im5 quotes

Interviewer: Who's single, who's dating, how we feeling about girls, what's going on with life...?
  • Boys: So, uhm, we're in a, welll... (all at once)
  • Will: Sorry to tell you guys, but I'm off the-I'm, psh no, I'm single.
  • Cole: I have said this in multiple interviews; We are-meh-the most important girls in our lives, are you guys (points to screen) Is the 5ers, so uhm, we're in a relationship with you guys, so...
  • Will: And our mothers! Because-
  • Boys: We're not, I'm not, Ahg!
  • Dana: I'm NOT in a relationship with my mom!
  • Cole: We're not in a relationship with our mothers, but-
  • Will: I'm saying 'the most important women in our lives,' that doesn't mean dating! Are you kidding me??"