Heartless AU

first of all, lemme apologize for the shitty edit. i don’t do edits.

so this was inspired by this post that I saw describing the boys’ heartless music video & it kind of led to this :)

also, anything that is written here, I don’t believe any of the boys would do. this is just my rendition of the heartless video.

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** contains swearing & kind of scary scenes **

Heartless AU

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AU: You’re Will’s girlfriend and while the boys are on tour you and Will talk to each other all the time in an attempt to not let the distance get between your relationship. An interviewer asks which of the boys is late the most and the boys go psycho in laughter as they explain why Will is always late. He gets caught up in something one night and you fall asleep before you guys facetime and he gets very sad that he won’t get to see your beautiful face until the next day

IM5 imagine

A/N: you guys voted on who you wanted this to be about, so here goes!

You stand on Will’s front porch shivering as the rain pelts at your skin, mixing with your tears.
He finally opens the door, eyes widening with shock as he sees you. “Oh my god y/n. What happened?”
You practically fall into his arms. “Can I come in?”
Wordlessly, he nods, letting you in. You change into some of his clothes, and once you are warm again, you explain. “I caught Cole cheating. He wants to get back together but I just… I can’t trust him anymore.”
Will’s jaw clenches angrily. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe him.” He says in an angry tone that you had never heard gentle sweet Will use before. “You’re staying the night here. Actually, you’re staying here until you get everything sorted out.”
“Thanks Will.” You say with a small sad smile.
“You must be tired.” He says, and prepares the couch as a bed for you.
Gratefully you climb under the warm blankets. “You’re my best friend. I’m here for you no matter what. Goodnight y/n.”
“Goodnight Will.”
You awake the next morning to frantic pounding on Will’s front door. Before you can even get up, you hear the door open and an angry hiss from Will, “You can’t see her. I can’t believe you would do this to her!”
“Please.” Your heart aches at the painfully familiar voice. Cole. There’s a scuffling sound as Cole pushes past Will into the house. Quickly you close your eyes, pretending to sleep, not wanting to face Cole yet.
You sense him standing by the couch, unsure of what to do.
“Let her be.” Will whispers angrily.
You take the opportunity to sneak a look at Cole through a partially opened eyelid. He’s a mess, hair disheveled and eyes red and bloodshot like he’s been crying.
He reaches out a hand, like he’s going to touch your hair. Will grabs his arm before he can reach you. The look of regret on Cole’s face is almost enough to make you want to get up and pull him into a hug, reassure him that everything is okay.
But you don’t.
Instead you watch as he looks again at your sleeping figure. “Y/N… I’m so sorry. I love you.” He whispers before letting Will push him out of the house.

Heart of Gold: Prince David

Author’s Notes: I’m just on a roll this week :D Anyway, I’d like to congratulate the winners again (I can’t thank you enough). Anyway, feedback is definitely appreciated! I hope you like this chapter :)

What David hated the most about fencing class was that he didn’t even have to try. Since he was the prince, his classmates would let him win. Most people would say that he was exaggerating but he experimented once by fencing really badly and he still won.

He was the type of person who loved a challenge and when presented with one, he won’t back down. So fencing was probably the lamest training session his parents put him in. All the other training classes acknowledge his royal lineage but treat him as a normal student. But in fencing, he is always Prince David, the heir to the Chicago throne and he hated that so much.

There was more to him than the crown. But will they listen? Never.

“Your Highness!” David winces at the royal title, clenching his fists slightly. When he turned around, he saw a little boy run up to him, tripping over his own feet as he went. His glare softened a bit at the sight of the boy scrambling over to him and he unclenched his fists. When the boy was close enough, David knelt down in front of him.

“Your highness! You were amazing today! I want to be just like you when I grow up.” The awe and reverence in this boy’s eyes made David’s heart soar. “Why thank you little man but you don’t have to call me your highness. You can just call me David.”

The boy shook his head so hard that it looked like it was about to fall off. “Oh no your highness. My mom said that’s disrespect.”

“Well, it’s more disrespectful to not comply to a Prince’s orders. You don’t want to tell your mom that…” The boy shook his head again, making the young prince smile. “There you go. Now, what’s your name?”


“Alright Jordan, you promise not to call me ‘your highness’ and I promise to give you private fencing lessons.” Jordan’s shocked expression and then his excited smile was a sight to see. “Deal?” he stuck out his hand for Jordan to shake and, after a few seconds of awed staring, he shook it with vigor. “You got it your- I mean David.”

The boy’s mother called for him so David fist bumped him and allowed him to go back to her. The prince watched him with a smile, running a hand through his hair. “Prince David? Your car awaits.” He looked up at his personal attendant and stylist, Jeffrey, bringing his training bag over his shoulder.

Jeffrey gave him one of those judgemental once-overs that he has long been able to get used to. Before he was able to say anything, David held his hands up in mock surrender. “Yeah I get it Jeffrey, I look like a train wreck.” The brunette looked at him with a cocked eyebrow and sighed. “It’s not just that. David, you’re going to a party tonight. You cannot look like Kim Kardashian pregnant.”

