im..not really pleased with how this looks

  • Me: *despises thinking about myself in sexual situations
  • Me: *finds other people pleasing to look at but gets wierded out at the thought of sex
  • Me: *is generally uncomfortable when it comes to sex
  • Also me: but am i really asexual

Am I the only one who is really concerned about Alec regarding the episode 10 synopsis and stills.Because not only is he nowhere to be seen but we also see  Magnus who looks extremely distressed. The synopsis stated that there wil be an attack on the institute by Valentine, I have a feeling he might single Alec out in particular. because:

Alec is Jace’s parabatai, and we know how Val feels about those.Alec is in love with a downworlder, one who Valentine is familiar with and probably really fucking hates.And Alec “killed” Jocelyn, Valentines’s ex-wife.

now im scared…..please leave my son alone

some things to note about this image

  • for once dimple makes an appearence without the god damn stupid fucking security guard thank fucking god 
    • please look at his tiny hands thats fucking adorable….
  • teru, just in general, i dont feel like i need to point out anything really specific here heres just a general gesture toward. teru. its teru
  • there is no fucking way reigens legs are fitting inside that small space im sorry but u can fucking convince me my suspension of disbelief just can go that far 
  • is mob…..standing up
  • also please notice how hes holding his arms……..whats he doing……..
  • tome mezato and tsubomi…..good fucking content………
  • i cant fucking comprehend musashi right now thats the thing thats fucking me up the most about this image is he in the car??? is he standing up perfectly straight like sideways in the car???? theres wind effects on everybody else but not on musashi hes just unaffected by everything in this image???????? HE LOOKS SO OUT OF PLACE MY BRAIN CANT FUCKING COMPREHEND IT
Is Victor actually learning Japanese OMG

Don’t know if this makes sense, I just noticed it now

In ep10 Victor is taking photos for Chris at the pool …

… using his own phone


In the ED of ep10 both Victor, Chris and Yurio’s phones were shown

This one is Chris’ , in English

This is Yurio’s, obviously in Russian and look how he cares about Yuuri he got 33 photos that night

And this is Victor’s

English right? And I love that his latest photo in the album is our drunk cinnamon roll Yuuri

Remember that instagram Victor let Yuuri take for him and Makkachin in ep02?



We all know how Yuuri learnt Russian vocab like “вкусно” and “Спасибо” from Victor, but I’ll be really happy to know that Victor is also learning Japanese because he met Yuuri <3

also! while i am on the topic of skin tone, here are some tones i have color picked off pictures of myself in different lighting from my mom’s facebook (lmao). my birthday is coming up, and several people have messaged me about drawing me, so here is how my skin looks in different lighting! i actually get really dark in summer bc it’s so damn sunny.. i usually draw myself as the middle one.

also please don’t draw me white?? i keep having this problem? i am not white.

ok but consider this: destiel pokémon go au
  • dean bumping into cas while walking around the street looking for pokémon
  • dean and cas meeting for the first time at a poké stop and they end up getting along well so they decide to continue looking for pokémon together
  • dean being in team valor and cas in team mystic and cas keeps taking over dean’s gyms and dean is pissed as hell
  • cas using a lure and dean being able to catch a high CP pokémon because of the lure so dean comes up to thank cas personally
  • dean and cas as best friends who are competing against each other to see who can hatch their eggs the fastest (cas winning in the end is technically unfair cause he’s a goddamn runner)
  • sam accidentally hearing dean and cas groaning in the same room and sprinting away because he thought dean and cas were having sex but they actually just got cut off from pokémon go’s server
  • dean and cas as best friends hunting for pokémon together and dean keeps yelling ridiculous poké stop names out loud while cas rolls his eyes affectionately
  • “dean i thought you told me that you were going to actually jog with me for real this time” “no but cas listen there’s a pikachu just right over there
  • dean blushing violently when cas finds out that dean names all of his pokémon after classic rock bands
  • dean as a cop who has to pull cas over for driving too slow and turns out it’s because he was driving while playing pokémon go
  • cas wanting to come into a coffee shop because there’s a pokémon inside and dean is the coffee shop owner who has a “pokémon are for paying customers only” sign on his door
  • cas stubbornly sitting outside the coffee shop and using a lure to attract other trainers who eventually come just to hang around outside of dean’s shop
  • dean glaring at cas through the glass door of the coffee shop and cas smiling smugly at him


Some cute old couple stevetony for the cap-im flashworks ‘Old Friends’ prompt~ I decided to leave it unfinished/sketchy, the focus more on the faces than the rest.

And they’re from an au since tony looks like mcu but with 616′s blue eyes, plus when i started drawing this I was definitely thinking about the 10+ years of friendship between them in 616. But maybe this is a non-powered au bc this way steve can grow old with tony. And they’re best friends and husbands and adorably in love of course

I liked drawing them a little older and making them look it with little lines and marks and creases too. well, i hope that its successfully showing that.

