Everyone: Finished the game close to the 40 hour timeframe.

Me: Has played 75 hours and is still up to chapter 10.

But seriously though, I don’t understand the fun in rushing to finish the game. Like to those who finished the game in 2 days, how did you enjoy it. There’s so much the game has to offer and there’s no way you can explore everything in 2 days. Like, this game has been in development for so long, and some of us have waited years to finally play it. Don’t you want to at least enjoy it as much as you can??

can you believe how gay the last 48 hours has been???? the last of us 2??? 19 year old ellie wearing button ups??? her fucking tattoo???? skam????? sex in hotel rooms and infinite isak and evens?? (nothing else happened idc)????? shameless???? vee is bisexual??? “you’re in my fucking skin man what can i do”??? that is so gay what the fuck???? eyewitness?????? sleeping in the same bed??? “i love you lukas please wake up”???? 2016 really is the year of the gay

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Imagine Sakura wearing one of Xander's shirts, because she is a little curious to see how big it is on her. Xander walks in on her wearing his shirt, and he doesn't know how to respond, other than to blush.

idk what prompted you to give me this cute idea but bless you


 It was the first thought that came into mind the moment she saw herself in the mirror.

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