over to the couch. After three more episodes of Doctor Who, Will had fallen asleep with his head in your lap.


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Preference #6, IM5 : He Gets Jealous


“You’re being stupid, Cole, the waiter is just being nice.” you say, rolling your eyes. Cole shakes his head.

“You’re stupid if you think boys are ever just being nice. He’s flirting with you. Right in front of me.” Cole says with irritation dripping from his voice.

“Stop being so paranoid, alright? I’m not gonna make out with the dude.” You reply. Cole breaks eye contact as the waiter in question walks back up to the table with our drinks. He’s handsome, dark brown hair that is slicked back from his face, eyebrows almost as powerful as Cole’s, strong jaw, pretty green eyes. But he wasn’t Cole. He gives you an alluring smirk as he reaches over to give you your lemonade. You look away sheepishly and catch the murderous glare of Cole, who had unfortunately noticed your exchange with the waiter.

“Actually, we have to go. ” Cole says quickly slapping a 20 on the table and getting up. The waiter looks up, surprised as Cole snatches you out of the booth. He drags you out of the restaurant, you stop walking and snatch your hand back.

“Cole, what the hell-”

He grabs you by the waist and pulls you to him, violently. He takes your face in both hands and kisses you, harshly, needily. At first you try and push him away. He was hurting you. But he seems to realize this. His grip on you softens. His lips more gentle. He pulls away, resting his forehead on yours. His thumb pad caresses your cheek.

“You’re mine.” he whispers. You smile.

“I’m yours.”


“Dana, Jesus Christ, will you let go of my waist?” You say as you try to pry his fingers off of you. You two were in a shopping mall and his hand was journeying dangerously close to your butt. However he doesn’t even hear you, but rather seems to be glaring at some cute boys in the corner. “Dana!” You say his name again. He is woken from his glare.

“Hm, what?” He says not really taking his eyes off the dudes in the corner. You tug at his hands.

“Let. Go. Of. Me.”


“No? It wasn’t exactly a question. Get the hell off me. In trying to look at clothes but you’ve got me in a death grip.” You snap at him. He rolls his eyes and bucks his head towards the guys in the corner who were looking your way.

“You see those dudes?” He says.

“Who? The ones you’ve been staring at the entire time we’ve been here? Nope. Don’t see em.”

“Don’t be a smart ass. Those guys were basically undressing you with their minds. And some other stuff too.” Stuff. You roll your eyes

“And how would you know that? Physic?” You say, mocking him. The cute guys were now looking away.

“Cause I did the same thing the first time I met you. And also I’m a dude.” He says matter-of-factly. You roll your eyes again.

“And here I was thinking you liked me for my personality, silly me.” You say now genuinely irritated. You try to pull away but Dana pulls you back, intertwining your fingers with his.

“Hey. It’s not like that. I like you for you. But in doing that I’m also gonna get a little jealous. Maybe over protective when I see guys looking at you like a piece of meat. Like those douches.”

You smile. “That’s cool, I guess.”


“You’re an idiot. No like really you’re a freaking dumbass. What is wrong with you?!” You shout as you storm out of the party. David follows close behind clutching his hand and cringing.

“Nothing’s wrong with me.” He says through strained breath. You whip around.

“You just punched a guy so hard he shattered his jaw and got us kicked out of the party. Now tell me again how nothing is wrong with you?” You seethe, eyebrow raised.

David groans. “ I had a reason.”

“Oh! You had a reason? Well that sets my mind at ease.” You snip sarcastically. David seemed to actually be intimidated by how angry you were.

“Look, baby, the guy was saying things about you while you were dancing okay? Gross things.” You roll your eyes.

“So you were like ‘I’m gonna punch this dude’ now it makes sense. ” you retort. David sighs seeing that he is getting nowhere.

“I’m your boyfriend. And hearing someone say those nasty things about you it just makes me so angry. I’m sorry I got us kicked out, but I love you too much to let someone disrespect you like that. Just don’t be mad at me.” He says still obviously in pain. You smile at him. He was defending your honor.  You hold his unbroken hand and gesture towards the car.

“C'mon, we’re going to the hospital. Even Spider-man isn’t invincible.”