…hopefully this fits the prompt bc they are old friends right so…^^; 

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so how about some eposette wedding hcs please

(aaahhh sorry this took me so long! im not quite happy with it but anway here’s some cute gfs getting married)

Cosette and Eponine have been together for years now and they never really discussed the subject of marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, Cosette loves the whole idea of wearing a beautiful dress and walking down the aisle to promise to spend her life loving Eponine but her girlfriend never made any hints that it was something she wanted and she doesn’t want to pressure her. It’s not like she minds - they don’t need a wedding ring to prove their love, so she stays quiet about it.

Little does she know Eponine actually does want to get married and she’s been thinking about it a lot lately, especially after Combeferre and Courfeyrac got married a few months ago as the first ones in their group.

But how on earth do you bring up this kind of topic? Just proposing out of the blue is out of the question. Not if she doesn’t know if Cosette even wants to.

“Just talk about this like adults” Grantaire groans when she talks (read: whines) to him about it. She raises an eyebrow and scoffs in response.

“You mean like you and Enjolras are?” “Shut up” She knows Grantaire has been thinking about proposing as well, however Enjolras has always had pretty clear opinions on marriage in the past and he’s scared of being rejected. What a hypocrite though.

They’re having a quiet night in, curled up on the couch together with a glass of wine, when Eponine does take Grantaire’s advice.

“Hey Zette?” Cosette hums in reponse, her head resting on Eponine’s shoulder.

“Do you ever think about getting married someday?”

She feels the body next to her still. “yeah of course, do you?”

Eponine only nods, nervously skimming her finger over the top of her wine glass.

“And…would you ever consider getting married…to me?” Cosette sits up to look at her but she keeps her gaze firmly on the glass, pressing her lips together.

“Ep, I love you. Of course I considered it! I just…you never seemed interested in marriage and i didn’t want to scare you off” Eponine’s head shoots back up again “I am interested though!”

“So you want to get married?” “Yes!”  “Good.”

Cue them beaming at each other like the adorable lovebirds they are.

The next weeks Eponine spends looking for a ring and planning the perfect proposal because now that she knows they both want this, she can’t wait. But in the end Cosette beats her to it by proposing first while having a picnic in the park. It’s all sappy and perfect and they proceed to spend the rest of the day dozing cuddled together on the blanket, neither of them quite believing the other is now their fiancée

Of course all of Les Amis are ecstatic when they find out and help out with their wedding arrangements. (Eponine may have whispered “now it’s your turn” into Grantaire’s ear when he hugged her)

Neither Eponine nor Cosette are one for big pompous weddings so it ends up being a small beautiful ceremony with just their friends, Valjean and Eponine’s siblings present (her parents are absolutely not invited).

They rented a lovely little venue and there are flowers everywhere, especially violets, white magnolias and ivy (Jehan helped a lot with that)

Cosette looks stunning in her lacy bohemian dress and flowers in her hair and so does Eponine who decided to wear a dashing tuxedo instead. Both can’t take their eyes off each other as Cosette is led down the aisle by her father.

Both of them cry during their vows but no one’s eyes stay quite dry (even Montparnasse blinks suspiciously often)

When the officiant announces “you may now kiss the bride” Eponine dips Cosette for the big smooch.

During their first dance these two are simply glowing (imagine ‘forever with me’ by nedra johnson this song is gay jsyk)

Valjean of course dances with Cosette for the traditional father-daughter dance whereas Eponine dances with Gavroche who keeps twirling her around to make her laugh.

The newlyweds get home in the early morning hours, drunkenly giggling and clinging to each other happily. Eponine is carrying her shoes in her hands and Cosette’s cheek ended up covered in Eponine’s lipstick during the taxi ride home.

All tiredness is forgotten as soon as they’re over the doorstep and kisses turn heated. “We do have to consumate the marriage properly”, Ep whispers against her new wife’s lips as she guides her into the bedroom.

monsta x in bed: shownu [NSFW!!]
  • soft dom 
  • kisses you all over while he fucks you 
  • “is that okay kitten? tell me if I’m hurting you”
  • grunts 
  • looks in your eyes while he fucks
  • slow and deep thrusts 
  • tells you how much he loves you when he’s deep inside
  • lets you ride and please yourself on him
  • only spanks you if you’ve been really bad
  • but when he does it hurts so good
  • holds back bc he knows how powerful he is
  • would rather die than hurt you
  • whispers how good his baby is and strokes your hair when you’re done
  • king of aftercare
  • back massages 
  • dresses you in his big clothes and let’s you fall asleep on his chest

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AAAAAAAAAAAA i drew the 1st one as sort of a vent after being super pissed off, didn’t work, i was still pissed, thanks school! BUT ANYWAYS, i talked about fluffy angels with Aki and IM STILL WAITING FOR HER TO MAKE HER OWN I NEED U TO HAVE UR OWN MOTHGEL PLEASE. Also also - why is there a shitty glamoured angel? To be honest, I really like how the angels look with this smoky, ethereal effect on them. So i decided to leave it and spammity spam you guys. sorry .m.