David rolled his eyes, throwing an arm around Jeffrey’s shoulder. His disgusted expression made the young prince laugh. “How would I look without you?” Jeffrey scoffed, slapping his arm away. “Like a christmas tree on fire, I hope.” The stylist started walking away to the exit, calling for the prince to hurry up.

David was honestly grateful for Jeffrey. If it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t be the grounded yet fashionable prince that he was today. He’s known Jeffrey for 10 years and through those years, he has become his best friend, stylist and confidant. He may be sassy and a little over the top but that’s what made him Jeffrey. “Are you coming or not?” He called over his shoulder and David snapped put of his thoughts to follow his attendant into their awaiting car.

“Alright, Prince Dana of Pennsylvania has invited several princes to his birthday party tonight. That means it’s a party where you can wear something fashionable yet casual rather than that ratchet ass cape you’re usually required to wear.” At the mere mention of the cape, Jeffrey scrunched his nose up in disgust. David shifted in his seat into a more comfortable position, watching as his stylist tapped rapidly across his phone.

“So I’m allowed to wear sneakers?” The fashionable brunette looked at David for a split second before diverting his gaze back to his phone. “If they’re good looking shoes then fine.” David did a little fist pump and Jeffrey just rolled his eyes at him. “Anyway, we need to shop for a gift. Would you like to come or not?”

“No. I trust you to pick the perfect gift.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, David! Now, I already laid out everything on your bed except for shoes. I trust you to pick the perfect shoes to match your outfit.” Just as he said that, the driver pulled up in front of the gates of his castle. David got out, waved at Jeffrey and was escorted into his home.

"Prince David! Prince David!” He turned around to see one of the servants run towards him. He stopped her by her shoulders, making her look him in the eye. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She was hyperventilating at this point so he let her go, allowing her to breathe properly. After a few long minutes of comforting and soothing words, she was finally able to speak.

“Your father has not woken up yet, your grace.” Without another warning, David dropped his training bag and sprinted in the direction of the master bedroom. There were servants running around with towels and medicine outside of his room. His heart constricted as he tried to move through the throng of frantic maids and butlers.

He finally got to the door, forcing it open with all the strength he could muster. David stood in the doorway, his heart sinking to his chest as he looked at his bedridden father. He felt the world come crashing down on his shoulders. His mother sat next to the bed, stroking the back of his hand with tears streaming down her face. “David…” Her voice broke as she spoke his name and he quickly knelt by her side.

She finally broke down into loud, shrieking sobs against his body. He held her shaking form, also taking his father’s still hand tightly. “Dad, please wake up.” He gritted his teeth together, trying in vain not to cry. He couldn’t completely hold his emotions in as his mother’s own tears soaked his shirt. When his father still did not open his eyes, he brought both arms around his mom.

He watched and watched and watched but nothing changed. The only movement from the king was the slow rise and fall of his chest. He knew that the day was bound to come. His father suffered from a lung disease for 5 years. He had trouble leaving the bed without his mother or several servants to help him. He was young yet the youthful vigor had left him years ago.

As he tried to get a hold of his emotions, his mind wandered to the dreadful day that his father dies. Only 2 months after that, assuming his mother would decline to rule alone, would he be crowned the new king of Chicago. His heart started beating faster at the thought. He was not ready to rule an entire kingdom yet. He was still clumsy, spontaneous and sometimes even brainless.

He would burn the kingdom in under a month.

He glanced at his ailing father once more, suddenly more aware of the responsibilities and hardships thrust upon him as well. He grabbed a hold of his hand again, now understanding how much strength his dad has. He always took that endurance for granted and now, he is much more appreciative of it. “Don’t go yet dad. I still have so much to learn.” As he said this, he realized his mother had cried herself to sleep.

David kissed the top of her head, whispering promises he will surely keep. He carried her unto the bed, bringing the blanket over both of his parents. Just as he was about to leave, Jeffrey ran into the room, a frantic look in his eyes. He spotted David and his body relaxed. They both stared at each other, David’s eyes just a little bit (or a lot) moist. The future king need not say anything as Jeffrey walked forward swiftly and opened his arms.

David didn’t need to be told twice, falling into the comforting embrace of his stylist. He finally let the dams break, wailing and bawling into the perfectly pressed shirt against him. Jeffrey continued to hold the younger boy, not saying a word.

Author’s Notes: I’d like to remind everyone that these are all Fictional Events. Nothing like this happened in real life. These are all the product of my imagination. :)


IM5 Prince AU: Pretentious. Withdrawn. Devoted. Wholesome. Warmhearted.

A prince can be a lot of things but their personality defines them the most. Life isn’t always easy even when you can have practically anything in the palm of your hands in an instant. Trust, love and betrayal are all at risk. However, that never crosses their minds – their own happy ending is what they strive for. They take any and all measurements needed to get what they want.


: You are an actress and Cole has a massive celebrity crush on you. You had been a closet fan of IM5 for a long time so you were shocked and excited at the fact that Cole was a fan of you as well. The two of you met in person at one of your movie premieres, he asked you for your number, and you guys had been texting ever since.

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