“So who was that guy that was all over you in there?” Gabe said as you left your moms party. You had known this was coming but instead played dumb.

“Who?” You replied falsely. Of course you knew exactly who he was referring to. A family friend who you’d known your whole life, Jacob. And it was true, he had refused to leave your side except to get you food and beverages. It was sweet but in the back of your mind you knew Gabe was going to chastise you the minute you left. And oh look, you’d been right.

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N. I know you like the attention.” He says getting into the drivers side if his car.

“So now I’m an attention whore, thanks babe.” You say sarcastically. Of course you knew he wasn’t implying that. But twisting his words, you found, was the only way to win an argument. You see, unlike other guys, Gabe saw no reason to let the girl win in an argument in which she was wrong. And you were almost always wrong in his eyes.

“I didn’t say that….you’re not an attention whore.”

And now you’re winning .“So then what am I, Gabe? Please enlighten me.”

He rolls his eyes as he begins to pull onto the street. “Frustrating.”


“We were just talking. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” You say rolling your eyes.

“Oh nooooo. That was not talking. That was flirting. He was flirting and you were flirting right back, almost as if you didn’t have a dedicated boyfriend who is at your beck and call.” He retorted. Some guy had asked you for directions and then proceeded to engage you in a five minute conversation, you had just been being nice.

“I was being nice. Am I not allowed to speak to the male species? Is that a new rule?” You say, irritated.

“Me, your dad, the boys. Those are the males you can be nice to,” he says sounding a bit amused. He wraps his handaround yours And with that the argument was over. Arguments between you two hardly ever lasted a few minutes because of Will’s goofy disposition. You laugh.

“Good to know. ”

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I’m not on drugs. 💊 || ColeIM5 #im5

Okaaaay, I hate to say this but I really don’t want a new member. I’m sorry, but I just don’t. There was already enough drama with Dalton leaving, then David joining, then David leaving. It’s obvious that Gabe, Cole, Will and Dana are there to stay. Why can’t they just be IM5 with 4? IM5 doesn’t really “mean” anything or so they have said in interviews, so why fix something that’s not broken?

IM5 Dalton Rapattoni Imagine: For Cassandra

You were at the mall doing some therapy shopping seeing as you had bad week. You came across a beautiful sapphire blue dress with an elegant black lace ribbon draped across the torso. Instantly falling in love with it, you admired it closely. Peeking at the price tag, your face fell in disappointment. Being a struggling broke college student, you just couldn’t afford it. Sighing unhappily, you placed the dress back and continued to search through the racks of clothing. 

“Excuse me?” You look up at the incredibly handsome boy addressing you. “Do you mind helping me? I’m looking for a dress as a present to my sister and I’m not very good at shopping. She looks about your size and you seem to have the same style as her. If it isn’t too much trouble, can you please help me out?” Smiling at the boy who seemed so desperately lost, you couldn’t possible refuse.

“No problem. Whats the occasion?” I ask.

He shrugged and mutters, “I want to cheer her up. She seems a bit down.”

Nodding, the two of you wander around the store and trying to find a nice dress. Whilst searching, he makes small talk and you find out his name is Dalton Pendery. Also, you can’t help but notice how personable he is and how much you both have in common. You pass the blue dress you had wanted earlier and sigh. Handing it to Dalton, you say, “This dress is perfect. But it’s a bit pricey.”

Without a glance at the price tag, he goes over to the cash register and purchases it. When he finishes up and sincerely thanks you, you prepare to say goodbye. Before you could leave, Dalton gives you the bag with the gorgeous blue dress in it. Shooting him a quizzical look, you ask him what he was doing.

“I lied. I wasn’t shopping for my sister. I saw you admiring this dress and thought that a beautiful girl like you deserves a beautiful dress.” Dalton explains sheepishly.

Taken back, you shake your head. “I appreciate it but there is no I could possibly accept this. It’s really sweet, Dalton, but it’s just too much.” You try slipping it into his hands but he won’t take no for an answer.

“Please. Just take it. I want you to have it. Really. And I know the perfect place you can wear it.” He tells me.

“Where?” I ask curiously.

“To dinner with me Saturday night?”