ALSO ALSO ALSO - THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE. A JEST - unlike my other more creepy angels (i guess?) buuuuut i ended up really liking them… dangiiiit… helpppppp

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Can you do a Kommo-o/ Flygon hybrid? Or just for fun, a Drampa-Flygon? (Or both? Do both, please)

here they are ! kommo-gon and drampagon ? flygompa ? im not exactly happy with the kommo-gon design since kommo-o’s design has a lot going on on its own, but im really satisfied with how the drampa fusion looks !

I really hope new ahgases who joined after Turbulence look up the boys older stuff too. Please don’t sleep on their old albums because not only are they beautiful but they show just how much they’ve grown individually and as a group.

hey help pls

so, ive been studying witchcraft lately after repetitive dreams seemed to be pointing towards it and its been quite strange if im honest, the dreams made more sense when studying it so im not sure what that means? im just wondering, if someone could message me and help me please? what should i look out for? study? risks? advantages? how to start? advice?? thank you id really love some help asap, i cant really find any so i dont know what to do :(

im actually 100% completely here for Jack buying ridiculously expensive things for the people he loves and them being like “Jack, no, stop” and him being like  “?? why” because I just think Jack would like to get his friends really nice things and he makes a lot of money so who cares about the price??

 Like i know someone was like “Jack will you buy me this pony” and he’s like “sure,” because maybe he heard them talk about how much they love ponies, idk 

and so he looks them up, but then he realizes they need some place to stay, so he looks up stables and stuff like that and brings it to them and is like “these places are the best but what do you think?” and they have this blank face and they’re just like “what??”

and Jack is confused and he’s like “You… you wanted a pony, right? Is this not the right one?”

and thats when everyone realizes they cant joke around like that because Jack will literally buy you a pony and everything else you’d need for it 

(also i’d like to say that I am totally aware that Jack would probably not ever do this, let me enjoy this head canon in peace)

i’ve already seen a non-korean try to cosplay hanbok dva really BADLY with like costume brocade and satin (two fabrics that wouldn’t be used in hanbok) and im softly screaming

this isn’t even a dig against like beginner cosplayers??? be respectful to cultural garb? don’t just make up shit based on how you think it looks like. your skill level shouldn’t absolve you of butchering hanbok

(also how many ppl are gonna interpret’s beoseon as normal white socks)

like please if you for some reason as a non-korean are compelled to cosplay her be prepared to actually research how hanbok works or like don’t do it at all. if you are going to wear the cultural garb of a culture you do not belong to - be respectful in how you execute it at the very least!! it’s not like you’re being invited by koreans to partake in their culture and you’re toeing the lines of appropriation


i sure have been drawing a lot lately!! and a lot of wodahs too… but i love them so much i cant help it, eheh

i’ve also gone bak to using one of my favourite ink brushes after neglecting it for quite a while, and i kinda forgot how much i liked the feel of it and how it looks… i hope you guys do too!

click for captions! please enjoy!



2006 → 2014


This is the 2nd part to My love. :) :)

Young Sirius Black x Reader !!

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Remus bought us two butterbeers, and we sat at a corner table, at Three Broomsticks. Remus was really sweet, but my mind constantly drifted off to Sirius.

“(Y/N)” Remus said.“Please talk to me”
“Im so sorry !” I said. “I must be the worst date ever”
“No you’re not ”
“Why are you all being so nice to me ?” I asked, feeling weak.
“Because thats how you are !” Remus said. “You are one of the nicest girls I’ve known !”
“You are too kind to say that, Remus” I said. “I dont deserve it”
“Sure you do ! Look at me, (Y/N) !”
He held my hand in his tightly.
“The love that you have for Sirius” he said. “Its so true ! Sirius has never experienced that kind of love before, (Y/N). ”
“Of course he has” I said, my eyes filling up with tears. “You all love him…”
“Yes we do, but thats different” Remus said softly. “You have no clue how much he is missing, you, (Y/N)… Please dont think that Im justifying him ”
I shook my head.
“I know him, (Y/N)…underneath all this bad boy image, is just a lost kid…he is so vulnerable sometimes, he needs that one person who can pull him together when he is broken…he is constantly looking for that one person  , not realising that she is right in front of his eyes”
“I cant-” I was in full fledged sobs now. I lowered my face to Remus’ hands, as I cried. He stroked my hair gently.
“I love him, Remus. ” I said. “Too much…it kills me to see him with someone else…I held on for too long ”
“I know, sweetheart” Remus said, soothingly. “I know its unfair”
“I dont think he will ever see it” I cried.
“Please calm down” said Remus, now handing me some paper towels.
I wiped my face with them and sat up straight.
“Its alright.” I said. “I just want him to be happy. ”
“(Y/N).” Remus said. “Things will get better…Please, just come back to us…we need you !”
I nodded. I needed my friends too

