AU: You’re Will’s girlfriend and while the boys are on tour you and Will talk to each other all the time in an attempt to not let the distance get between your relationship. An interviewer asks which of the boys is late the most and the boys go psycho in laughter as they explain why Will is always late. He gets caught up in something one night and you fall asleep before you guys facetime and he gets very sad that he won’t get to see your beautiful face until the next day

IM5 imagine

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You stand on Will’s front porch shivering as the rain pelts at your skin, mixing with your tears.
He finally opens the door, eyes widening with shock as he sees you. “Oh my god y/n. What happened?”
You practically fall into his arms. “Can I come in?”
Wordlessly, he nods, letting you in. You change into some of his clothes, and once you are warm again, you explain. “I caught Cole cheating. He wants to get back together but I just… I can’t trust him anymore.”
Will’s jaw clenches angrily. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe him.” He says in an angry tone that you had never heard gentle sweet Will use before. “You’re staying the night here. Actually, you’re staying here until you get everything sorted out.”
“Thanks Will.” You say with a small sad smile.
“You must be tired.” He says, and prepares the couch as a bed for you.
Gratefully you climb under the warm blankets. “You’re my best friend. I’m here for you no matter what. Goodnight y/n.”
“Goodnight Will.”
You awake the next morning to frantic pounding on Will’s front door. Before you can even get up, you hear the door open and an angry hiss from Will, “You can’t see her. I can’t believe you would do this to her!”
“Please.” Your heart aches at the painfully familiar voice. Cole. There’s a scuffling sound as Cole pushes past Will into the house. Quickly you close your eyes, pretending to sleep, not wanting to face Cole yet.
You sense him standing by the couch, unsure of what to do.
“Let her be.” Will whispers angrily.
You take the opportunity to sneak a look at Cole through a partially opened eyelid. He’s a mess, hair disheveled and eyes red and bloodshot like he’s been crying.
He reaches out a hand, like he’s going to touch your hair. Will grabs his arm before he can reach you. The look of regret on Cole’s face is almost enough to make you want to get up and pull him into a hug, reassure him that everything is okay.
But you don’t.
Instead you watch as he looks again at your sleeping figure. “Y/N… I’m so sorry. I love you.” He whispers before letting Will push him out of the house.

Heartless AU

first of all, lemme apologize for the shitty edit. i don’t do edits.

so this was inspired by this post that I saw describing the boys’ heartless music video & it kind of led to this :)

also, anything that is written here, I don’t believe any of the boys would do. this is just my rendition of the heartless video.

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** contains swearing & kind of scary scenes **

Heartless AU

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IM5 Prince AU: Pretentious. Withdrawn. Devoted. Wholesome. Warmhearted.

A prince can be a lot of things but their personality defines them the most. Life isn’t always easy even when you can have practically anything in the palm of your hands in an instant. Trust, love and betrayal are all at risk. However, that never crosses their minds – their own happy ending is what they strive for. They take any and all measurements needed to get what they want.


: You are an actress and Cole has a massive celebrity crush on you. You had been a closet fan of IM5 for a long time so you were shocked and excited at the fact that Cole was a fan of you as well. The two of you met in person at one of your movie premieres, he asked you for your number, and you guys had been texting ever since.

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AUDalton as the punk rock kid who blasts heavy metal from his dorm room so that the whole hall can hear him rocking out. With his piercings, tattoos, guyliner, and black tank tops for days, it’s easy to be intimidated by Dalton. After all he’s in a rock band with his best friends from back home that has a heavy online following. Since most people in the dorm hall are too afraid to approach him, many don’t find out about Dalton’s softer side that wouldn’t mind serenading the girl he’s crushing on and likes jam sessions on his acoustic guitar just as much as the next guy who brags about knowing how to play ‘Wonderwall’ in the common room.


AUCole as the frat boy in college. As a proud brother of Phi Kappa Tau, Cole knows a good party when he sees one. He’s outgoing and fun to party with but also sets his limits when he knows he has a big midterm coming up or an early morning class the next day. Despite his popularity amongst his fraternity brothers and the sorority down the street, he tends to have a soft spot for the cute and quiet girl that sits in the front of his 8 AM Psychology lecture - which could also be the only reason he actually bothers to show up to a class so early in the day. Too bad she thinks he’s just your typical frat boy… Cole is determined to prove to her that she’s so much more.