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a little timeline..

Hi, my name is James (my birth name is Virginie) and I am transgender. I’ve seen a lot of trans* people do this, and I thought it looked interesting so I wanted to try it. I am still not completely “out” yet, although a lot of my friends are aware of my gender identity.

so this was me at age 3 at my parents’ wedding, probably one of the first ever photos of me i’ve ever seen

then my family moved to switzerland  and we traveled to a lot of places from there, like france and italy and all of that.

this is me again, and as you can see i began to position very awkwardly for photos at a very young age

then i went on a cruise

and then..this happened

then i wanted to cut my hair

bam puberty

then there’s just me in prague 

and after that my parents decided to go on a world trip for nine months starting with south africa.

then this was in australia as you might have noticed from the..background.

and i turned eleven yay

then we went to india

and the best part, japan

then we went back to quebec and i took a lot of selfies..and that kinda was my worst year ever because it was the year when i discovered i was transgender and i felt so frustrated and confused. and most of all, i felt alone.

i went to new york city

then, being the huge dork that i am i went to comic con for the first time, and met osric chau.

then i finally got my parents to let me cut my hair..

and yes. that is me with supernatural actors.

like a true canadian, i went to my first ever hockey match.

and at this moment i really began to feel more comfortable in my skin.

then for some reason i tried to be pete wentz and failed horribly.

oh look i look like emma stone in this

and this is my most recent photo of me. and i’m hella proud of myself. i have changed so much, and i have hit points in my life where i felt entirely hopeless. when i felt like i was drowning, and it wasn’t stopping but now all i can think of is how much things will improve in the next few years. i am so grateful to have kept fighting and having gotten this far. i might begin testosterone in a few months, and i could be openly transgender at my school next year. all i can think about at the moment is the positive that is waiting for me.

anonymous asked:

I really feel bad about not talking to you more and becoming your friend because I would like to but at the same time I feel like our personalities and interests are so vastly different that we could barely keep a conversation, not to mention it takes me forever to actually psych myself up and send a message to someone I don't know extremely well

honesTLY im boring as Feck but id love two get to know you, im sure we could find smth we both like, in assuming your following me bc of a certain fandom sO AYE 👌