                                 * * *

Once back in the common room, Remus hugged me.
“Thank you, Remus” I said, kissing him on the cheek. “Good night”

My dorm was empty when I stepped in. Alice must be with Frank and Lily with James. Well it felt good to be alone for a while. I changed into my pyjamas, and climbed into bed, and pulled the blanket upto my nose.
I was so tired, my muscles were all achy. I just needed a good long sleep. Just as I was beginning to drift into sleep, the door opened and closed softly.
I lay still on the bed. I didnt want a conversation at the moment. I heard soft sniffing and snuffling. Someone was crying.
“Lily ?” My voice was soft, and gorgy from sleep. Just as I sat up, the door opened and closed again.

                               * * *

When I woke up the morning, Lily was in front of the mirror, doing something to her hair.
“Lily ?”
“Yeah ?” Lily turned around to face me, with a warm smile.
“Is everything alright ?” I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.
“Sure” Lily said, sitting next to me. “Why did you ask ?”
“I thought I heard crying last night” I said. “So it wasnt you ?”
Lily shook her head, and squeezed my hand.
“How was your date, (Y/N) ?” She asked.
“Remus was really sweet” I said. “Lily, I-”
“You just need to relax” She said, cutting me off.
I just fell back to bed.

                                 * * *

My eyes searched for only one person. And he wasnt at the common room or the Great Hall.
“Sirius ?” I asked Lily.
Lily shrugged, and then turned to James.
“Wheres he ?”
“Sleeping” James said, and the boys shared an uneasy look.
“Is he ok ?” I asked.
“He didnt sleep last night” Peter said, only to be swatted by James.
“Whats going on guys ?” I asked, exhaling loudly.
“Its nothing, (Y/N)” James said. “Hes in one of his moods. ”

I was angry. Why did everyone act like I was made of glass or something!
They were trying to help, but it obviously didnt.
“(Y/N)!” Lily was running to keep up with me.
“Just let me be, Lils!” I said, stalking away. “I just need to clear my head !”
“Please be ok, (Y/N)” Lily said, stopping.
“I love you, Lily” I said, going back to hug my friend. “I just need to be alone, ok?”
Lily nodded.

                           * * *
I was back on my bed, under my blanket. I just missed him so much, it made me weak, and tired. I was so lost in thought that I didnt hear the door open. But suddenly my heart skipped a beat.
I knew that smell. I knew it too well.
Sirius climbed into my blanket, and put his arms around me tightly. I could feel his heart beating really fast on my back, and his face pressed against my neck.
“Im so sorry” he said in between his tears. “Please come back (Y/N), please dont leave me !”
It broke my heart to hear him cry like that. I turned around to face him.
“Sirius,please stop ” I said, wiping his tears away. “Please”

I hugged him tightly, as he pressed his face to my chest, shivering, and tried to catch his breath.
When he was finally breathing normally, I loosened my grip on him, and pulled away, not knowing what to do.
We both lay on my bed, on our sides, looking at eachother.

“Please forgive me, (Y/N)…” he whispered. “I didnt know how important you were to me, when you were there”
I just listened quietly, as he spoke.
“But, you just left one day, and I didnt know what to do ! I didnt know that I loved you, till you left…all those girls, they were never you ! They just wanted to snog me, no one ever cared, but you…” he said,now wiping a tear that rolled down my cheek.
“I was so insanely jealous when Remus told me about your date ! I just couldnt…thats when I knew -”
He took a deep breath.
“I was so mad at him, and then he told me…” he continued.

I couldnt look at him anymore. I felt far too embarrassed. It was obvious that Remus had told him about my feelings for him.

“(Y/N), Please give me a chance” Sirius said. “Please…I swear I will be good ! I swear I will make it up to you! ”
He sat up, pulling me up with him.
“I swear I will never make you cry again, and love you for every minute our lives” he whispered. And paused for a moment, as if thinking what to say next.
“And to give you lots of beautiful babies !”
I laughed at that. This was Sirius Black.
“Lots ?” I asked, still laughing.
“Lots ! Many ! How many ever you want !” He said, now his face lighting up.
He cupped my cheeks with his hands and said, “You are so beautiful, (Y/N)”
I smiled slightly at that.
“I will keep you happy…Please just let me show you…I promise you wont regret it ” He said. “I love you, (Y/N)”
“I love you too, Sirius Black” I whispered, as he leaned forward to kiss me. It was a soft sweet kiss, and he pulled me into a hug.
“Im never letting you go” He whispered. “Never”