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Preference #43: They're In A Gang, And You Like A Member

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Will: You didn’t know why you liked him. The fact that he was in a gang made it worse. You had to work with Will on a project for English. He refused to step in your neighborhood, so you had to go to his. It didn’t seem that bad when you arrived, but you still rushed towards his door, and knocked. The door flung open, to reveal a shirtless Will; revealing tattoos you hadn’t seen before. He motioned you in, and slammed the door shut. “Okay, I think we should research on red pandas,” you told him setting your bag down, and sitting on the couch. He chuckled, “I didn’t call you here so we could work on the project,” he said sitting down next to you. You gulped never actually being this close to him before. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked, you shook your head. “Why did you call me here then?” you asked finding your voice, he bit his lip, and smirked at you. “I see the way you look at me,” he said moving closer. You sucked in a breath, “I wanted to see for myself. Do you have feelings for me Y/N?” Will asked brushing a stray hair from your face. You were lost for words, sure you had feelings for him, who wouldn’t. “Cat got your tongue,” he muttered, kissing your neck. You squeaked, “I um, I just-I thought,” you started rambling. He lifted his head, and laughed, “Thought so,” he said moving away from you. You let out the breath you were holding, and he raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I do like you, so what,” you said gaining confidence, Will smiled. “You sure you can handle what I go through?” he asked leaning back and closing his eyes. You scoffed, “I can handle anything,” you said rolling  your eyes. He opened his, and pulled you closer, “Alright, I’ll take you out,” he said going to kiss your neck again.

Cole: You were hanging out under the bleachers while everyone else was either roaming around, or watching the game. This wasn’t your usual spot, but you desperately wanted to see Cole. He was in a gang, and this bad side of him made you want him more. Your dad wanted you to be with someone of high value, the snobbish type. Thing was you went for more of the bad guys, half of it was to spite your father, and the other half was because you liked adventure. Cole was the perfect fit he was both arrogant, and hot headed. Not to mention the fact that he was extremely good looking. You could barely see only the thin slicing of light flowing throw the feet of the crowd lit your way. “Who’s there!?” someone shouted, you could see the glowing tip of a cigarette, and smell the smoke. It was more light from where they were, “Um hi,” you said reaching them. “Y/N?” Cole questioned coming from the shadows, tossing down the cigarette, and stepping on it. “Yeah, hey Cole,” you said walking over to him. He stared at you, “What are you doing back here?” he asked looking at the other guys behind him. “I wanted to hang out,” you told him, “You said that you and your crew would be back here during the game.” You could see him roll his eyes in the dim lighting. “You sure you can hang?” he asked crossing his arms. You nodded, and he sighed. “Alright, you’re not a nark are you?” he asked before leading you back to where he was. You shook your head, and he smiled. “Little Miss Princess taking a ride on the wild side, I like it,” he said grabbing your hand, and introducing you to the guys. 

Dana: You woke up to the sound of smashing coming from downstairs. The neighborhood you lived in was fairly decent. Crime was low, but there was gang violence every now in then. Your parents worked late shifts, so you were home alone for most nights. You grabbed the bat you kept in the closet, and crept your way downstairs. You could hear voices, and it sounded like they were arguing. You peaked in the living room, and saw four guys sprawled around. One guy was on the couch yelling, “I told you they would pull some shit, I told you!” he yelled. Your cat brushed under your leg, and meowed. You shushed him, and kept looking. They had guns in their hands, and you quickly tried to run to the kitchen to get the phone, but was caught by someone. “Where do you think you’re going,” he said, “Guys I got someone!” He dragged you into the living room. “Let me go you asshole!” you yelled struggling in his arms. “Fuck, why’d you choose this house,” the guy on the couch said, he sounded familiar, and you stopped struggling to look at him. “Dana?” you asked, he rolled his eyes. The guy that was holding you, sat you down on your feet. You turned to look at the rest of them, sure enough it was his friends. They all went to school with you, and you had a thing for Dana since the eighth grade. “Why’d you break into my house?” you asked them, sitting next to Dana. You glanced down at the guns, “We had business that took a turn for the worst,” he said, “We needed a hide out. Don’t worry they didn’t follow us here.” You sighed in relief, and settled in more. Dana looked at you, “You broke my window,” you mumbled looking over to it. He sighed, “I’ll make it up to you,” he said throwing an arm around you. “Until then, can we stay the night?” he asked smirking.

Gabe: You didn’t know how you ended up in this mess. All you wanted to do was get a snack from the convenient store. Right when you walked out, the shooting started. Of course it was gangs, thing was gang violence barely happened where you lived. You screamed, and ducked trying to figure out where to go. That’s when you felt the arm wrap around your waist, and the person pulled you from the line of fire. “What the hell is wrong with you!” the guy yelled. You caught a glimpse of a gun, and ducked as he pulled it out, firing from where you were. You looked up seeing the familiar raven colored hair. “Gabe?” you asked, he glance over to you, then back across the street. “Who’s the chick?” some guy yelled turning back to look at you. It looked like he groaned, “What is she doing here!?!” he shouted at Gabe. Gabe stopped firing, and crawled over to you. “She was out in the open, I had to get her out of there,” he responded. He looked you over making sure you didn’t get hit, “We need to leave now!” another voice chimed in. You looked back to see Cole, a member of Gabe’s gang. The two guys nodded, and Gabe picked you up. You weren’t the best runner, and he knew that. You snuggled into his embrace a bit, even though Gabe was in a gang you had lots of feelings for him. Not to mention he used to be your best friend when the both of you were younger. They stopped shooting, and ran. You grasped onto Gabe tightly, and soon you made it to his house. “Why were you just standing there?” Gabe asked setting you down on the couch. You shrugged, “I wasn’t thinking,” you told him, he sighed glad that you were alright. He didn’t know what he would do if he ever lost you, that’s why he pushed you away when he started the gang; you were his weakness.  

David: You watched as David made the transaction. The guy slipped him some money, and he gave him the weed. You rolled your eyes, trying to figure out why you had feelings for this guy. David looked around then left, you don’t know why, but you decided to follow him. He walked into a house, and you knew you shouldn’t sneak into others homes, but you did anyway. Looking around, you could hear chattering from downstairs. You followed the voices, and stopped in front of a door. It opened, and David ran into you, “What the hell,” he said looking up. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” he asked. You looked behind him to see a four guys bagging stuff. David noticed, and quickly slammed the door. “You just broke into my home,” he said crossing his arms, and staring at you. You were lost for words, “Sorry, I just. What were they doing?” you asked him. David grabbed your forearm pulling you back upstairs. “You don’t need to know,” he said harshly. You frowned, and he sighed. “Want something to eat?” he asked voice softening. David walked to the kitchen, and you followed. He started getting stuff out to make a sandwich, and you spoke up. “You know you can get arrested for selling that stuff,” you stated. He groaned, “I don’t need you nagging me Y/N,” he said, “Besides we’re careful.” You sat down at the table, and he looked over to you. “I can take care of myself,” he reassured. You had always been like this, ever since David met you. “Babe, it’s fine,” he said, you rolled your eyes at him. “I’m not your babe,” you mumbled grabbing the sandwich, even though you secretly wish you were.


Picture Preference // IM5 // One of the boys tweets a picture of you two sleeping

(y/s/n = your ship name)


@coleim5: im offended. we were watching star wars.


@danaim5: these two forgot we were coming over again lol


@willjayim5: i dont know whether to be happy because this is cute or sad because i dont have a ride home…


@gabeim5: came back from the washroom to find these two sleepy heads #y/s/n❤


@davidchrisim5: third weelin'😎 (i felt like a stalker when i took this lol)