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If the requests are open may i ask for mer!siren knockout meeting reader who is immune to his songs(and him trying to actually romance them)?

(this is so late and i have no excuse except that i am forgetful please forgive me ,, that and i had absolutely no idea how to write this properly without changing everything like 5 times, im so so sorry for the wait omg)

The siren could only watch in amusement as he watched the young traveler try to creep around the fallen trees, grip occasionally falling loose against the slick moss that seemed to heavily decorate the siren’s bog.

With a smirk on his lips, he began to lowly hum a song best known as the “Siren’s Lullaby”, a hymn meant to lure an unfortunate traveler to their death in the arms of the awaiting siren. Many travelers had been warned against traveling through this bog, for that specific purpose, as a red siren was known to dwell here, yet this certain human seemed not to notice.

As the siren began to utter the words to his hymn, he felt his brows creasing in thought as the human appeared to be unaffected by his voice. Giving a huff, the siren chalked it up to the human not being able to hear him, and with that thought, disappeared under the bogs waters, only to resurface closer to the travelers figure, who seemed to be resting, which was all but ideal for the siren.

(Y/n) groaned as they yanked their foot free, stumbling forward in an attempt to regain their balance, huffing as their hand slipped against the moss, grip all but nothing as they scrambled to stay up right. “Just great” they hissed, sneering at the questionable guck coating their hands, violently shaking their hands in a pitiful attempt at dislodging the disgusting substance.

Giving a silent yell, (Y/n) plopped down heavily by the edge of the water, glaring into the murky depths as they began to contemplate their situation, all but aware of the siren that was but a few feet from their edge of vision.

Down by the reeds, down by the reeds,
Swim the sirens of Darkwood.

Out to the seas,
Nobody knows,
Nobody sees.

Two banshees in Darkwood,
Down by the reeds
” came the haunting melody, echoing through the bog as the traveler seemed undisturbed, only peeking the siren’s attention more. With a hum and a sneer, the siren disappeared under water, slowly creeping closer to the traveler, fins flaring as he leapt from the water and collided with the young human, sending them both tumbling backwards, only coming to a stop when they crashed into a fallen log.

“Your either deaf or immune” the siren mused, voice lilted with a smooth baritone as he slowly crept closer, examining every inch of the travelers visage, what he sought after was unknown to the human as they could only glare in return, vainly struggling to try and dislodge the un-welcomed weight.

“I can hear perfectly fine, you idiot” the traveler hissed, “your song just isn’t captivating as you thought” they finished with a growl, finally managing to push the siren off of them, turning to crawl away, only to be stopped as the creature gave a hiss of its own and snagged their ankle, refusing to let go as it seemed intent to drag it back towards the bog.

(Y/n) began to struggle with all of their strength, managing to land a good blow on the sirens visage, stunning the creature, giving them a chance to escape to safety, scrambling to their feet and grabbing their pack, not forgetting to throw a curse over their shoulder.

Giving a harsh snarl, the creature returned to the comforting waters of the bog, intent on fixing the wounds in his pride, but his thoughts remained on the spunky human that had actually escaped from him. “Immune, who would have thought” he chuckled, eyes narrowing in anger as he slowly disappeared underneath the surface of the bog, waiting for another unfortunate victim to cross his path.

“GET BACK HERE, YOU THIEVING BASTARD, I’LL SKIN YOU ALIVE AND FEED YOU TO THE MONGRELS!” (Y/n) screeched as she chased after her partner, paying no mind to the twigs and branches that snagged and scratched at their skin and hair, focus remaining on the fleeing figure, their partner, ‘ex-partner’ they thought bitterly, as they had stolen the satchel that carried (Y/n)’s most prized possession, a family crest handed down from generation to generation, something highly valued among the black markets in the city.

(Y/n) was stopped in their place as they heard the familiar haunting melody, only to be followed by the shriek of a man who witnessed true horror, they darted in that direction and could only hope for the best.

The scene that greeted them could only be described as morbid. The man they once called a partner was now strewn about the bog in pieces, his face frozen in an eternal fear as it rested near the siren, who held not only (Y/n)’s, but the family crest, holding it high into the light as if trying to determine its worth.

“Nice to see you again, doll” the siren purred, an underlying hostility clearly present in his words. “You seemed to be chasing him for this .. small piece of metal, why is it so important to you, is my question” it chuckled, gaze shifting from the crest to the frozen figure, a sneer playing at its lips, giving a mock stretch as it slowly slipped into the water, still grasping tightly to the crest.

(Y/n) could only watch as the creature swam up towards them, muscles twitching as the siren crawled onto land and seemed to rub against their leg with a purr, curling its tail around them harshly, leaving them immobile as the siren studied them.

“My name’s Knockout, doll, I think you best remember it” Knockout purred, eyes narrowing as he grinned, purring in false comfort as he curled his tail around the human tighter.

“And what makes you think I need to remember it, Knockout?” the human hissed, a prickle of fear taking hold as the siren began to hum, running clawed hands up and down their leg (mainly their thigh), purring loudly when the human continued to stiffen in fear.

“Because I always get what I want, and what I want, is you

Facts were facts, after all; he knew he couldn’t run from them forever. Another threat of rebellion meant another threat of war, which meant another threat of yet another covert mission. And though putting Shishio down for good was the only official undercover assignment he’d been involved in—albeit indirectly where the government was concerned—Sano knew how the Meiji worked well enough to know what was coming.

That something was Hokkaido. And Hokkaido was why it was the notion of an early winter that engrossed him so in the present. He never much liked the cold, but if that’s where aku soku zan would make its next grand debut…

Sano slowly blinked, his lips parting and his thumb beginning to stroke the tatami. His life would be shaken up drastically by such a major move, but if Saito’s fate was to end up in the north, that’s certainly where his own lied, too. Sano believed that was something they would both agree on, so why he should have had this particular upheaval of anxiety encompassing him was inexplicable.

After all, it was so long ago when the first big exodus happened and everyone took off for Kyoto—when he’d been initially ordered to stay out of it. His relationship with Saito had moved past all of that in the interim and this time, things would be different for sure. They’d been together long enough and knew each other so much better. Most pertinent of all was that Sano had had the chance to prove himself since then, and Saito—

Sano’s hand stilled suddenly upon that musing, which seemed to shift the entire world in a single bated breath. All of his worry came into clear focus with just one question: had he proven himself to Saito yet?

someone save him.

(……this is my wip tho, so i guess i’m the one who has to do that lol)