Since I write a lot of little stories with characters that use they/them pronouns I have run into a problem. The distinction between an individual person and a group can be difficult to discern when you use they/them. We’ve mostly all had this problem before either in writing or in talking, though there’s not much to do when you’re speaking.

While I was writing about celestial beings, which is what I write the most about and they all use they/them pronouns, I began to capatalize They/Them for indiviuals. It’s not new to do this when it comes to higher beings. In Christianity they refer to their god with capatalized He/Him pronouns out of respect. For my work it’s always been less out of respect and more for distinction. No one would question it in my stories because they’re gods but it got me thinking, could I use this in all my work even if they were non-celestial beings? Something that would be specific to the capatalized They/Them pronouns is that it would confirm that yes, these are the person’s pronouns. For characters where you just don’t know their pronouns and/or gender yet, lowercase they/them are still used.

Would this confuse too many people? Could this be easily taught and learned?

People who don’t use they/them pronouns have a hard time understanding them. It frustrates me when I hear that it'not gramatically correct. It shouldn’t be my job to educate them or make things easier for them. This could be something that many could be opposed to but for those who don’t use they/them and have a grasp on them it could be something that becomes popular outside of the LGBTQIA community. I am all for normalizing they/them pronouns. I am all for normalizing nonbinary and transgender people.

BUT it’s never my focus to cater to everyone else. My community comes first and this is for my community and not them. This would be to help us but it has a promising effect for those who are not in our community. I want to know what you guys think about this. Tell me your thoughts. Express concerns. If you don’t use they/them pronouns yourself then I would appreciate if you didn’t directly comment on this for now but express yourselves in your tags 💛💛

A little brief summary:

They/Them- characters who are confirmed for using they/them pronouns.

they/them- a group or a character who’s pronouns and/or gender are not known.


me: okay since I have a big enough platform lets have a reasonable discussion about ships and consider the real life implications of shipping the-


me: *shows up in a cresswell tshirt, waving a cresswell flag and baseball cap, reading cresswell fanfic on my phone that has a cresswell fanart case as a cresswell playlist plays in the background, while eating lettuce in the desert* you were saying?


So in other news my headcanon about Papyrus not sleeping is actually confirmed in canon

As is my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t sleep is because he doesn’t want to lose time being productive

So…that’s pretty cool

Also, I hope it’s okay to tag @papyrus-knows in this? I know this blog hasn’t interacted with you but I follow you on my main and I feel like if you haven’t seen this it might be interesting to you?

a lot of people think it’s okay to ship sun/moon with adult characters bc sun/moon is the character representative of themselves and they’re adults, but regardless of what you are these characters are still themselves

like say you give your persona blue hair while your hair is really red. actually having red hair doesn’t change the fact that this character has blue hair, even if their thoughts and actions are your own.

sun and moon are children, that is not a variable. the player being otherwise doesn’t change that. the character you project on is plenty of things you aren’t and you have be conscious of the existence of them outside your influence.

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okay i was feeling sad so i just imagined that if john were alive today, he would be an annoyiing old man who bugs paul constantly and paul having been used to it for decades, just lets out a heavy sigh each time. and i can just imagine John's twitter would be full of trolling and political snarks and he would post videos of paul being silly and tagging paul and paul would just sigh again bc his formal twitter reputation is ruined. I WAS SAD THIS WAS LONG BUT I NEEDED TO SHARE

fucking bless you for sharing this with me. i’m so sorry you’re feeling upset x if you wanna talk about anything come IM me because i am always up for discussing old beatles (also i give a good pep talk, so there’s that) ;)

let’s be honest, john would the fucking worst tweeter. he would be inconsistent, make innumerable mistakes, probably accidentally-on-purpose passive-aggressively subtweet literally everyone. so political, such an activist. definitely attended the occupy wall street stuff and probably publically supported shia’s art installation before it was shut down. he’d hate emojis. takes the mickey out of ringo every time he so much as sees a peace sign. there would be countless blurry photographs of paul like, making dinner, playing with the dog or the grandchildren, a close up of paul scowling as he makes to confiscate john’s phone. in interviews they would be that horrid celebrity couple whose love is SO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that they tell stories exactly the same, finish each other sentences, say things like “i think.. oh sorry, love, you go” “no, go on, you’d say it better”, give each other fond looks, sly little smiles when the interviewer says “but you’re like, couple goals”. somewhere in the early 2000s john starts wearing a pageboy hat and no one understands why. there are headlines like “lennon-mccartney attend grammys after party” with vague captions like “lennon throws drink on bieber”. they have a tag on gofugyourself. john is somehow always well dressed but clumsily so, everyone theorizes it’s paul who in facts organizes the stylist. this is confirmed in a GQ interview: “PMC: (sighing) he’s useless. honestly. always has been. and then he gets angry if i tell him he looks bad!” john admits once that he watches kuwtk and all hell breaks loose. 

EDIT: can i just also mention that there’s no way paul would sigh and put up with all of this they would be the biggest instigators of shit like they would be these old terrors that strike the fear of god into anyone who crosses their path

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Ash can we talk about that signal Rick did for him and Michonne to start driving and slice the walkers?😳😍

Haha, yes, let’s talk about it! Im always up for a discussion involving Rick’s arms. 😄👀

And while we’re at it, I’d like to discuss how Rick’s foot hanging out of that window is my new religion.

