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My Brain: Hey don’t you remember in IM3 that Tony had a telescope pointing out the window in his bedroom like how many times do you think he couldn’t sleep and spent hours watching the stars to make sure there was no portal in the sky

Me: What the fuck brain

My Brain:

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Okay, but can we talk about how - in The Avengers - Tony said, “You may have missed a few things doing time as a Capsicle.” And the next time we saw Steve, he was working his way through a list of things that he’d missed?

Can we talk about how - in The Avengers - Steve said, “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off and what are you?” And the next time we saw Tony, he was haunted by the fear that, in the face of gods, aliens, and other dimensions, he really was nothing more than a man in a can?

Can we talk about how important mutual respect was, and is, to both Tony and Steve?

Can we talk about how much care the IM3 and Cap 2 teams treated Joss Whedon’s narrative with?

And can we talk about how much better Age of Ultron would have been if Whedon had treated their narratives with the same level of care?


STEVETONY REDUX: IM3 or sometimes tony needs saving. — most of the time though? he can handle it himself.

littleostentatious  asked:

Meta about Maya and her views on Tony, post IM3? (I'm egotistical, love me)

send  me  meta  topics  meme !   /     always  accepting , but   especially  right  now !    
WARNING :  it  might  take  me  a  week  to  do  because  it  gets  so  fucking  long ,    but  i  love  these  more  than  life  itself .

this  became  a  seven  part  essay  with  mcu  and  comic  references ;     i  would  apologize except ,  to  quote   littleostentatious personally ,     “BRIEF  IS  FOR  PEOPLE  WITHOUT  FEELINGS”

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concept: a gifset compiling instances where tony and pepper are speaking or thinking or reacting to each other when the other isn’t looking


- at the first IM1 press conference when rhodey asks why tony told everyone to sit down and she’s all smiley and fond like “don’t look at me, i don’t know what he’s up to”
- “he’s a complicated person. he’s been through a lot, i think he’ll be alright”
- pepper calling rhodey after finding out about obadiah to ask him to make sure tony is ok
- pepper watching the live “i am iron man” press conference on the TV backstage
- trying to placate rhodey when he’s mad at tony during tony’s IM2 birthday party
- her super worried face re: tony in monaco when she’s still inside and watching the assassination attempt on TV
- her first meeting with killian in IM3 when she’s respecting what she thinks tony’s opinion would be re: funding extremis
- yelling tony’s name after he fell in the water
- pressing tony’s helmet against her forehead
- “you think he’s gonna help you, he won’t”
- her face when tony’s surgeon gives her and rhodey a thumbs-up
- this is absolutely fucking atrocious she loves him so much


- ha
- oh boy
- here we go
- the way his eyes widen in IM1 when stane threatens pepper
- smiling at pepper’s gift
- regaining consciousness after a near-cardiac arrest and clinging to rhodey like “WHERES PEPPER”
- figuring out the IM2 hammerdrones are rigged to blow and instantly worrying about pepper
- that scene of pepper looking up at him that flashed in his IM3 nightmare
- waking up in tennessee like “i gotta get pepper”
- reacting to pepper’s torture
- (and honestly go beyond the obvious stuff that’s been gif’d a million times with the item above, i’m talking about AFTER maya hansen interrupts them while killian was choking tony and he turns to maya all annoyed and as he talks you can still see tony squirming in the background and his face is doing so many things SOMEBODY ZOOM IN ON THIS)
- “she still has her soul”
- “she was already perfect”
- reacting to pepper’s fall
- bragging about pepper in AoU
- “JARVIS runs SI more than anyone besides pepper”
- his “so we get to go home” line counts because we all know who’s included in the “home” deal
- every time he brings her up in cap 3 honestly. his face when he sees her name in the teleprompter
- “i don’t want to lose her, i thought the accords could split the difference”
- “i always pictured you as a redhead” “you must be thinking of someone else” “must be”


captain america: the first avenger // iron man 3

by the way did y'all catch how tony’s old man belly high key started really obviously showing in cap 3

my god i’m such a slut for my squishy human son who’s legitimately growing OLD and TIRED and the SKIN ON HIS FACE IS KINDA SAGGY like have you LOOKED AT HIM DURING THAT FINAL BIT WITH RHODEY like please gosh