im5 ustreams

A summary of the IM5 ustream
  • Gabe is 200% done with all of us
  • IM5 doesn’t know how to fix lighting
  • David has a nice butt
  • Cole likes nectarines
  • They’re going to wax David’s legs (and film it!) at the LA meet and greet
  • They’re recording a full cover of Bailando and releasing that soonish?
  • The single they said would be coming out in early October is being delayed so it can be better
  • Will talked about his anaconda
  • Dana hasn’t done that stupid picture from Twitter yet because none of the sinks in his house are right for it or whatever
  • Cole and Dana shared a huggle
  • Cole wants to break the world record for longest kiss
  • David wants to break the world record for longest cuddle
  • The next ustream will be less than six months from now because it’s been forever since the last one and that was lame

Basically, the boys are a bunch of idiots, but we knew that already. :)


IM5 Ustream Songs Compilation; a little throwback for ya! (: