full offense but i would die for a downworlder spin off i don’t care what it is luke and magnus buddy cop show? hell yeah im in. a friends-esque show where they all live in the same apartment? sign me the fuck up. 40 minutes of just meliorn and raphael banter? i’ll take it. im not picky i just want some sort of downworlder spin off with zero shadowhunters interfering in their lives thanks

Anti's next appearance

So far there’s a 4 day gap between Jack’s Detention videos. I was thinking that maybe he would insert some stuff in Resident Evil 7, but I realize that it would be too easy. He wants to build up tension and anticipation (or more like Anti does), and this is a perfectly slow way to do it. Not to mention that, between those times, it gives Jack the time to respond to comments and reblog things, keeping the fire burning bright. It’s kind of like the October build up; starting off slow until it gets closer to the end. Which, in this case, may very well be Sean’s birthday. It’s been 3 days since his last Detention upload, so we have one more day to go (assuming he keeps this uploading schedule) before we may see Anti again. Keep your eyes peeled, but I’m saying that much should be expected come Monday.

We know you’re there, Anti. We’re expecting you. And we’re prepared this time.