WILDFIRE. As it was discussed by me & the wife @battleruin , in modern, Cersei has a black & fluffy Scottish - Fold named Vega. She is your stereotypical prissy kitty that pretty much hates everyone, only lets Cersei, Jaime and Myrcella touch her & that if she only feels like it. She has an emerald engraved collar ( of course ) and silky fur that she leaves all over Cersei’s clothes ( most definitely on purpose ) & huge green eyes. She beats Jaime’s cat Leo on the daily but then sleeps on top of him, she also enjoys the thrill of hopping on top of the twins when they are together.

me : im questioning my orientation right now due to my mental illness acting up a whole lot. i need some time to figure it all out

an anon psychoanalyizing me and talking to other bloggers abt my orientation : so my theory here is that kai is trying to distance themsleves from aces because of internalized apho-


        What an exhausting day. Work was busy, busy, busy, and he was eager to return home. As he turns the lock to his apartment’s front door, he’s surprised to find there’s little to no resistance, implying that the door unlocked. Hesitantly, he turns the knob, opening the door slowly. And honestly, the last thing he expected to see was a certain blond standing in front of his couch, one he hadn’t seen in three months. ❝ What are you doing here?? How did you even get in?? ❞ 

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It dose kinda seem like ur in the wrong here buddy

How, if you would like to enlighten me? I am genuinely curious to hear their POV without the barrage of insults. Because as far as I’m concerned, dandybirb mentioned me on his blog out of the blue before I even made a post defending Bonne. So, exactly who is obsessed with who?

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another white passing mixed raced peep here... i absolutely hate when ppl call me white, especially bc i literally didn't grow up w any white ppl. my family's black, and i've always consider myself as such. it's annoying when ppl call me white, but like i get it w/e but what reallyyy annoys me is when ppl assume my mom isnt my mom. i'll be at the docs office w/ her and they'll be like "and who is this" idk debra, im a teen at docs office, who do you think it is?

my mom is white except for the few drops of blackfoot way back, so like, ppl can always tell, but…ppl constantly tell me im too white….like…? im sorry i didn’t know my culture/heritage was up for fucking discussion, ronald?

Heyo! What’s up? If any of you want to discuss something hit me up on the IMs. I have a really shitty wishlist here  (that’s mostly just dynamics or lists of plots but it’s something).  Or if you want a Simple Little Starter just hit the little ❤️ !!

freetom packer for sale (possibly??)

hi i have a very very gently used freetom 6.5" All NaturAL in the tan skin (i think. at the time it was the one second lightest next to caucasian which i thought would be too light). i have pictures of it if you want to see it and i spent a good chunk of money on it but im willing to discuss prices. hit me up here if you’re interested

“I’m aware. I’ll run if things turn bad. Your lives are on the line too.”

Recent discussions reminded me of this scene at Glaivend. I’ve been thinking a lot about Sorey’s views of sacrifice, something that’s a lot more common and less opposed to in Zestiria than some other games ( such as, say, symphonia. )

Sorey has a very healthy fear of dying. While he is aware of the dangers of his journey, and he accepts that there is the possibility and it doesn’t stop him from doing what he must do, he’s not recklessly self-sacrificing either.

Sorey is very very aware of his role in the world. He’d not just some kid– he’s also the Shepherd, and his decisions and actions have widespread consequences for all. Sorey is aware of what’s at stake, and what he risks. It’s not just his life, but the lives of all those around him, and what it would mean for the world if he should fall.

Glenwood can’t afford to wait for Lailah to find another Shepherd in two decade’s time. Sorey’s the best and possibly only shot they’ve got.

But also just, gosh, that line in general is so important. Sorey is asking everyone to stay at his side into something dangerous. He’s thinking, making a calculated risk. Sorey’s very intuitive and he’s got a good head on his shoulders, so he’s quick to act on his impulses. But when people tell him that what he’s doing is stupid, he’s willing to back off and listen. He respects other people’s opinions, he defers to experience. He’s not prideful or stubborn at all.

He really is a natural leader. This is him, making his choices, willing to listen, weighing everyone’s input, and coming to his own conclusions. And he’s willing to put burden on others rather than taking it all on his own. Your lives are on the line too. He knows it’s dangerous for them– he’s still asking. He has faith in them.

He’s learned from his fight with Mikleo in the aqueducts. That he can’t try to take it all on his own, to disclude others from the risk and sacrifice. He can’t do it alone, and he knows he’ll have to ask a lot out of his friends– and he does.

( ex. just look at the final battle. what he’s asking of everyone by going into the fight at all, using siegfried which could have killed all the seraphim. what he knew he’d be leaving behind, such a big burden and goal for rose and future shepherds to take up–

“even if humans appear who can see and talk to seraphim…there’s no guarantee that they’ll choose the path of coexistence.”
                     “i believe in them.”

     he knows it’s not an easy fight he’s given them. he has faith they’ll be able to handle it. )

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