So in other news my headcanon about Papyrus not sleeping is actually confirmed in canon

As is my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t sleep is because he doesn’t want to lose time being productive

So…that’s pretty cool

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Horror games should start having an option where you can play with your microphone switched on, so that you yourself have to stay really quiet and every time you get a fright and scream or make any noise everything is alerted to your position and you just have to run.

“I’m aware. I’ll run if things turn bad. Your lives are on the line too.”

Recent discussions reminded me of this scene at Glaivend. I’ve been thinking a lot about Sorey’s views of sacrifice, something that’s a lot more common and less opposed to in Zestiria than some other games ( such as, say, symphonia. )

Sorey has a very healthy fear of dying. While he is aware of the dangers of his journey, and he accepts that there is the possibility and it doesn’t stop him from doing what he must do, he’s not recklessly self-sacrificing either.

Sorey is very very aware of his role in the world. He’d not just some kid– he’s also the Shepherd, and his decisions and actions have widespread consequences for all. Sorey is aware of what’s at stake, and what he risks. It’s not just his life, but the lives of all those around him, and what it would mean for the world if he should fall.

Glenwood can’t afford to wait for Lailah to find another Shepherd in two decade’s time. Sorey’s the best and possibly only shot they’ve got.

But also just, gosh, that line in general is so important. Sorey is asking everyone to stay at his side into something dangerous. He’s thinking, making a calculated risk. Sorey’s very intuitive and he’s got a good head on his shoulders, so he’s quick to act on his impulses. But when people tell him that what he’s doing is stupid, he’s willing to back off and listen. He respects other people’s opinions, he defers to experience. He’s not prideful or stubborn at all.

He really is a natural leader. This is him, making his choices, willing to listen, weighing everyone’s input, and coming to his own conclusions. And he’s willing to put burden on others rather than taking it all on his own. Your lives are on the line too. He knows it’s dangerous for them– he’s still asking. He has faith in them.

He’s learned from his fight with Mikleo in the aqueducts. That he can’t try to take it all on his own, to disclude others from the risk and sacrifice. He can’t do it alone, and he knows he’ll have to ask a lot out of his friends– and he does.

( ex. just look at the final battle. what he’s asking of everyone by going into the fight at all, using siegfried which could have killed all the seraphim. what he knew he’d be leaving behind, such a big burden and goal for rose and future shepherds to take up–

“even if humans appear who can see and talk to seraphim…there’s no guarantee that they’ll choose the path of coexistence.”
                     “i believe in them.”

     he knows it’s not an easy fight he’s given them. he has faith they’ll be able to handle it. )

Ok, is anyone up to discuss art career/college and stuff? cause im really reluctant to go to college due to personal reasons and idk id just kinda like to know personal experiences

envidium  asked:

ooh! could you talk about how the events at the devil's nest affected al?

Any kind of questions about my character welcome! {ย Hereย }

I can certainly do that! Thanks for asking!ย 
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@officerdxddy ( FNAF VERSE. )

      “I am NOT crazy. Please just – you have to believe me I know how it sounds, but they tried to K I L L me.” The teen has gathered herself enough to tell the story without crying and shaking, but her features still radiate copious amounts of FEAR. Her night was spent in terror, watching, listening, shining lights and closing doors only PRAYING that none of the animatronics got in while she was looking the other way. It was supposed to be an easy crap job, something to sustain herself. A way to get out of her parents’ house. Dark hues pleading look up to Rick, he was the supervisor. She had to report to him. “… I wouldn’t make this up. Just… Just give me a chance to prove it!