march 9th 1993; happy birthday, yoongi~ since your last birthday you’ve accomplished so many of the goals you had set out to achieve, and a lot of amazing things have happened in your life; it makes me immensely happy to see your success and growth and - even more so - the absolute joy these achievements have brought you. seeing you out there shining so bright makes me feel extremely proud of the person you have always been - incredibly driven, hard-working, honest, brave, kind and warm-hearted - and even though you don’t think that of yourself, that’s exactly who you are. thank you for inspiring me and so many other weirdos out there to follow their dreams and work hard for what they want. everything you’ve been through, all the tough times, they’ve brought you exactly where you deserve to be. i hope this new year of your life turns out to be even more amazing than the last and that you keep growing and making all of us proud. i hope i get to continue to support you for all the years to come ♡ ♡ ♡  #happysugaday




happy birthday, precious minghao 
from a bright eyed 12 year old with big dreams to a 19 year old who’s achieving them, you’ve come so far on pure hard work and talent. we’re so proud of you. here’s to supporting you for more years and more birthdays to come. stay our cool cutie with infinite potential ∞


happy birthday to ten!!! aka nct’s thai prince!! nct life in bangkok will always be my favorite thing ever!! #happytenday

  • Johnny: ew wtf pony, what's that on Ur face??
  • Ponyboy: uh? what are u talking about?? there isn't anything
  • Johnny: oh... Then that means..
  • Ponyboy: what
  • Johnny: Ur just naturally ugly,, yikes™ sorry man
  • Ponyboy: :) *eye twitches*

spn headcanons
                        ↪  ❥  Sam Winchester -