im cracking up during #pizzatalk when John and Da’Vonne discussed attaching themselves to different sides of the house to keep each other safe and John goes “…I don’t know what the sides are” and Da’Vonne just starts laughing and goes “Oh, shit.”

my sister finally said how she feels about the same-sex marriage legislation. and i don’t know why it hurt that she was opposed. because i knew that. but still at least the guessing is over. she implied that she considered voting republican at one point because obama is for the gays. i kid you not.

i made a resolution to myself that im no longer bringing up the following topics in casual conversation anymore: sex, my ex-boyfriend

because it’s really getting repetitive and this is not the image of myself i want anyone to be receiving

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HEART TO RUNEY (I challenge you to write as many possible ways that you can for this!)

Alright I see your challenge and I tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some are drabbles, and most are not. There’s a lot of context behind Emmet’s behavior, and believe me, I’m workin on that… 

Send a ♡ to hear how my character would tell your character that they loved them without actually using the word “love.”

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I’m not feeling great today tbh

Question(s) for the fandom…and im asking because ive never seen this brought up or discussed.
Lets say everything happened as it already has, will and kate marry, have george then have charlotte, everything is the same. But what if george would have been born with down syndrome or some other serious mental illness or disease? Would he be kept completely out of the public eye? Would he still eventually take on royal duties? Would he still one day be king? Or because of his condition would he have to pass that to charlotte? Ive never heard of a royal with d.s. or anything like it before and i was just curious how it would be “handled”.

and i was talking about this with a friend yesterday that i hate the fact that u can’t really debate almost anything online? because ppl will always think you’re mad, or just wont even try to actually talk, some get so trapped in the thought “im right this person is wrong” that they can never see past their way of thinking

 i like discussing things and im always up for talking and i rarely get mad (like idk u would have to say something really fucked up for me to get mad) but i’ve also seen and talked to so many people that never actually hear (read) what other have to say and they’re very disrespectful if u dont agree with them like, have u ever thought u might not be the one who holds the truth??????

okay but i genuinely think “and we’ll still look to the lights in the sky” is obvs a reference to ATLITS, possibly in the perspective of us ARGers, but it doesnt mean “we need look harder into ATLITS bc we missed some clues” but means something like “we look too much at ATLITS and forget that theres way more content to analyze, like ghost cassette for example”
like idk it just gives me that vibe and i feel like the song in itself is not meant to say “look for more clues in ATLITS”, i think it generally means “look harder at stuff that //isnt// ATLITS”

what i dont understand is when as soon as you mention that you dont want to have children everyone jumps on u like “youll change your mind” or “ur too young to understand”? not sorry, but who tf asked you????? why do people feel the need to decide that they know what you want and feel. why do they even think that its their business/choice to make for you? this is a personal decision i have made and i find it frustrating af that they thought they had any say-so? what-so-ever??? this is MY body and MY. CHOICE. i dont care if im 4yo and say it you sit there in ur fuggin lane where ur ass belongs. im all up for a discussion but dont TELL ME what i think or disregard my feelings. 

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so i went vegan at the end of the school year while my boyfriend was away at college and now he's back and the topic just hasnt come up yet and idk why but im kinda nervous to discuss it with him when it does come up. like, i know it won't effect our relationship in any way, but he comes from a culture that really values a cuisine based around egg and meat. i know he loves me no matter what, but i just feel like he wont really understand like most my friends... idk

I think the easiest and most effective way to go about this would be to explain that these are your morals, not just a diet fad or a “lose quick scheme.” Make him vegan food and show how easy it is, and never apologize for choosing to live a wholly compassionate lifestyle. You have nothing to be sorry for. If he gives you a hard time, it may be a sign from the Universe that you’re better off without. Above all, just be your kind, thoughtful self, and everything should be alright. Love to you xx

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Im really conflicted about the position of homosexuality in islam. Like i know there are not many direct references except for the surah about the qoum of lut a.s (maybe there is idk) but when i read the translation of that surah, it really does seem like its haram, i tried but i there isn't any other conclusion to it. Im really up to discussion on this topic without being biased but i won't trust people i know cause their hatred will talk more then their reason. What is your interpretation?

dear anon, i am sorry, but i am really uncomfortable discussing religion openly on my blog. however, message me off-anon and i would be happy to share my take on this particular topic with you in a private chat :)

but seriously HOW does Old Grandfather’s caregiver always find stuff that ACTUALLY BOTHERS ME to bug me about?? ‘ohh u dont drive yet?? y not??’ hahaha shut the fuck up devon ‘ur tired already?? what work did u do today??’ hahAHA SHUT THE FUCK UP DEVON